My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1129

Vol 5 Chapter 1129: 3. Break The Instant Kill Day Inverse By

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Brush ~! !

A fascinating **** sword mango flashed from the magic knife in Luo Yaoer's hand!

Wherever Daomao passed by, took time out, the vitality fell, the light was distorted and dim, the holy glow of the saints came to an abrupt end, and collapsed and collapsed in an instant!

Gu Changtian and Fen Tian Shengjun quickly broke out the orange bottom of the box fighting skills! The power of the orange-order combat skill erupted from the Holy Realm five times is enough to destroy hundreds of millions of souls!


Sigh~! Daoman shuddered and swallowed all the wasteland!

The full strength of the two five-fold holy realm was instantly sucked into Daomang and was completely swallowed by Daomang!

The two's faces changed slightly, and the witch became serious again!

"It's a magic knife..."

Gu Wanquan grabbed it! This palm, seemingly mediocre, makes the space turn over and upside down in an instant, squeezing the blade of the sword through a thousand times of holy force until it breaks!

World War II, once again set off!

On the other side; Xiao Jing looked at Lin Chen with a sneer, as if he wanted to witness his death!

Although the little demon queen was desperately angry, she could only look on one side, beware of Xiao Jing for Lin Chen, and avoid this person's sneak attack.

Lin Chen looked around the twelve holy realms, but no one put him in his eyes!

The twelve veteran holy realms are only resuming the wear and tear of playing against Luo Yaoer...

"Solve this kid and support them three..."

The sacred realm of the broken arm was sneer at fourfold, and the endless nine-color starlight flowed to Lin Chen's palm.

His lips moved slightly, as if something was moving...

"System, activate Junlin's talents!"

[Activate Junlin's world talent and accumulate energy value: 39.7 billion points, which will increase the host's next attack.

When Lin Chen entered the ancient battlefield of the Sacred Mountain Range, he opened the talent of Jinglintianxia in advance. He passed all the way, slaughtered the holy beasts, and accumulated energy value, reaching an extremely terrifying height!

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and looked around with a smile.

"Death and death, Kai!"

Sigh~! Lin Chen chose the Broken-arm Holy Realm as his goal, and in all his time, the orange flame was flowing, and the essence of life began to burn!

Click~ Click~

Lin Chen's body is gradually condensing the unreal tenth holy cave!

Desperate life and death, burning vitality in exchange for strength, Lin Chen burning the Holy Body in exchange for power, far more than the war emperor he!

"It's not enough... Heaven's Rebel, Kai!"

[The host uses (one-time) Orange-level active talents and sky-turners. Start entering the state of the sky-turner!

[Warning: This talent is an extreme offensive talent. Please pay attention to the direction of your attack. When the hosts attack can break the defense of the hostile target and hit the hostile body of the hostile target, it will cause an instant kill effect. The scope of this talent: temporarily applicable to the Holy Land below the nineth level is valid, temporarily invalid from one to the nine-turn Holy Land.

In Lin Chen's eyes, a glimpse of blue magical glance!

Bang ~! Blazing flames, when Lin Chen opened the three great talents, the broken arm holy realm turned over and grabbed Lin Chen, the five fingers broke out and shattered the power of the smashing star, condensed into a giant flame and grabbed the past!

With this palm, any holy land can be tripled into serious injuries!

The other party didn't take Lin Chen's eyes at all, and even ten holy realms began to lean towards Luo Yaoer's direction!

"The Holy Realm is fourfold, right, try this!"

Lin Chen slammed with one hand, and the Nine Tribulation Stars pierced the sky. The breath of destruction that permeated many of the powerful players in the early stage of the Triple Realm!

Xiao Jing's brow furrowed.

"This kid's holy realm can break out such a strange attack, if he is in the same state as me..."

The old man with a broken arm was slightly surprised. "Interestingly, this is your mortal counterattack? It's decent to deal with the Sanjing triple, and it's not enough to deal with the old man!"

The words just fell!

Bang ~! The star of Nine Tribulation shuddered, and its power soared more than 20 times! Junlintianxia talent blessing!

This is Lin Chens strongest move in the history of Nine Tribulations!

At this moment, the group horror!

"What attack is this!"

"Can the holy realm break out this strange attack?"

"It's hard to connect in the front, and even the old man can't say that he can retreat with the power of the crystal. The battle of the trapped beast is really difficult!"

Many triple consecrated holy realms feel a thorny, scalp numbness!

The broken arm of the Fourfold Holy Realm shook his head and smiled: "In the end it is a peerless demon, a bit of a trick..."

Buzz~! The Nine Tribulation Stars are divided into five!

The holy realm of broken arm is horrible!

Such terrible attacks can be divided into five types?

The five-color nine-color aurora is like a meteor, and it hits the giant palm of the holy flame head-on!

boom! boom! boom!

The holy flame giant's hand was torn, and the nine-robber star line fell to the broken arm holy realm!

"not good!"

When his body retreated, his arm waved, the holy light was like a dragon, and he formed a shield of black light, protecting him layer by layer!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The five huge pillars of light of nine colors stretched from the sky and the earth, slowly rotating, the destruction energy of nine lights and ten colors twisted the space, annihilating all the energy!

In the end, the five nine-color beams are combined into one, and they merge into a beam of nine-color beams!

Dozens of monster-level geniuses swallowed hard...

A few days ago, the gap between them and Lin Chen was still not very big. Even if the heads-up was not his opponent, they could pose a threat to him!

just now? Swarming? I'm afraid I don't know how to write a dead word! Directly repeat the history of the bloodbath genius list again!

The beam dissipated, and the figure of the broken arm holy land slowly revealed.

His shirt cracked, the only remaining left arm was dripping with a trace of holy blood, and there was a grin at the corner of his mouth.

"Okay, okay! What a peculiar demon, Lin Chen! Even the old man made you hurt, it really is a monster!"

The pupils of the geniuses shrank, Lin Chens blow was so horrible that he was only slightly injured?

"Sure enough, the Holy Realm Triple and Holy Realm Triple are a complete watershed, and Lin Chen will be won!"

Fu Shengguo had a chuckle in his heart. He didn't think Lin Chen could have another attack just now.

"Lao Mo, I also support you seniors, and this kid will leave it to you!"

The last man in Tsing Yi suddenly stunned when he heard the broken arm Holy Land!

The quadruple eyes of the holy realm called Old Mo were suddenly dull, and he turned numb to the old man in Tsing Yi and said with difficulty.

"I seem"

Click~ Click~ Click~

Old Mo's eyebrows, cracks and shocking cracks, like the broken porcelain, his body began to burst suddenly, the breath of life quickly annihilated, until finally burst out!


With an explosion, the Holy Land of Broken Arms exploded!

The sky-wide attribute light spheres are scattered, and there is also a five-light supreme treasure chest, suspending the void!

Everyone's eyes are more horrified!

A very weird scene emerged, the broken arm Holy Land Old Ink exploded, the fragment of the Eucharist turned into powder, and the smoke disappeared!

To death, there is no scum!


Weird silence!

The forces and leaders from all regions and regions, old antique holy places, stared at the void space like a ghost.

Even if they saw it with their own eyes, they couldn't believe it! I once thought that I was hallucinating!

Dead... A holy realm quadruple fell!

A hidden old monster in the South, who lived for millions of years, expanded the cave sages, bloomed 32 sacred caves, sacred to the Holy Realm, generations of arrogance, the culmination of countless mortal worship, placed in the Wupin sect All of them are the top powerhouses, and they just died in the hands of a young man who did not reach the double in the Holy Land!

The Holy Realm is the most important, the more third-order killing and expanding the cave!

Moreover, it is still a trick! Dead to nothing!

"Devil... this Lin Chen must be a devil! He must not be a human!"

When I didn't know who was coming back, the panic began to explode in an instant!