My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1135

Vol 5 Chapter 1135: 20 Year Deadline

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Ling Tianfeng, dozens of spiritual storms suspended on the top of the mountain!

In these spiritual storms, some flames are raging, some landslides and tsunamis, and the sun and moon are falling. Some storms, thunder and lightning, and all kinds of phenomena, are all contained in them, and there are horrible super storms that are looming!

It is the invincible will of a group of nearly ancient holy spirits!

The masters of these wills are unbelievably strong!

"For so long, whether to kill or stay!"

A group of spiritual storms shone like stars.

"Kill! This child has something to do with the witch, and can see through the tricks and transactions of the Haotian Saint King and the demon clan. It must be related to the demon clan. Rather than kill ten thousand wrong, don't spare one!"

Another mental storm shook: "You are really bullshit. If it is really a demon clan's trick, how could this kid be exposed to our eyes? Because of some random speculation, it will kill my human race a peerless demon, Didnt you live in the dogs stomach!"

Then a spiritual storm of arc and thunder light roared: "What do you know, there are exceptions to everything, then the witch may not know that he will be exposed to the Holy World and we are found, it must be this child to save She was accidentally exposed."

"This son must be killed! Slaughter my Nine Saints in the Southern Territory, each of which is the fourfold of the Holy Realm, these are the pillars of my human race, kill one less one, this son has fallen into the magic road, it is time to kill!"

Bang ~! The spirit of the sword flared up, and the spirits of the sword stele and the storm of sword were contained and shouted again.

"Can't kill! Don't say that this child bursts into 9 holes, you can see that since the ancient and modern times, it can kill the sacred realm of the sacred realm of the fourfold? This child will be the immortal evil of my human race, and must not be killed! , How could the witch make him on the verge of death and then stand up? This kind of thing is personally known to be extremely dangerous, and there is no guarantee of 100% certainty. Obviously, the relationship between this teenager and the witch is not big!"

"Old ghost, are you confused? Haven't you listened to Wan Quan's report? The little animal is not a holy place to kill by normal means. It will automatically die once he is injured. This is simply Its not my human races method, its the demonic tricks of the demons, dare you say that there has been such a stunt in the history of the human race?"

"You are keeping tigers in trouble! Leaving this kid behind, what is the face of my Southern Territory, and a big trouble such as Haotian Saint King, don't leave the seeds of scourge here, kill if you kill!"

"Well, send ten saints and one saint in the life and death realm, you can destroy him in just a few fingers, no matter how many variables you can deal with!"

"Who dares! I see which life and death situation dare to touch him, this seat destroys him!"

"Nanyu has only stopped for a few years? You started to perish the door? You are sincerely trying to provoke civil unrest!"


Outside Ling Tianfeng, the thousands of miles of space is shaking!

A bunch of Xeon's holy realm is here because Lin Chen quarreled!

Just the spirit of their quarreling of spiritual thoughts is like the arrival of a party's end, and the sun and moon are dark, and the world is discolored!

Fortunately, there are no people around here, otherwise you will be stunned by this momentum!

Some of them have to kill, some have to stay, some have to come back to check the secrets, and some have to cultivate them carefully!

No one can unify their opinions. The views on Lin Chen are different. The atmosphere is unprecedentedly fierce.

Sigh~! Tear ~!

A sonic boom came to the top of Ling Tianfeng without warning, and stopped the quarrel!

"Who is coming? Why did you come to Lingtianfeng in my southern region?"

Within the dozens of spiritual storms, Xeon Shengjing asked.

Those who come here are as charming as a red dress, full-bodied and plump, and the red eyebrows are like distant mountains in the late autumn of September, overlooking all spiritual storms.

The woman in the red dress flicked her sleeves and said awe-inspiringly.

"Let's talk nonsense, Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club, I am the Palace of the Divine Flame! No one of you can touch him!"

The woman in the red dress stirred up a thousand waves!

Is she actually a person in the Palace of the Divine Flame?

"Shenyan Palace?"

"Your Excellency is in the Palace of the Divine Flame?"

Dozens of spiritual storms solemnly spoke, and two of them screamed and stormed.

"This is the Southern Territory, but it is not a place where your Divine Flame Palace covers the sky with one hand!"

Bang ~!

The space was overturned, the whole Ling Tianfeng shivered and kept shaking!

The space around the woman in the red dress was like a flame of fire, red orange yellow green blue blue purple, various flames like graceful elves and fire sea, enveloped the entire Ling Tianfeng, and scared those holy realms that were kept outside to pale!

"Whoever does not accept, stand up and try. I will fight until you are dissatisfied!"

The woman in the red skirt flicked her nails, leaked her domineering side, and raised her red lips.

"Don't think that a group of spiritual ideas will be safe here. If I want to find it, I can find your body with your spiritual strength. Who is not convinced?"

As soon as these words came out, those spiritual storms were shocked!

Palace of Divine Flame, so domineering!

The most important thing is this woman's state, unfathomable!

"Alas, why did Shenyan Palace intervene in my Southern Territory."

In the void, a sigh sounded, and an old man in white in the air of a fairy wind flew down in the void, holding a hand to whisk the dust, and a pair of mysterious golden pupils stared directly at the red lady and opened his mouth.

"Your Excellency should know that the witch is involved in a huge range. With your Palace of Divine Flame, you can still suppress the entire Holy Realm. Once this matter is reached, you should know how serious the consequences are."

As soon as the golden pupils appeared, the atmosphere of dozens of spiritual storms suddenly changed.

"I'm doing things in the Palace of the Divine Flame, and it's not your turn to point me.

Unexpectedly, a woman in a red dress flicked her sleeves, her five fingers caught in the void, and without the earth-shattering momentum and divine spirit, she instantly smashed a large area of the old man's space to a collapse!

The old man in white robe was instantly crushed into nothingness!

call out! call out! call out! The spirit of Wan Dao appeared out of thin air, and it once again condensed into the appearance of the old man with golden eyes and white robe. Although the expression was light and breezy, there was a little more fear in the depth of the eye socket.

The woman in red dress raised an eyebrow with interest: "Oh? Your spiritual state seems a bit interesting..."

"Your Excellency really wants to tear your face with us!" Shen Sheng, the old golden pupil, asked.

"It's another thing if you don't pass it up." The woman in red skirt flicked her fingers and said indifferently: "I'm just here to tell you, don't move this kid."

The old man with golden eyebrows frowned, "Shenyan Palace can't protect him forever!"

The woman in red dress stretched out two green jade fingers.

"Twenty years, this is the deadline I asked for. In twenty years, you old guys from the Southern Region will touch him with a hair, and I will take action to destroy him! If he is on the list of evildoers within twenty years, he will not move. You have the final say, if twenty years later, he will not be on the list of evildoers, you can kill whatever you want."