My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1138

Vol 5 Chapter 1138: Refined Medicine Holy Book.

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In Taoyuan's capsule, Lin Chen stared at the sapphire stick with tingling scalp.

Lin Chen shook vigorously a few times, and the crystal clear sapphire stick rolled out a thumb-sized seed!

As of now, this is the sixth!

"You can't be wrong. These seeds are all seeds of good luck!"

Lin Chen trembles, Mom, this blue jade stick can even produce seeds of good luck?

Lin Chen figured it out for a long time, he still couldn't figure out how to use this sapphire stick.

It seems that the seeds it produces have an upper limit, and after reaching this upper limit, Lin Chen can't get the spirit planting seeds no matter how.

"Strictly speaking, the seeds dropped from the sapphire sticks are not really inferior luck seeds, they are more like crippled seeds. Other spirit seeds have different charms, colors, energy fluctuations, and all kinds of things, not at all. Again, these are all shades, and there is no chance that there will be seeds of special products."

Lin Chen studied for a long time, and finally determined the value of these luck seeds!

They are not complete inferior spirit plant species, they will not produce inferior spirit plant specialties like Qingyao jade dew and red gold vines, but only silver holy yuan coins and ordinary seventh-order natural materials and earth treasures.

However, this is still a singular object!

Sacred world has never revealed any legends that can make luck and plant seeds of treasure!

The value of this thing is the same as that of Lin Chen's "You Shen Shu", as long as it is exposed, it will still cause blood and rain!

"The **** tree under the eye is still in the late growth stage. What I lack is Tianyi Shengshui. I don't have any extra resources to cultivate these spirit planting seeds. In addition, my luck transplantation sac can only place five kinds of luck transplantation plants. My own is the best choice."

After Lin Chen killed the four levels of the Nine Sacred Realms, he harvested two other seeds of inferior luck and spiritual planting. What he lacks now is the space and time to cultivate spiritual planting!

"Hahaha! The old fellow Haotian Saint King was stolen by me. This baby is afraid that he will be angry!"

Lin Chen's heart was very happy, and sacrificed the Danlu and all the avatars.

"Well, White Dragon Gate, Heavenly Ghost Palace, Fu Shengguo, Bingxin Palace, these forces have helped me a lot. There is still a period of time before the Alchemy Demonstration Game. Just concentrate on practicing Alchemy, and repay them, Kill two birds with one stone."


Half a month later, the strange domain, Bingxin Palace.

A sacred glow cloud steamed Xia Wei, came to Bingxin Palace.

"Why did your Excellency come to Bingxin Palace suddenly? What is it?"

The voice of Lord Bingxin Palace reached from across the sky, and the plump and full of beauty of the palace master appeared in the sky of Bingxin Palace.

A saint came suddenly and was a major event for any Sanpin sect.

The saint smiled slightly, arched his hands in fists.

"People in the Zixia King Valley of the Lower South Region, the special leader Lin Chen Xiaoyou, sent a thank you to the master of Bingxin Palace, thanking the master of Bingxin Palace for his help."

The master of Bingxin Palace, who lives in the hall, shuddered. This name is too loud in the 36th domain!

When the master of the Bingxin Palace took over the other party's ordination, he released his mental strength a little, and his heart set off a storm!

"Tianmen has three holy pill, which can help the warlord to break through the holy realm! And this is... Nadan enters into the body, the sanctification method of raising the pill by body? Is there a seed of the inferior spirit planting?"

Lord Bingxin Palace was shocked and dizzy! Each of the treasures contained in this ring is of paramount importance to the Sanpin sect!

"Oh, now that the palace master has accepted it, then he will leave first."

The yellow robe sage Yun Danfeng lightly smiled and left, not waiting for the palace host to entertain people, tearing the void and walking away.

In the past few days, the same situation has been successively staged in the family sect forces such as the 12th floor of Yunhuang, the White Dragon Gate, the Heavenly Ghost fortune-telling palace, the Qianmei Palace, the Wanqing Hall, and Fusheng Ancient Kingdom!

The forces that helped Lin Chen previously all benefited from his gifts. With his current heritage, it is not a problem to refine some holy pill in the eyes of ordinary people.

Lin Chen has slashed many geniuses, harvested their precepts, and the Nine Shadows organization Holy Land killer has a rich heritage.

In addition, Lin Chen is one person, comparable to six holy level pharmacists.

During the entire month of Lin Chen's retreat in Zixia Wanggu, there are legends about him, which have spread throughout most of the thirty-six domains and are famous all over the world!

Anything that plots against him, attempts to pretend to be a secret in him, or wants to sincerely solicit him is complicated and everything.

Lin Chen has truly become the target of this!

Seven days later, Cangyu.

A vast continental plate suspended to the void, this is the Dansheng Island of the Cangyu!

Today, there are a lot of people on the Dansheng Island in the Cangyu, and many pharmacists swarmed, squeezing their scalp and wanting to get an invitation to enter the game.

Dansheng Island ushered in a fairy fight class of refining medicine!

All the top five, six, and six families, denominations, and schools will send representatives of refining medicine to participate in this refining divine classic!

Dansheng Island, Genting Square.

"I finally got the invitation letter! Within half a month, refining the top-level top-grade red medicine, this assessment is really life-threatening!"

"Anyway, our brothers are not at a loss. It is said that this time the top 1,000 talented geniuses in the genius list will be born to participate!"

"It seems that there is a demon in the demon list who will sit in town personally, and it is fortunate to be able to meet these big figures, and it is considered to have witnessed this era!"

"Hey, I have witnessed what they are. I haven't seen Mr. Lin Chen who has seen the Dark Horse Club. That is regrettable!"

In the Genting Plaza, young and talented masters of refining medicines from all sides had discussions. This time, those who can watch the scriptures are rich or expensive, or they can only enter the venue by relying on hard power.

The two delicate women stood in pink robes and stood in the center of the square. They were one of the staff members of this ceremony. They were younger than the seventh-tier peak pharmacists, and their talents were extremely top-notch.

"Those men are really noisy, how can we talk more than our women."

The girl Bichun grumbled, and the sister giggled.

"This is a classic medicine refining book that ordinary people can't reach. Isn't it normal to be lively at all?"

Bichun pouted, and a hurricane suddenly swept through the square!

A eagle with a seventh order peak flew into the square in the air, flapping its wings and landing in the field.

Ba Ying lowered his head, and stood a tall, tall man on the eagle's head.

He walked slowly into the field, his eyes full of eyes, and rebellious, like the jade of the world, both proud and pretentious!

"It's Wushuangzi!"

"It is said that he advanced to the spiritual state of being half-stepped into the holy ten years ago, and he also cultivated two kinds of alchemy fingerprints of the half-orange level at the same time. It is really a monster..."

The auditorium burst into silence and marvel.

There will not be too many contestants in this grand drug refining ceremony. All are top refining pharmacists representing major forces, but each one is extremely powerful!

"Yeah! It's the 992 No. 2 son of Genius List!"

Bichun's little face was full of admiration and surprise, "I participated in the work of the Holy Scripture just to become the deputy of the Holy Class Refining Medicine Tianjiao. I don't know if Wushuang son will choose me as his auxiliary pharmacist... "

The elder sister smiled and said: "Don't commit a nympho, just get the job done first."