My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1139

Vol 5 Chapter 1139: Geniuses Appear

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"Mushuang son, please show us your invitation letter."

The second daughter came to Lian Wu's face and bent over slightly.

Even without a double face like a crown jade, the eyebrows are full of pride, and even his invitation letter is like a charity to others. .

Then he turned and left, waving with one hand, Ba Ying flew away.

Witnessing this scene, the three old men sitting in the void seat looked at each other, shaking their heads and laughing.

"The people taught by Banten Pavilion are still so inhuman."

"This kid is clearly promoted to the Holy Land, and he still wants to use the Ba Ying to fly to this point. It is clear that he wants to make a big show. Young people always like to be in the limelight."

"Oh, what's the point? Young and flamboyant, it's always called young people. If our gang of old guys play, I'm afraid it will be a backwater."

San Lao is the referee of this grand drug refining ceremony, and also the top old-fashioned saint-level refining master of Cangyu!

Their realm of refining medicine is no longer a mortal can guess! As long as they wave their hand, there are too many holy realms willing to serve them, and one persons call and influence can reach a fourth-grade or even fifth-grade sect! Horrible!

The ground suddenly rolled up a fragrant wind. This time was a voluptuous and enchanting heavenly pride girl. The fiery red robe was like a plume of phoenix, thousands of charming and charming, lazy expression, hot body, and the waves were shaking from time to time. The veil stretches like a phoenix among the hundred birds. When standing in the field, it is charming and arrogant, making all the women dim for it!

Seeing this charming woman who charmed all beings, there was another group of breathing air-sucking sounds one after another!

This one is another great figure!

870 in the genius list

It is said that her strength is already capable of refining the second grade Shengdan, the champion candidate of this conference!

Everyone was still amazed at Chi Mei'er's appearance, a timid and clear voice sounded from behind the second daughter.

"That, that... can I sign up?"

The second woman was shocked and turned around hurriedly.

With their spiritual power to complete the heavenly realm, no one noticed anyone approaching...

It was a little girl with long hair and waist. The strange thing was that she had no shoes, her two feet were exposed, she was wearing a ragged plain coat, a pink pouch around her waist, and she wore a worn rag doll.

She looked timid like a broken porcelain doll.

Only those eyes seemed to swallow human eyes.

"I... came to attend the holy scripture, this is my invitation..."

The little girl handed out a bright red letter, and the second girl hurried to take it. After confirming, the little girl retreated and sat on the ground beside the court.

"This little girl, is Tiansha Fei Xiaoyu on the 688 list of geniuses!"

Bichun was horrified and lost his voice. It was rumored that when the woman was born, she was almost shocked to the death of her mother.

Her physique is the legendary spiritual celestial body. Anyone who touches her will be bitten by the storm-like mental power in her body and become seriously injured!

"It turned out to be a light rain..."

"My God, the organizer has even invited her. Isn't it sincere to want to decide the champion!"

"Those who can beat Xiaoyu on the refining medicine, I am afraid that only those peerless demon who focus on refining medicine on the list of demon!

"It's a terrible spiritual storm. The mental strength of the old man half stepped into the holy stare only at her, and the consciousness will almost fall into it..."

The auditorium was full of shock and surprise. The three elders of the empty seats were not surprised. Instead, they smiled. They were eager and the game was more intense!

"Unexpectedly, even you are here."

Even Wushuang walked to Fei Xiaoyu in amazement.

Fei Xiaoyu crouched timidly and said, "You... hello..."

"Huh! Don't pretend to be this poor look, the shame you defeated me last time, this time I will get back a hundred times..."

Even Wushuang sneered, knowing that Fei Xiaoyu's reaction was beyond his expectations.

"Who... who are you..." Fei Xiaoyu's eyes looked directly at her, her eyes deep and simple.

Even Wushuang froze, scolding: "What to pretend, last time Real Cloud Valley, you and me refining the duel, I almost beat you man!"

Fei Xiaoyu recalled with a tight face, thoughtfully: "That time... I was just trying to temporarily modify the Danfang, I don't remember you..."

This answer, let Lian Wushuang pupil shrink!

Is she intentional?

No, this drizzle did not take him even in the eyes!

"Just save it."

Chi Meier walked on her jade legs, Fei Xiaoyu nodded and smiled at her: "Sister Meier, hello."

Chi Meier also looked at Lian Wushuang with a smile.

"Xiaoyu can't remember the weak. Your medicine refining skills haven't caused her to look squarely on, and she won't appear in her memory. Even if you compare with her ten thousand times, she will treat you as an air."

Chi Mei'er laughed, and even the green muscles were exposed with no energy, and he smiled in anger!

"Then I will wait and see! I will let her defeat completely this time!"

Chi Meier smiled without a word, looked at the direction he left, and murmured in a voice that only he could hear.

"In this petite body, there can be hidden an unprecedented monster, even Wushuang, don't kill yourself..."

Bang ~!

The waves of fire came to the square, and a fiery red fox came out of the fire, and the gods were extraordinary. On its back, there was a graceful young girl with a fish, and a smile on her face, like a princess in a neighboring country, quiet and elegant,

"It's 775 in the list of geniuses from the barbarians. Shangguan Liuli! Is this her accompanying firefox, so mysterious!"

"It is said that she was born on the same day as this companion Firefox, and their cultivation and cultivation are closely related. Even the sanctification is a promotion. This Firefox has even become a part of her body, and even the refining medicine can give extremely high assistance! "

"In the past, she showed no signs of using Firefox to assist alchemy in her medicine refining competition. This time she even took out Firefox, indicating that this time, this woman is very likely to go all out!"

In the auditorium, when many old-fashioned pharmacists exclaimed, they were shocked by the scalp numbness!

This world can also control fierce beasts to assist themselves in refining medicine?

You need to know how elaborate and complicated it is to make medicine,

A thunderbolt as rough as a dragon descended from the sky, splitting the crystal walls of space,

Sigh~! Bang~!

The thunderbolt, after hacking, turned into a humanoid figure, and turned into a young man with a cane.

He was carrying a huge holy axe, and he was one foot tall, covered in green muscles like a dragon, thick and bloody, and a pair of obsidian eyes, giving a lot of people a heavy sense of oppression like the ancient barbarian coming out of the wild. .

"Lei Wutian, the 795th in the genius list, this man's domineering skill in refining medicine is as brutal as battle..."

"It is said that he can control multiple Danlu refining medicines, and even many eighth-level refining pharmacists cannot match him!"

"A strong and strong momentum, the holy realm and the spiritual power of half-stepping into the saint, and the three cultivations of the saint's spirit!"

Don't say that the younger generation's refining medicine is arrogant, and even many old-school holy-level refining masters are moving!

The representative contest of the Refined Medicine Classic is much stronger than in the past!

These medicine refining geniuses are placed in the 36th domain. Whether it is combat power or medicine refining heritage, they are the top of the entire genius list!

Some even have the potential of the enchanted list!

Even under the premise of disregarding seniority, placing them in the eighth-level alchemist is all monster-level!

This time, the representative contest of the Canon is a genuine "fairy fight"!