My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1137

Vol 5 Chapter 1137: Massage Stick? ?

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[Part AwakeningFive internal organs and six internal organs, one stageshifting and transposition, can transfer part of the injury received away from the body, reducing the degree of injury. Stage Two: Can transfer damage to a close target...]

[Part Awakening-Ear Awakening, Stage One: Qiankun steals sounds, perceives spatial vibrations within a prescribed range, and can eavesdrop on a secret transmission higher than a realm...]

[Part Awakening-Host'Second Brother', can increase explosiveness in the first stage, increase flexibility in the second stage...]

[Aromatic Flesh Awakening: It can increase the pure power of the host's Eucharist by 10% to 1000%, and increase the ladder every 100%. The further the sky value to be consumed.

[Spiritual Awakening: Phase 1-The hosts mental power can obtain an instant effect, and the speed of mobilizing the mental power can be 1 to 3 times faster than the same level. The second stageMental power can have the effect of self-healing recovery, if the spirit is injured, it can be automatically recovered, the third stage......

Lin Chen was astonished!

Too amazing, this'life awakening'! It's just the value of Tiandao consumed, a bit ruthless!

"The strength of the flesh shell is essential for me, and not to mention the toughness of life brought by the refining. My use of the armor of the God of War is also pure power."

Lin Chen sent out his thoughts, preferentially choose [Awakening the Flesh], simple and rough!

[Consume 500,000 Intermediate Heavenly Dao value to awaken the strength of the shell.

Click~ Click~

Lin Chen's body reflected two blue lights, flickering and extinguishing, and the flesh and bones of the whole body were replaced with new ones!

Pure power reached 300 million dragon power!

[Awakening completed, increase the host's pure power by 50%.

"I have 1.28 million days worth of Dao, and next I will participate in the refining medicine competition. The spiritual awakening is more important to my immediate help! The system consumes 980,000 days worth of Dao, and I need to awaken the spirit!"

[Consume 880,000 intermediate sky value, awaken mental power, the host mental power has awakened to the middle of the first phase, and the instantaneous speed of the spirit has doubled.

Buzz~! Lin Chendun felt that his spiritual thinking was running more than twice as fast!

In the past, one hundred handprint alchemy can be used in an instant, but now three hundred! There is even an illusion that alchemy can be used without finishing seals!

"This spiritual awakening, in conjunction with my Taishi Bible, will work wonders in alchemy!"

"There is also this eye awakening, tweeting, spring heart rippling eyes, kind of interesting! System, how many days worth of eye awakening in one stage."

[Back to the host, 300,000 points.

"I want it! Just 300,000 points!"

[Consumption of 300,000 points of Heavenly Dao, the hosts eye awakening-Spring Heart Rippling Eyes, the consumption of Heavenly Dao is launched, and the amount of consumption is determined according to the use target. Effect: The successful launch will increase the targets **** by 50%, and the failure will increase the violentness by 50%.

Lin Chen played with a smile, if this trick is used in a group battle, its effect will be superior to the group, and it can compete with the talent of ``super chaos''!

"Oh, I haven't seen what the little guy stole!"

Lin Chen remembered the little shadow and quit the system, consciously infiltrating the Taoyuan capsule.

At this time, the small shadow shrank into a black mist, and there was a dragon-shaped disillusionment, and the golem rose.

Lin Chen stored much less medicine, obviously it has entered a closed state. However, according to the agreement, without the consent of Lin Chen, Little Shadow hadn't touched a pill.

Next to the little shadow, there are only two things!

A piece of red silk, and a blue jade stick!

Lin Chen dumbfounded!

He also has three pieces of red satin, the material of which is extremely special and simple, so far he can't understand the use of this thing!

From the dean of Tiange Academy to the false **** of the holy prison, then the holy king of Haotian, Lin Chenyin made a mistake and collected four pieces!

"What did this little shadow steal from Laozi and come back? What about the orange-order exercises? What about alchemy handprints, peerless elixir, and a few inferior crystals?"

Lin Chens consciousness appeared in the Taoyuan capsule, he sat on the ground, holding the long and short sapphire stick, and rarely entered the state of coercion.

Why is there a stick in the holy king's coffin!

And this stick... It's really a bit like the "massage stick" shape that Lin Chen saw when he was on earth! How long or short?

Think about it for a long time, that Haotian Saint King is so long-lasting, his face is magnificent and handsome, his handsome hand is holding a peerless holy artifact, and his right hand is holding a massage stick?

Lin Chen thinks all goose bumps fall off! Throw the thing directly on the ground!

This is too nonsense!

Is the bamboo basket empty?

A massage stick in the saint king's coffin?

Neuropathy! Is this world crazy or am I someone crazy?

"No! At the level of Haotian Saint King, ordinary things can't even enter his dharma eyes. Even the things he has to carry with him, the things put in the coffin cannot be mortals..."

Lin Chenqiang resisted the repulsion of his heart, grabbed the "massage stick" and studied...

Two days ago, the geniuses who had stayed in the tomb mansion seemed to have been instructed by Holy King Haotian to leave.

The geniuses who surrendered to the Holy King had just left their forefoot, and then the mountain range was covered with strong malaise, and the Holy Mountain Range was once again plunged into chaos. Without the cultivation of the Holy Realm, it was impossible to enter.

However, while Lin Chen was still resting in the Purple Realm Valley, burying the Holy Mountain Range, a new war broke out!

In the inner circle of the Funeral Mountain Range, four exquisite bright red ancient arrays undulate!

A figure went straight into the tomb of the Holy King, with a sword in his hand, he cut through nine days and ten places!

Haotian Shengwang's "Blood Demon Burial Array" couldn't stop him!

You know, this level can even kill the five levels of the Holy Realm easily! Except Luo Yaoer and other supernatural existences, not many people can break through the Holy Realm! Unless crushed with strength!

"Young man, what on earth do you want to do!"

The anger of Haotian Saint King shook the sky!

The Holy King is spitting blood!

"The breath of this child is extremely primitive and noble, and it is terrifying many times more than the list of evildoers! What is the beginning!"

Two of his most precious treasures were stolen by Lin Chen, and were broken by this person again!

Twice by two young juniors to break through his tomb-guarding mark twice in a row, he now has some doubts whether it is his name as a holy king, or that the young people are too evil!

"Now the young people are really ridiculous! I really don't know if this king's substitute will be able to compete with them..."

The pupils circling Jinguang looked directly at the ancient array of the void. The man was in a blue shirt, his expression was cold, and he held a piece of red silk.

"You are the Holy King of Haotian, don't you surrender this thing, otherwise I will let your tomb sink forever!"

Haotian Saint King's will was stunned, and then he was furious, "Are you also unable to be together with Lin Chen! The king's red silk was stolen by Lin Chen's little king!"

Eyes squinted, for the first time there was anger between Meiyu!

"Lin Chen?"