My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1132

Vol 5 Chapter 1132: Five Shocks Of The Holy Realm

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"He actually... really did it." Luo Yaoer's heart was mixed.

Tear ~!

Lin Chen came to tear the void, without any nonsense, according to Gu Wanquan's position is a **** punch!

Gu Wanquan didn't dare to underestimate Lin Chen, the old five fingers held the blue holy sea above his head, and he held his palm like a gasified gang of the Holy Spirit.

Hundreds of billions of dragons are facing the five-fold perfection of the Holy Realm!

Dang~! Bang~!

The explosion of gold and iron completely exploded the sky!

Lin Chen stepped back a dozen steps, and Gu Wanquan stepped back five steps.

Lin Chen was stirred with anger and blood, and the sacred energy was shaken, but the ancient Wanquan was not damaged at all, and his alertness to Lin Chen was raised to the highest.

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The space was torn, Gu Changtian and Fen Tian Shengjun were repelled by Luo Yao'er, the qi was rolling, and his face was slightly pale!

With Lin Chen joining, Luo Yao'er, who can only rely on the Burning Heavenly Saint King and Heavenly Sword Sword Saint, and can't stop fighting with all his strength, will be injured by the magic knife for a long time!

Luo Yaoer flashed to Lin Chen's side, and the two stood together.

Lin Chen said nothing. He took Luo Yaoer's slender jade hand and shoved his three punches in the direction of the three!

The boxing wind is like an angry dragon running through the sky, but the three of them just witnessed the tragic situation of the twelve holy realms just now.

While the three were defending, Lin Chen suddenly heard the sound.

"Little fairy, Yi Zhi, we will see you next time!"

[Using super-dimensional teleportation, consume 2202 intermediate talent points, carrying the transmission target: 1. Transmit space orientation No. 2.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen and Luo Yaoer, transformed into a space beam, jumped the space plane, flashed a far distance, disappeared!


Gu Changtian and others were surprised.

"What kind of space mystery technique can actually shuttle the void under our eyelids, the breath is traceless and traceless, and I can't even see in which direction he escaped!"

The sun burns to heaven!

They wanted to search for Lin Chen's breath, and when they wanted to continue to kill, Gu Wanquan stopped them.

"Well, with the three of us, they can't keep them. Even if they catch up, someone will continue to die to keep them. Are you willing to pay this price?"

Gu Wanquan glanced at the two and recalled Lin Chen's four-fold method of killing the Holy Realm instantly. The two couldn't help but shudder and creepy!

"They can't run away. The people that this kid killed today are not small, plus he has a relationship with the witch, and the above won't be ignored. Let's go."

Gu Wanquan flicked his sleeves and decisively chose to shuttle through the void to leave.

More than three hundred holy places are dumbfounded, and this result is unacceptable and calm for a long time!

Lin Chen killed nine holy realms and fourfold, can he break away with the witch safely?

"Although it is already known that Lin Chen's methods will never be expected, the result has never been dared to think..." The grandfather of the Heavenly Ghost Palace shook his head and marveled.

"Oh, with his ability, he will surely break out of the world. Xiao Nizi, practice with peace of mind." Ao Qing gave a hint of meaningful smile to Ning Qingxuan who was relieved.

Youdu Sheng looked at her granddaughter unhappy and couldn't help but sigh.

Yue Qingli was sad, and Yue Youlan was relieved.

What happened in this burial holy mountain range will surely cause the whole holy world to roll up the fuse of the uproar!

Haotian Saint King's tricks, a peerless evildoer, and the slash of the Holy Realm are four, these will surely push the Holy Realm to the beginning of a new era!

When the people left, only from the depths of the Sacred Mountain Range opened a pair of deep and gloomy eyes, staring at the sky as if it had been like this forever.

Everyone didn't know that after Lin Chen's World War I, a few days later, a more terrible war broke out in this funeral mountain range!


Lin Chen teleported to the spatial position of the avatar. As early as the four-fold battle with the twelve holy realms, his avatar immediately launched a separate operation and fled in different directions at full speed.

Lin Chen had long been planning a good escape plan, as long as he got the four levels of the holy realm, delayed the last three people, and pulled Luo Yaoer to run with "super-dimensional transmission"!

In an empty valley in the valley.

In front of the waterfall, Lin Chen sat on the ground, panting, relieved.

"These old guys didn't catch up at last, shouting, exhausting me!"

The blue magic in the double pupils gradually dissipated, and Lin Chen collapsed, as if all the power had been hollowed out.

Lin Chen had a complicated heart and sighed: "The state of the sky-turner is over, unfortunately, this strongest attacking orange-order talent can only be used once."

The next time he encounters the fourfold of the Holy Realm, it is not so good to kill. Even with the armor of the God of War, it is impossible to kill the opponent easily.

"How about, I didn't lie to you." Lin Chen smiled at Luo Yaoer, "I said they couldn't stop the coach."

"That's your good luck." Luo Yaoer said indifferently, "Fortunately, it's an ordinary holy land five-fold. With the pure strength of your protective gear temporarily added, it can barely contend. It is also a holy realm, and some saints' cultivation is played. The fighting power out there is quite different."

Lin Chen stunned: "What?"

Luo Yaoer said: "Do you know why the monsters of the human race can't fight each other? The leapfrog challenge between the holy realms is extremely difficult, but it will undergo qualitative changes due to the fourfold and fivefold of the holy realm. The powerful holy realm five You can devour a dozen of them with one hand without effort."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, and dozens of them can still be ravaged with one hand? How is this different from what he heard!

Luo Yao'er seemed to guess his reaction, sitting quietly beside the waterfall, the mist and water, and the jade feet of tender and tender lotus dotted the lake, like dreams. The beautiful woman plucked a strand of green silk, her expression calmly said.

"According to the physical refining power, every holy cave of your human race holy realm can explode about 100 million dragon powers after blessing mentality and combat skills, and a double holy cave is 200 million dragons and triple One is 500 million dragons."

"Without the factors of special means such as alien crystals or orange order exercises, the triple holy realm of 30 holy caves is converted into pure power calculation, and the overall combat power is about 8 billion dragon powers. The four levels of the Holy Realm, also known as the Expansion Cavern Realm, can expand the space of the Holy Cavern and greatly increase the capacity of the Holy Cavern."

"The base of expanding the cave depends on the holy cave of the previous state. The opening of a holy cave in the triple realm is about 500 million dragon power. The ordinary holy cave opens a holy cave in the quadruple realm. The expansion of the expanding cave is 3~ 5 times, and most saints, the first time to expand the hole determines the upper limit, the future expansion of the hole will not exceed the first time, the best state is the first time flat."

"Calculated by 3 times, then opening a holy cave will increase the power of about 1.5 billion dragon power. If it is 5 times, opening a holy cave is 2.5 billion dragon power!"

Luo Yaoer's simple and clear explanation made Lin Chen stunned!

Based on the standard line, if the Holy Land quadruple opens a holy cave, it will increase 1.5 billion dragons to 2.5 billion dragons?

If we calculate the four-fold perfection of 40 holy caves, 8 billion dragon power + 2.5 billion dragon power 10, the overall combat power erupted is more than 33 billion dragon power!

In such a comparison, the Holy Realm triple fulfillment encounters the Holy Realm quadruple fulfillment, which is 8 billion dragon power vs. 33 billion dragon power, with only one dead word!

The latter doesn't even need to use combat skills, it is really a triumph of the Death Realm!

Don't say that 30 holy pits are against 40 holy pits and 30 against 31 holy pits are all difficult to overcome!

The saints of the 31 holy caves, even if they are 3 times the lowest of the cave expansion, have 1.5 billion more dragon power than the 30 holy caves!

The gap of 1.5 billion dragon power, Lin Chen who has been maintaining high-strength body training can't be more clear!

Sealing all his current cultivation methods and means, without using any runes, talents and other means, only relying on his 200 million dragon power of physical training, and a 300 million dragon power training holy realm confrontation, he It will fall into the wind directly!

At most, because of taking Chijin Teng and Long Qingguo, Lin Chens vitality will be a little bit more tenacious. If the other party is 400 million Dragon Power, Lin Chen may be crushed directly!