My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1131

Vol 5 Chapter 1131: The Strongest Holy Realm

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Fifty fingers are shattering the infinite strength to suppress ghosts and spirits, striking out the golden light!


With this palm, the mountains and rivers become ashes! Take the quadruple holy realm as a human skin! The whole body shattered, and suddenly died out, even the screams did not come out!

The blue dragon flicked the holy phoenix wings again! Before the God of War armor snatches and absorbs the attribute light sphere, all attribute light spheres and attribute treasure boxes are taken away again!

Everything only happened in the blink of an eye. When those holy realms reacted, Lin Chen raised his hand again and punched like a dragon. The golden glow of Jinman's fist through the sky shook the sky!

"not good!"

The three holy realms are horrified, urging the power of the alien to use life-saving defensive stunts. The figure will be able to escape into the void and be hit by Jinhui Boxing!

Bang ~! Sigh~!

The sound bursts through the sky, the sound waves are turned upside down and exploded, and the three Holy Realms vomit blood and retreat!

One punch directly wounded the three holy realms four times!

Tear ~!

Lin Chen rolled up a wave of anger, without taking a second look at the three wounded Holy Realms!

"Wh... what..."

"My holy cave is shattered, why... the old man has been in the south, and has made many legends, why he died in this boy's hand..."

The pupils of the Three Saints shrank, and the highlights of their eyes gradually dimmed. The holy body collapsed, the attribute light ball rolled down to the ground, and three five-light supreme chests were suspended!

The Holy Realm is fourfold and once again fell!

Break the defense and kill instantly!

Arms of the God of War + Sky Reverse!

There is no doubt that at this moment, Lin Chen's strength surpassed any previous battle and reached a new level!

Anyone who breaks the defense by him, even if it is only a little injury, is also an instant kill!

The effect of the power of terror is not only lethal! The speed of the flesh shell exploding to the pure power of hundreds of billions of dragon forces made Lin Chen Ruxing Wan jump, and in a flash, he jumped behind the two Juggernauts!

"I gave you two opportunities, since you want to kill them all, I will accompany Lin Chen to the end!"

Lin Chen shot with a palm, and the Xeon Terror strike broke out!

Nearly one hundred billion dragons have beaten the surrounding thousands of feet of space. The crystal walls suddenly collapsed into a paste. The spaces exploded, enveloping, and the light collapsed. The two swordsmen looked horrified!

The glory of the alien crystal condensed quickly, and the two sword holy swords slashed out a glacial storm-like sword gas, trying to freeze Lin Chen's power!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

Lin Chen crushed the glacier cold storm sword gas with a palm of his hand, and then hit several fists, Jin Hui struck, shook the sun, moon and stars, and bombarded the two saints fiercely!

The sky and the river turn upside down! Jianguang collapsed, and the ice and fog were exploded!

The holy swords in the hands of two swordsmen broke down on the spot. The two of them stunned their blood, and the corners of their mouths were bleeding!

"Quick withdrawal, this child's pure power lethality is terrifying! The non-expanding cave can resist the existence!"

The two sword saints stared at each other and were about to run away, and the holy body split suddenly...

Their holy body flesh and bones, from the moment they were injured, began to collapse and annihilate from the inside!

The holy armor and armor on them couldn't resist! With a piece of annihilation, broken!

As long as there is a little injury, the smoke will disappear, and even the space will not stay!

Qinglong is like a flash of lightning, continue to collect hundreds of attribute light **** and two five-light supreme treasure chests! This is the attribute value of the fourfold real holy realm, Lin Chen's attribute is booming!

Lin Chen couldn't care about what he got after opening the Five Lights Box, Lin Chen's murderous, his eyes turned!

"The devil, the devil!"

"Flee away! How could there be such a human race between heaven and earth, this kid is not human!"

"What kind of ghosts and gods is this! Wounded and dead? The Holy Realm is not so terrible!"

"The old man doesn't want to die yet!"

The last six holy realms have four scalp numbness, and a deadly crisis rises in the heart. They can't care about anything, and they retreat in shape, and they tear the space and escape!

Lin Chen controls the monstrous dragon force in a flashing jump space, and his momentum is like a rainbow! His use of the Ares armor is no longer overly reluctant, and he can move with pure power.

The armor of the God of War suddenly burst into a magnificent golden light, and immediately condensed in his hand. Lin Chen struck a fist in the direction of the six holy realms!

This punch, like a hundred billion dragon turned out!

This punch, like the collision and bombardment of the mainland plate! Thousands of lights are free, floating ups and downs, winding like a dragon, breaking up a world!

The fist wind forms a spiral golden storm, directly knocking out the crystal wall of space, and the fist wind sweeps the galaxy like a cosmic storm!

Sigh~! Kaka Kaka!

The space burst, and the three holy realms were blasted and overturned on four levels. They were actually blasted out by Lin Chen from the gap in space!

The fist wind penetrated the defense, and the three Eucharist were wounded and suffered different degrees of injuries. Before the reaction, the Eucharist collapsed!

"Senior Gu Wanquan, save"

The last three holy realms burst into desperate wailing, their eyes turned white, and the holy body was covered with spider web-like rifts, and they died to the point of death, without even scum!

The Holy Dragon swept away and collected all the attribute light **** and treasure chests from the fourfold fall of the Holy Realm!

[Gain 1114 advanced skill essence, 6511 advanced fire energy, 9401 advanced rune energy, 8499 intermediate talent points, 4800 advanced lightning energy, 2440 advanced spirit, 80,000 strengthening points, 10222 points Intermediate sky value, 300-point suit essence...

The value of each attribute light sphere is ridiculously high!

[Open nine five-light supreme treasure chests, the host obtains: activate the key of life awakening function version, 40,000 points of the essence of the set, 100,000 points of intermediate heavenly value, 2 inferior luck luck planting seeds 2, (permanent) active orange rank talent fragments : Extinction Fissure (1/3), Extinction Fissure Fragment (2/3), 100,000 points of advanced skills...

The outer periphery of the eastern side of the Funeral Mountain Range is in disarray, and the sky is falling apart.

The remaining three hundred holy places to watch the battle, the pupils shrank! This scene is both horrifying and weird, and it is extremely shocking to shake all the hearts of the Holy Land!

In just a few dozen breaths, Lin Chen really turned the battle on his own!

Twelve holy realms are fourfold, 9 dead! Died in the hands of a young saint!


"My God, isn't it really an illusion? The Holy Realm is fourfold, and it is also a first-class elder in my sacred ancestry, belonging to the highest level! Even nine died in one fell swoop?"

"We all underestimated him... This son has the potential to shake the authority of the Holy World!"

"The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm are about to change! The old man has seen the history of the 100,000 era of the Holy Realm and has never heard of such a leapfrog challenge!"

Many holy realms are almost crazy. Lin Chen has almost started from sanctification. Everything has never developed according to common sense. It is completely beyond their cognition. One thing is ridiculous!

The two captains of the Nine Shadows Killer organization, the Dark Heaven Temple and other holy realms, seeing that the situation is not right, just a blink of an eye!

The little demon queen jade hand conceals her red lips lightly, and the charms of all living beings are shining and shocking!

"His golden wristbands seem to be combined into brand new armguards? It is too strong, it is a few grades stronger than when he repelled Lin Xingchen!"

The little demon is very sure that if Lin Chen satisfies other conditions for listing, his record is enough to be listed in the demon list!

Xiao Jing's face was extremely embarrassing. After several expressions changed, he finally chose to escape from the void...

"This time I prevented the Ares armor from absorbing the attribute light sphere, its power has stopped rising, and its energy consumption has been more than half. I must end the battle before the Ares armor's energy is exhausted and the Sky Reverse is over. !"

Lin Chen's eyes flickered, ignoring the injuries in his body, and he did not pay attention to the last three holy places to escape, flashed across the sky, and straight into the strongest battle circle!

"Nine people actually died!"

Gu Wanquan and Gu Changtian were so moved!

How terrible this boy is!