My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1130

Vol 5 Chapter 1130: One Punch Blow

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"Devil! This child must be a shocking devil!"

"This place should not stay for a long time, quickly withdraw!"

"It's terrifying, the old man has never seen such a ridiculous holy realm, this kid is definitely not a person!"

"His origin is mysterious and has an affair with the witch. It is very likely that it is a spy of the devil!"

The saints of the forces of all parties have numb scalp, and a chill rushes through the backbone!

The saints who admired Linchen before, all bitten that Linchen was the spy of the demon clan!

Because it is so outrageous! Once a person encounters something beyond his own understanding, there will be a momentary pause and abandonment of thinking!

Some of the holy realms directly retreated with their own genius, and some directly tore the void and slipped away!

In just ten breaths, more than 1,000 saints evacuated, leaving only more than three hundred saints!

The remaining 300-odd holy land, why did not leave, mostly because their genius is still buried in the holy mountain range, the name on the genius list has not disappeared.

For the safety of their geniuses, they froze and waited outside.

However, even watching the battle is still far away!

Because... the holy realm kills the holy realm four times, it is terrifying like a historic weird event!

This simply does not belong to the category and level of horror because of talent, it is completely creating a panic!

Damn, don't you run here and wait to die?

What is the concept of the instant kill sage in the cave?

This means that Lin Chen's son will have the possibility of slaughtering more than a thousand saints present!

This can be countless times more horrible than the five important holy realms!

"My God, I'm right!"

The old man in Tsing Yi trembles, trembling all over!

[The hostile target has been eliminated, and the desperate life and death talent has been lifted.

In Lin Chen's eyes, passing the azure blue mans!

"This is the sky-turner, as long as the opponent's defense is broken, it is a spike!"

Unprecedented momentum and fighting intentions rose from Lin Chen's body! Domineering, fierce and awe-inspiring! Murderous!

The strongest attack class orange-level talent in history, Sky Reverse!

With this talent, as long as Lin Chen does not encounter an absolute crush on his existence, his chances of winning will never be zero!

This is the first time Lin Chen has felt the absolute gap between the orange rank talents.

He is almost certain that this talent is even more terrifying than Instant Light!

If there is no kingly land under heaven + sky rebels, Lin Chen will face the fourfold of the holy realm of the generation and say that you are welcome. Even if the opponent cannot fight back, he will not be able to break the defense of the opponent for ten days and ten nights!

The ten holy realms attempting to support Gu Wanquan's four-layered heart hair, eyes almost glared out!

Although this old ink is the lowest among the twelve of them, it is again a saint in the cave-enlarging realm!

"The situation has changed, deal with Lin Chen!"

"Yes, watch out for this kid's attack, keep a distance and fight him!"

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

Eleven holy realms are fourfold, encircling Lin Chen!

"What's wrong, aren't you going to support?"

Lin Chen laughed, and the clouds were light and windy, as if he had killed the fourfolds of the Holy Realm, as if he had killed a chicken.

Qinglong flew through the void, and received all the attribute light **** and five light supreme treasure boxes!

The eleven holy realms are waiting in line, as if they are facing an enemy, they no longer have any slight contempt in their eyes, as if they are encircling an ancient demon god!

"Gee, old seniors, underestimating young people, will pay a price." Lin Chen's evil charm smiled, the golden light shimmered in the palm of his hand, and a piece of shoulder armguards with golden light shining, just appeared in his hand!

Golden God of War suits Arms of God of War!

"I Lin Chen said again, now you get out, or die!"

Bang ~!

The violent murderous intentions raged Zhou Tian, Lin Chen yelled, and eleven holy realms were shocked by him!

It is true that even though Lin Chen can still explode once in the'Nine Tribulation Stars', he does not have the blessing of the'Jinglin Tianxia' talent. He wants to break the four defenses of the Holy Realm.

However, he still has the strongest trump card, Ares Armguards!

The God of War armor may not be able to reverse this possibility, but the God of War armor + sky-turner, everything is possible!

"Boy, we aren't young juniors, show your strength! Let you see how horrible the holy realm of the Holy Land is! We are not as injured as old ink."

A middle-aged man with an eagle face sneered

"Don't talk nonsense with this kid, kill him! Don't give him a chance to fight back!"

The two eyebrows of the fierce swordsmen shouted loudly, and the crystal in the body was so bright that they used the power of the crystal in one face!

Roar ~! The two sword sages launched the power of alien crystals, pulling the sacred swords to slash down, and the coldness of the frozen nine-day sky condensed into a mighty hundreds of sword-qi ice dragons, frozen for thousands of miles, and frozen for thousands of feet!

The West was chopped with a blade of darkness that was as deep as the sky, the golden dragon fluttered down from the sky above his head, and seven fingerprints of the word "kill" were put out to crush Lin Chen!

laugh! laugh! laugh! The space was cut into nothingness, and a stream of sword-like sword gas cut into the void, cutting the sky into three pieces!

The Juggernaut in the cave-expanding area condenses the power of the "Alien Crystal". Using orange-level swordsmanship, that kind of power is almost to be cut into fragments in the periphery of the Sacred Mountain Range!

A dozen dozen acres of Gengjin fingers piercing through the earth tear the clouds and suppress them!

There is another holy light sky dragon that broke through the sky, and the dragon is in full swing!

Sirius screamed, ran wildly, and a rush hit Lin Chen!

It's too great! The four condensed attacks of the eleven holy realms are like encircling and suppressing an ancient troll, comparable to the momentum of encircling and suppressing Luo Yaoer before!

"Since you still want to play, then play a big one with you!"

Lin Chen was full of madness, and put on the arm of the God of War with a smile!

Buzz~~! Bang ~!

The afterglow and golden light of the God of War shine in nine heavens and ten earths, the earth and the earth tremble, and the space shakes like an ancient **** coming!

Lin Chen fluttered, Jin Hui glowed, his whole body was wrapped in the endless golden light, an invincible force that exploded the heavens and the world, waking up from his armor of God of War!

Lin Chens pure power, from a short 200 million dragons, to a rapid rise of 5 billion dragons, 10 billion dragons, 30 billion dragons, 50 billion dragons, 80 billion dragons, is still rising, and never stops!

In the electric light and flint, Lin Chen threw a fist suddenly and smashed towards the front. The horrible pure power smashed the crystal wall of the space, and the golden light flashed, as if toppling the world!

Bang ~! With Jin Hui blinking, Lin Chen exploded several swordsman's lore swordsmanship in front of him. His fist flew in the air, and another fist smashed the four orange-level killing moves of Holy Realm!

Lin Chen strode the meteor, knocked down by a huge hammer, and the pure force that penetrated the continental plate was mixed with the momentum of pushing the space plane. Holy Qi attack all smashed into smash!

boom! boom! boom! The ground veins were cracked, and the entire foundation was shaken by fist winds!

The outer periphery of the eastern side of the Funeral Mountain Range was all uplifted and broken by the vein plate, which was directly broken by Lin Chen! Heaven and earth fell into chaos!


The scalp of the eleven holy realms exploded and their pupils shrank!

Frontal crush?

There are no skills, some only burst the space plane and smash the world-like pure power!

This kid is as strong as a monster!

Lin Chen's armor of the God of War is no longer as dangerous as before. Although the body is full of blood and blood, there is no longer the kind of embarrassment of the seven qiao bloodshed!

"All die to me!"

Bang ~! Lin Chen urged the strength of the armament of the God of War, and the figure was like a **** of war!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen's pure power shattered the void, flashing to the top of the holy realm of the faint eagle owl, and took a hard shot at the Sky Spirit Cover!

This palm has the power of God of War to suppress the ages!