My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1134

Vol 5 Chapter 1134: Refining Medicine Representative Game?

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"Enter the list of evildoers..."

Lin Chen felt his chin. He vaguely knew that the enchantment list is not so simple to be able to pass. It needs to complete multiple assessments and standards to pass and become a member of the enchantment list.

After becoming a demon list, the privileges obtained are simply different from the genius list. The privilege of the genius list in front of the demon list is completely the difference between Firefly and Haoyue!

To be on the list of evil spirits, in a way, is equivalent to taking a death-free gold medal!

The second old man of Zixia Wanggu squeezed his eyebrows and said, "Well, Xiao Lin, if you enter our Zixia Wanggu, all problems will be solved..."

The second old man cast a smile of you know on Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was stunned. After looking at the little demon, the beautiful woman's fingers turned their hair tips and said with a smile: "Why, fell in love with Miss Ben?"

Lin Chen stared at her plump Yurun somewhere and nodded earnestly: "Well, there are really two points! Not many, just two points."

The little demon covered her chest and scratched him fiercely. With all kinds of amorous feelings, Lin Chen shivered like an electric shock. This woman is really a goblin!

"In fact, there is another way..." Han Yizhi smiled and said: "I know the squad leader, you don't like to join the sect, if you can get the alternate places of the evil list, it should also make the forces of the South Region dare not act rashly."

"Alternative to the evil list?" Lin Chen surprised.

"Well, the top forces will issue alternative tokens, as long as you get three together, you can get to participate in the alternate tournament. Because the monster list prohibits the life and death fight on the bright side, and the quota is limited, so often the candidates will be launched. Live those geniuses who have the qualifications of the demon list. After all, the demon list is the most scarce talent in the Holy Realm."

Han Yizhi took out a blue jade token from Na Jie and handed it to Lin Chen: "It just happens that I have an alternative token here. You just need to collect two more squad leaders!"

Lin Chen took the order and looked at it a few times. The token material is special, and it is as vast as a star in his hand. He was surprised and said, "How do you have this?"

Han Yizhi smiled and didn't say anything. She couldn't tell the monitor you. This is a gift from the girls who pursue me, right?

The two elders of Zixia Wanggu looked at each other, "That feeling is good! It happens that we have a representative game to participate in Zixia Wanggu. The championship prize is an alternate order of the devil list. How about, kid, do you want to try it out? "

"Representative game?" Lin Chen said with a bad smile: "What is the representative game? Wouldn't it be better than handsome? If you are better than handsome, then you definitely don't need to compare. How do you think I won."

The two elders laughed: "Ha ha ha, that was a representative game of refining medicine. The genius is like a cloud. My Zixia Wanggu didn't dare to say a steady win, and you beat me the youngest saint-class pharmacist in Zixia Wanggu. It is up to you to fight, and no one in our valley will be unconvinced."

The little demon clapped her hands: "Yes, yeah, if you go, it must be very interesting!"

"Refining medicine..." Lin Chen gave a playful smile: "Interestingly, after advancing into the spiritual power of the Holy Realm, I don't know what level my refining medicine can impact. Go and give it a try!"

"In this case, the remaining tokens have fallen. Because of me, there is also a feast for the squad leader to participate in, and the prizes are also alternative orders for the evil list.

Lin Chen was surprised: "How come there is such a coincidence, how do I feel I am reading a novel?"

The second old looked at each other and said in surprise: "Han Gongzi said, could it be the conference of the Scarlet Fairy?"

Han Yizhi nodded and nodded: "It is."


Lin Chen was stunned!

Han Gongzi?

"Hey, hello, two seniors, my little Yizhi looks so beautiful, so tender and pleasant, you actually called her son!"

Lin Chen was a little irritated, but this time it was the second elder and the little demon who were forced!

"Hahahaha! God, there is an idiot here hahaha!" The little demon laughed on the spot, and tears came out.

The second elder was stunned and asked Lin Chen tentatively: "Little Friends Lin Chen, you and this Han......Han Yizhi, how long have you known each other?"

"We knew each other before we came to the Holy Realm!" Lin Chen said bluntly.

Only Han Yizhi was a little shy and coughed lightly-"Cough, that, squad leader..."

"You probably don't know him, but don't know his name?"

The little demon laughed back and forth.

"Name? What's the name?" Captain Lin was ashamed!

The two old men looked at each other and said in unison: "He is the son of surprise at the top of the genius list, known as Han Yizhi, the first beautiful boy in the Holy World."

Lin Chenru was struck by thunder! His mouth gradually widened, his eyes staring at Han Yizhi!

In the face of Lin Chen's eyes, Han Yizhi was a little uncomfortable, her face reddened, her hands twisted together, and she said shyly: "Well... class leader, I'm a boy, everyone in class 66 knows..."

What the hell? The whole class knows that I am the leader of the class alone!

Okay, these stupid guys, dare to hide the monitor!

Lin Chen suddenly recalled that at the Han family, Ruoyan asked if he liked men?

At that time, Lin Chen also felt inexplicable, because it was because of this...

"Yizhi is the most beautiful boy in the Holy World? This...a little information..."

Lin Chen couldn't accept this fact for a while!

Is this... is this more exciting?

"I attended the feast of the Scarlet Fairy, and the squad leader only needed to be there..."

"Well, squad leader, this is my space jade. You can use it to find my position. Yi Zhi has been away from the sect for too long, and you have to return first..."

Han Yizhi somehow gave Lin Chen a jade slip, and then flew into the air. "There is still some time before the feast of the Scarlet Fairy. The squad leader can first participate in the representative game of Zixia Wanggu..."

Looking at Han Yizhi, who fled like a frightened white rabbit, the little demon's eyes became more ambiguous, and when she looked at Lin Chen, she grinned badly.

"Is it true that there are opposite sexes in this world just to breed offspring, is it true that colleagues are true love?"

Lin Chen was stunned. He immediately put his hands in his waist and raised his mouth madly: "You know what, the first beautiful boy in the Holy Realm is based on my head, proving that I am a higher grade man than the first beautiful boy in the Holy Realm, understand!"

"But! Sajia is very low-key, disdain for these fake names, those, we don't want it! The handsome guy, he will always be handsome!"

The demon queen pretends to be disgusted: "You are afraid that it is almost the first shameless in the Holy World."

Lin Chen: "Shameless, then it proves to be completely handsome and to be taken for granted."

After the demon: "I think you can really publish this book, about shameless, you can teach others to recognize a new height."

Erlao watched the pair of wonderful flowers fly to Zixia King Valley while fighting, and could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

This Lin Chen really has a fight with their young lady...


Ten days have passed since the Battle of the Funeral Mountains.

South Territory, Ling Tianfeng.

Ling Tianfeng is a holy place, and even ordinary saints have no right to approach, and trespassers are only dead words!

Under the mountain of Ling Tianfeng, there are more than a dozen holy realm double guards, sometimes looking at the top of the mountain, full of awe and incredible!

Today, Ling Tianfeng gathered all the powerful parties and held a discussion meeting!

This seminar was aimed at a young man in a sanctuary!