My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1133

Vol 5 Chapter 1133: Everyone Is Civilized

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The gap between Sacred Realm Triple Consummation and Sacred Realm Quadruple Beginning is more than 1.5 billion dragon powers. If you have the orange-level combat skills and the power of the Alien Crystal, Sacred Realm Triple Consummation is also difficult to overcome the Sacred Realm Quadruple Early Stage. Will be counter-killed with high probability!

Luo Yao'er was surprised when he saw Lin Chen, and then said: "You don't need to be surprised. I'm talking about ordinary holy land. If it's a top genius, or a monster list, how many times do you think they can expand the hole? If it's a piece How about the expansion of the holy cave by ten times? The increase in the lethality of one holy cave is 5 billion dragons, and the increase of 10 is 50 billion dragons. This is only the four-level realm, and the five-fold holy gang realm going up?"

"The holy Gang realm is to gasify the holy Gang. The holy power based on the above realm is doubled or more."

"For example, the base of expanding one hole in the expanding hole is 5 times, which is 2.5 billion dragon power, 2.5 billion dragon power is doubled, which is 5 billion dragon, and 41-50 holy caves are fully opened, which is 50 billion."

"If the base of the opponent's hole expansion is 10 times? Even if it is only doubled, it is 100 billion dragon power, 58 billion + 100 billion dragon power. If this force is combined with the increase of the abnormal crystal and the orange rank combat skills, Do you think you will have a chance at that time?"

Luo Yaoer's explanation made Lin Chen feel a little cold sweat...

If it wasn't Gu Wanquan at the time, but a once-enchanted five-layer holy realm, he was afraid that he could not get away with the armor of the **** of war + the sky-turner!

"It seems I have a long way to go..." Lin Chen sighed and asked.

"Oh, now they have escaped. Can you tell me how to get into the holy prison?"

Luo Yaoer gave him a cold look, "Yes, it's very simple."

Lin Chen surprised: "Really! What way!"

Luo Yaoer looked indifferent: "Caught in."

Lin Chen: "...Are you teasing me?"

Luo Yao'er ignored it.


A moment later, Luo Yaoer suddenly said: "You seem to only care about the Holy Prison, do you know my name?"

Lin Chen suffocated and said with a smile: "Well, what's the beauty name?"

Luo Yao'er didn't glance at him: "I don't want to say."

Lin Chen froze!

What stuff? Its you who wants me to ask you, and its you who you dont want to say.

Lin Chen was annoyed: "Don't tell me! Don't tell me I took the gun!"


The blood-red magic knife was placed across Lin Chen's crotch, and Lin's tiger body shocked.

Luo Yaoer said indifferently: "Come on. You dig, I watch you dig, do you want to look back or dig back and forth."

Lin Chen: "...Everyone is civilized. What can't you go to bed and say, oh no, what can't you sit down and have a good chat, right, what knife?"

Luo Yaoer suddenly stared at him, and his gorgeous face looked like a smile instead of a smile: "It looks like your charm is very great, there are several women looking at you when you are sanctified, I don't know if the power of your gun is Isnt it as big as your charm?"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly, "Well, grandma, when are you going to tell me your name and how to enter the holy prison?"

Luo Yaoer closed his knife and said indifferently: "When I am happy."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly...

When the master met you from the mainland of Kyushu, what was your special appearance? Have you ever been happy?

Despite her, as long as she is a girl, she doesn't believe me, someone Lin can't do!

Lin Chen then looked around and snapped his fingers, "Yes!"

Lin Chen rushed into the mountain gorge in one arrow, Luo Yaoer aimed at him with the corner of his eye.

After a while, he stood in a crater, running a trace of holy gas to rush into the volcano.


The volcano vibrated and a jet burst suddenly!

The terrifying volcanic lava projected into the sky, Lin Chen bowed his bow, and a shadow of the auroral arrow shuttled from the center of the volcanic blast!

boom! boom! boom!

The lava of the volcano exploded, like the falling of the ceiling, which was rendered colorful and beautiful by Lin Chen's holy spirit, like colorful fireworks.

Then, the flames condensed into several dazzling characters-the **** the opposite side looked over

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The volcano erupted one after another, and Lin Chen was another bow. When shooting lava, colorful fireworks condensed into a series of large characters in the sky.

Dare to hear the fairy name?

There are question marks behind the fireworks.

Luo Yao'er smiled, and his indifferent eyebrows finally got a little glory.

She stood up, staring at Lin Chen's direction and preached.

"The way to enter the holy prison is to go to the storm hole of the Sacred Realm. There are space cracks at the bottom of the hole, through three magic caves. If you sneak in with my magic seal, you can bypass the demon clan of the magic cave. After that, I can reach a gap on the 17th floor of the holy prison. I have left a hole in your magic seal. Remember, you cant approach the storm hole without authorization.

Lin Chen was stunned and ecstatic at random!

"Yaoer, Luo Yaoer. My name, Lin Chen, don't you forget..."

When her voice echoed in her ears, when Lin Chen looked around, the beauty had turned into a ray of light smoke.

"Luo Yao'er..."

Lin Chen's heart was slightly complicated. After he became sanctified, he could guess why Luo Yao'er had not absorbed the magic energy of his magic mark before.

I am afraid that after absorbing the magic energy, she will lose control of herself!

In the end, she still did not choose to control herself.

"Although the magic seal is still there, this time bomb is temporarily relieved. Luo Yao'er, I really don't know if it's an enemy or a friend..."

Lin Chen sighed in a complicated way, and his heart was closed, sending all the avatars back.


The nihilistic state, the magic energy rises.

Here, like a magic field, there are endless demons chanting demon songs and magic music in the void.

Luo Yao'er opened her beautiful eyes, her indifferent expression, struggling with a trace of struggle and complexity.

"What is this feeling of joy and discomfort..."

The familiar memories in the mind, the warm arms of the teenager and the younger generation, the beautiful lady murmured dreamily in the endless void.

"Is this the feeling of being protected..."


"Squad leader, are you okay!"

The four streamers are drawn from the sky, and they are actually the four old men of Han Yizhi and Zixia Wanggu.

"Yi Zhi? How do you know that I am here." Lin Chen was shocked and happy.

"I left a spiritual imprint on you, the squad leader." Han Yizhi smiled slightly, making someone Lin blush old.

Ok? Lin Chen was shocked!

Spiritual imprint? Why didn't he feel it? Is Yi Zhi so strong now?

He didn't even feel the spiritual imprint on himself!

Han Yizhi's breath is a little simple and profound, and it is not achieved by ordinary cultivation. It is most likely to be inherited, but there are also amazing opportunities for inheritance to transform in such a short time.

"Good boy! You let all of us look away!"

The second old man of Zixia Wanggu smiled and patted Lin Chen on the shoulder, Lin Chen touched his nose, "What, low-key, low-key."

Two old and one stunned, immediately laughed! Low-key? Your kid will be here for another year and a half, I am afraid that I will become the most colorful character in this holy world, a low-key ghost!

"What's your relationship with that witch." The little demon queen asked Lin Chen seriously.

Everyone was stunned.

Then she seemed to realize that she had a problem, and coughed softly: "Miss Ben is not interested in you, but I think you are too close to her at the time. I can guarantee you for the first time but not necessarily for you Twice."

Lin Chen expressed gratitude in his heart, not to mention the other, this little goblin must be this heart of love, he remembered it in his heart.

"Relax, I'm not related to her. Until now, I'm not sure we are an enemy or a friend. It's just that there are some problems that I have to stand with her."

Lin Chen knows that great grace doesn't say anything. Today, the kindness of Zixia Wanggu is remembered in his heart.

"Squad leader, you have to be careful." Han Yizhi said in earnest; "The leader of the South Region will not be willing to give up this battle you led, so maybe they will send you wanted next time. Once there is a strong man chasing, It must be far beyond the level of that war. The squad leader can only be exempted from this robbery if you join the Sixth Grade sect or above, or enter the monster list."