My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1136

Vol 5 Chapter 1136: Life Awakening Function

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Everyone choked...

A young man who has just become a sanctuary, to be on the list of evildoers in twenty years? You must know that the cultivation of the Holy Realm is not accomplished overnight. In the future, every time you open a Holy Cave, it may run out for ten thousand years or even longer!

Although monster-level genius cannot be measured by common sense, the peerless monsters of the monster list cannot shorten this time by so many times!

"Okay, according to Your Excellency, in the next 20 years, our Sixth Sect of Southern Region will not send any strong man to deal with him, but we can't control the following Five Sect forces."

The old golden pupils are not salty, but soft and hard, the meaning is very simple; this matter is more than six denominations, and will not interfere in twenty years.

But the Wupin sect is not necessary, this is their bottom line!

It is impossible for his holy realm to be killed in fourfolds, and nothing can be done. Where does this face go?

"Oh, Mr. Lin Chen, just leave some troubles for your growth. That's all I can help you, then it's up to you..."

The woman in red dress and the crowd met immediately, and after leaving the contract, she left immediately.

She came in a hurry and went in a hurry.

When leaving, all the mental storms were puzzled and asked.

"Lao Chen, why didn't you try to suppress this woman, she was too arrogant, and she didn't take my Nanyu in mind!"

"Yeah, our spiritual avatar set Chen Lao your avatar, certainly can suppress this girl!"

There are a lot of holy realms, and the old golden pupil shakes his head and smiles.

"You are too young to look at her. Don't say your spiritual avatar, even if all of us are here, can't beat her, but will be killed by her all. The best result is to be able to escape one or two."


After this remark, many spiritual storms were shocked!

Each of them is an immortal legend in the Southern Territory. The Holy Realm is built to an unimaginable level in the world!

Spiritual avatars are not acceptable to opponents, even their bodies have to die?

The old man with golden eyes stared into the distance, meaning a long way.

"That woman is willing to sell our face, it's still the reason why the adult sits in the southern region... but the old man is very curious, this Lin Chen even protects him from the Shenyan Palace, what is the origin..."


Zixia Wanggu, Zijinggu.

These days, Lin Chen has been recuperating, fighting with the major holy realms in turn, even if he has "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", it can't be eaten.

The most important thing is the use of the final Ares armor, which hollowed out Lin Chen's flesh shell strength.

Fortunately, Lin Chen's silver holy yuan coins were sufficient, and after consuming millions of silver holy yuan coins, Lin Chen's holy cave and'Tai Yi holy cave' were refilled again! Millions of silver holy yuan coins are used every minute, how can ordinary saints have this heritage.

In the secret room, Lin Chen closed and turned on the system.

[Because the host has been upgraded to upgrade, some growth class attribute values have automatically transformed into higher attribute values]

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: The last stage of the Holy Realm (9 sacred caves)-Advanced essence: 28.8 billion points

Ultimate Strength: 200 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 1.6 billion points

Advanced spirit: 1.88 million points (in the early stage after entering the Holy Land)

Advanced skill essence: 1.5 million points-advanced rune energy: 1.49 million points-intermediate sky value: 1.78 million points.

Intermediate talent points: 880,000 points-suit essence: 140,000 points

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 74.09 million points

Advanced elemental energy: 880,000 points in the fire system, 710,000 points in the soil system, 440,000 points in the wood system, 450,000 points in the gold system, 780,000 points in the water system, 550,000 points in the thunder system, 410,000 points in the wind system, and 680,000 points in the light system , Dark line 740,000 points

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Life awakening bar (whether to punch card)

Passive talent bar: Double Cultivation Acacia, Strike, Rip, (quasi-orange level) super chaos, (orange level) Extreme Divine possession fragment (3/4)

Active Talent Bar: Omen of Thief, Fatal Bloodthirst, Super Dimensional Transmission, Ultimate Moment, Ultimate Return, King's Land, (Quasi Orange Level) Fatal Life and Death, (Orange Level) Instant Light Split, (Orange Level) Extinction Crack Create (2/3).

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)-talent combination skills (whether open)]

[Activate life awakening function: life awakening, which awakens the function of the host's body part, and then obtains more powerful abilities or supernatural powers. Life awakening requires the consumption of a large number of attributes of the sky.

[Because the host is promoted to the Holy Land, activate the key, and start a new version of the system update, please collect the following attribute values: 2 million points of Heavenly Dao, 2 million points of advanced skills, and 500,000 points of the suit essence.

Lin Chen's system is far different than before! The attribute value is even more ridiculous than a term, surging more than ten times or even hundreds of times!

"The attribute values required by this update system are too ridiculous...I finally killed so many holy places and so many attribute values..."

Lin Chen was speechless, and then turned over with one hand, the dim light armor of the God of War surfaced.

"System, I want to restore all the essence of the suit to the armor of the Ares."

Buzz~! A series of astral glories poured from Lin Chen's eyebrows into the God of War armor, and his brilliance slightly recovered.

Lin Chen frowned, and it seemed that he would have to collect more of the essence of the suit in the future. If he encounters a battle similar to the burial of the Holy Mountains, the armor of the God of War can only lose at least one more battle.

"Dragon power of about one hundred billion yuan is far from the limit of the God of War armor. It is the limit that I can bear the shell and repair to withstand. As long as there are enough suit essences, it can also exert more terrifying power."

After Lin Chen became holy, the most intuitive feeling of wearing the God of War armor was not the rage of power, but the pure power growth that he could control.

The war emperor himself, wearing this gadget is like suicide, intuitively feels like jumping into the abyss, is out of control, and has no idea how much power it will emerge.

Now, Lin Chen can control the power of the increase within a limit. This will become his most important killer.

Lin Chen opened the [Talents column] to see the new talent fragments he obtained-[Orange-level low-level talents Extinction Splitting: consume a lot of talent points to increase the hosts next attack, with a splitting effect, which can tear the enemys defense. Cleave (applicable to orange-level combat skills) and continue to destroy the effect of extinction.

[If the enemy target is injured due to the additional attack of the talent, regardless of the size of the injury, it will not be able to recover and heal within a month, and the injury continues. (Note: It is only valid for the Ninth Layer of the Holy Realm, and cannot be effective for saints with more than one turn).

Lin Chen was surprised! This new orange-order talent fragment actually makes the opponent unable to recover after being injured, and comes with an evolutionary version of the "tearing" effect!

Most of the Purple Order talents, whether passive or active, have no effect on the increase in the Orange Order method.

Quite simply, the orange-order exercises, each of which is a level of destruction, is like a giant. You give him a knife, and the impact on his combat power has not changed.

"You can get one piece short of it. This new talent must be the new trump card, the more the better!"

Lin Chen opened a new function [Life Awakening].

[Awakening function, it can awaken the life of the host's location, ability, and consumption of heaven.

[Part Awakening-Eye Awakening, One StageSpring Heart Ripples Eyes, Consumes Heavenly Dao Value to Launch, Effect: Successful launch will increase the target's **** by 50%, and launch failure will increase the violentness by 50%.

Lin Chen was shocked when reading this [Awakening Function]!

This awakening function is like an alternative enhanced function! As long as you have enough heaven value, you can even awaken the two brothers!

Lin Chen laughed!

"What kind of feature is this?"