My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1140

Vol 5 Chapter 1140: Lin Chen Arrived And Shocked The Audience

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Suddenly, as the geniuses filled the platoon, two scolding voices spread throughout the venue.

"Miss Ben said so many times, you just played it! You still taught me about this chess, you just regretted it several times!"

"Can I call regret chess? I just discovered a new way of playing and experimenting. You are also a man of the evildoer list. Can you be a bit of a treat!"

"Whoever says that you have the guts to make you laugh, you have to shame you!"

All the guests present were stunned!

Who dares to be so noisy and noisy here?

Two Zixias resembled rainbows, descending inside the Genting Plaza, above the clouds, four people stood.

Two of the elders are covered with black lines, and one man and one woman are still madly'on the line'.

"Then...that's the man in the Valley of Zixia King!"

"My God, it's a demon queen! One of the top ten fascinating names on the demon list!"

The young male geniuses all stared at the little demon with their hot eyes, and their beautiful body matched the charm of all living creatures, but they all gave birth to a cute and lovely girl face, which is great for any man. 'S murder weapon!

Men admire, women are jealous, or marvel, this woman really deserves the name of little queen!

"Even the demon queen has come? She doesn't know how to make medicine!"

"I remember this time, the holy pharmacist of Zixia Wanggu is a young man named Chen Ziyu?"

"I have seen Chen Ziyu, not so young, who is the boy next to the demon queen?"

The geniuses of the refining medicines were all talking, and the old man of Zixia Wanggu in the void coughed.

"Cough cough, the representative of Zixia Wanggu has arrived. This time, the person who played for me on behalf of Zixia Wanggu is this little friend Lin Chen."


Everyone is excited, whether it is the arrogance of the refining medicine in the audience or the elders of all forces, the holy land, all stunned!

The three elders in the void suddenly stood up, and the vicissitudes of their eyes erupted in a moment of spiritual light, staring at Lin Chen violently, trying to see through all his secrets!

Seeing the eyes of the audience converging, Lin Chenyun was breezy, and even nodded slightly to the three old men in the void, his lips raised, all cynical calm!

Three olds moved!

This young man has a terrible calmness!

"He... he is the Lin Chen who burst 9 holes in a row?"

"The rumored little demon went to help him personally on that day. The relationship between the two is not so small!"

"Did you not hear it just now, this time, the medicine representative of Zixia Wanggu turned out to be him! It turns out that he has been resting and resting in Zixia Wanggu for this time!"

The scene exploded, the second elder and the goblin stepped into the VIP seat, Lin Chen held the bright red letter and stepped into the Genting Plaza.

The geniuses of the Holy Realm of the Genius List all cast their eyes on Lin Chen. They still have many questions about Lin Chen's legend!

One holy realm is one heavy, and it is impossible to kill four holy realms. There must be a big secret in his body?

Lin Chen had just entered the square, and when he saw the dilapidated old rain, he couldn't help but blame: "What do you say about your holy scripture? The thin girl with such a thin bone doesn't know how good it is for others. "

"Come on, little sister, brother will give you lollipop, oh no, help you sort it out."

After all, Lin Chen put his hand on Fei Xiaoyu's head.

This move instantly terrified many young Tianjiao Alchemists!

"Lying trough! What does he want to do!"

"Yes, he's crazy! Doesn't he know the name of Tiansha!"

The representatives of the refining medicines on the field acted as if they were seeing ghosts, and immediately worked as spiritual protection.

Even Fei Xiaoyu didn't react. Since she was born, few people dared to touch her, so that when Lin Chen approached her, she didn't realize that Lin Chen would touch her!

When Lin Chen's palm touched Fei Xiaoyu's head...

Bang ~!

Xuntiandi's spiritual storm is centered on Fei Xiaoyu, and the time is like a beast of evil, not under the control of Fei Xiaoyu, go to Linchen to fight!

The penetrating power of this spiritual storm, even the extraordinary spiritual power of entering the Holy Land, dare not easily resist!

However... Lin Chen was full of azure spiritual brilliance, like an infinite ocean current, and faced up with this devastating spiritual hurricane!


The kind of scene where Lin Chen was lifted by everyone did not appear. On the contrary, all the spiritual storms, like the swirling sea water vortex, flowed back into the body of Fei Xiaoyu!

Like a riotous beast, he was comforted in front of Lin Chen.

Fei Xiaoyu was stunned! The mental storm raging inside her is controlled in an orderly manner, no longer riots or riots

Even the eyes of the little girl are brighter!

Brush ~! A soft water-like holy air turned into her body, washing her sloppy, dust, all.

Lin Chen put on a water-blue dress for her, and her long hair was bundled up in a light car, and a hairpin passed through her hair ends. Small new shoes engraved with little white rabbits.

With just one breath, a fresh and refined porcelain doll-like cute little girl in blue appeared in front of everyone!

"Look, it's not much better."

Lin Chen pinched Xiao Nizi's cheek with great satisfaction.


Weird silence!

Even Fei Xiaoyu was stunned!

She herself forgot when she last touched her!

Fei Xiaoyu is born with a spiritual spirit, her spiritual consciousness is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary people, and her spiritual power will grow infinitely, even to a terrible level that the host needs to refine spiritual power at all times!

But the ensuing impact is that her physical body will be flooded with spiritual storms, and her spiritual power will run constantly.

Once there is another consciousness of life, trying to contact her, it seems to be more explosive than a dynamite bucket!

Unless the host can grow perfectly to accurately control all the mental powers in the body, this threat will always exist!

For this reason, Fei Xiaoyu has been silent in alchemy, controlling the growth of spiritual power at the fastest speed, almost sleeping and forgetting food, and almost forgetting his own image and life.

But today, Lin Chen perfectly overcomes this problem! He not only touched Fei Xiaoyu, but also put on her new clothes easily!

[Achieve 399 points of advanced mental power, 500 points of mental power, 392 points of mental power...]

When Fei Xiaoyu was touched, a large number of spiritual light **** flashing in her body merged into her palm. Lin Chen suddenly had 70,000 more advanced mental powers and earned blood!

"Big brother's hand, it's so warm." Fei Xiaoyu raised her feet curiously, and saw the red shoes embroidered with the little white rabbit, she shyly said: "Thank you brother..."

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled freely: "No need to be polite, raise your hand."

"Too...too strong!"

"He didn't turn into an idiot by Fei Xiaoyu's spiritual storm of Tiansha, and he suppressed the spiritual fluctuations of Tiansha! Too powerful! It is said that even many masters of the Holy Realm can't do it!"

"Hey! Otherwise, what's the name of the Holy Realm in recent years, well-deserved reputation!"

"This is the man who caused the change, don't look at his young man. This kid is a pig and a tiger, a set, hey, this time I have to read the refining scriptures!"

Tianjiao and the old antiques in the auditorium were amazed by Lin Chen's hand.

The genius representatives who participated in the field all showed dignified or interested looks to Lin Chen!