My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1141

Vol 5 Chapter 1141: Master

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"Unexpectedly, even this time he came!"

"This disciple is a genius who died in the Black Horse Club. According to rumors, the Black Horse Club was created by Lin Chen and no one else!"

"It's a pity... this little king is full of wings, and we can never threaten him again with us."

However, some denominations still grind their teeth more!

Because Lin Chen was buried in the Holy Mountain Range, it was the culprit to kill the geniuses in their sectarian family!

Lin Chen walked to the dumbfounded second daughter, handed out the letter, and smiled lightly.

"Zixia Wanggu Refining Medicine Representative, sign up!"

Bichuns sister Xiaoyinyin accepted the letter, and after confirming the correctness, smiled and handed it back to Lin Chen-"The son is really beautiful, looking forward to your excellent performance in the holy scripture."

Lin Chen blinked at her and smiled badly: "Don't expect me, I'm afraid I will scare you in the end."

Sister Bichun was shocked!

scare? What's so scary about this medicine?

Bang ~!

At this time, a beam of spiritual light descended from the sky, and Sheng Hui reflected from the sky, projecting spiritual palaces and lofts like dreams and falling ceilings!

Countless refining medicines can't help but marvel, the master state of this spiritual beam must be extremely high! If not, the spiritual power below the Holy Land cannot create such a vision!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. The owner of this spiritual beam is somewhat similar to Han Yizhi. The atmosphere is simple and vicissitudes, which belongs to the power obtained from some inheritance.

In the spirit beam, he walked out of a white fluttering younger brother. His gentleness and gentleness, like a scholar of scholarship, made no bad impression on him.

As soon as this person appeared, the Tianjiao girls in the audience were all peach blossoms, their expressions were ambiguous and shy, and they constantly flirted in his direction.

But as soon as the young man in white appeared, his expression became particularly enthusiastic, and he smiled loudly in the direction of Wang Zixia's direction towards Zixia Wanggu!

"My God! Is this fate destined to heaven! Dear, are you here too!"

The object of his love is like a demon queen!

After the little devil sitting lazily like a beautiful snake sitting on the VIP seat, the goose bumps fell off the floor in an instant, and even the holy spirit was run to protect himself, and his face was disgusted!

"Who's your dear, don't be disgusting!"

The young man in white was about to speak, and the demon immediately added a sentence.

"If you say another word to me, I will leave immediately!"

The three old men in the void seat smiled bitterly.

The white man's finger points to the white paper fan, and the word "Eternal Respect" is written on the paper fan, which is really domineering!

"Eternal Respect, is this person..."

"It's the Dragon Yijing of the Monster List!"

"I heard that he is also one of the many fanatical suitors after the demon..."

The arrogants of the refining medicine in the audience were shocked.

"Poof!" Lin Chen laughed out loud!

Long Yijing? Long Chen Bo?

"Huh?" Long Yijing looked at Lin Chen, and Wen Wenrui smiled: "Why are friends laughing?"

Lin Chenzheng said: "I think of happy things. I am professionally trained and will not laugh easily unless I can't help it."

Long Yijing gave Lin Chen a deep look, and then said loudly.

"This medicine refining scripture was presided over by Long Yijing, and the referee handed it to the three seniors. The general rules must be known to everyone, so I wont repeat them. The rules for this medicine refining are very simple, within a month. , Whoever refines the highest quality of Shengdan wins, the champion is the alternate order of the evil spirits list, the second is one of Zhongpin Qiyun planting sac, the third is the volume of Orange Order Kung Fu, the last one is under its door 'S forces will temporarily eliminate the Holy Medicine Association, and take the exam next year..."

Long Yijing said loudly, then continued.

"At this point, this scripture officially begins!"

boom! boom! boom! clang! clang! clang!

The momentum is roaming like a dragon snake, the sound of the Dan furnace landing is endless, and many geniuses in the Holy Land have revealed their eighth-order Dan furnace!

The three elders of the Void seat squeezed their sleeves, condensing the spiritual space boundary to ensure that all participants will not affect others in the process of refining medicine.

Tens of thousands of spectators in the auditorium cast fierce eyes, not willing to miss every detail!

This holy scripture is different from the ordinary medicine refining competition. It can be seen by people who are old pharmacists or young arrogants.

Being able to observe this series of refining medicine scriptures has an immediate effect on the improvement of their refining skills. This is also the reason why countless refining chemists want to break through the scalp.

Don't look at the number of people present, there are only tens of thousands of people. The lowest of these tens of thousands of people is also a top tier 7 pharmacist!

All of them are masters of refining medicine who can obtain top status in the big sect!

Holy pharmacists who are extremely rare from the outside world are not too rare here!

Bang ~!

Spiritual strength is like Taishan Zhenyue, and he is the first to shoot, even without a match!

He sits up in the void and floats up, manipulating the alchemy handprints, swift winds and lightnings, a hundred sets of handprints come out in half a breath, a palm of the hearth, and hundreds of medicinal materials pour down like raindrops!

His imprinting speed is very fast, there is a taste of half stepping into the peak of the holy realm, and there is already a taste of the refining medicine giant Qing!

"Good combination of skillful handprints, perfect fire, the half-orange-level alchemy handprint of this child is already close to the peak level."

A chief saint-level apothecary of the Wupin sect, Fu Xu, smiled, and his eyes were full of praise.

"No!" Suddenly, a Tsing Yi old man said in amazement: "Old man Yun, look at it, then look at it carefully! This is not so simple for Wushuang!"

The voice just fell, with a bang, even Musou's fingerprints changed again!

In the holy furnace of the five-level holy furnace, its radiance is bright! Hundreds of seventh-order medicinal herbs and ten kinds of eight-order medicinal herbs are put into the Dan furnace in an orderly manner, forming an energy vortex perfectly, and tumbling up an energy storm!

I saw that even Wushuang's left hand knot was as fast as lightning, and the right hand set was as stable as Mount Tai. Two completely different alchemy handprints were seamlessly integrated by him!

"Two kinds of half-orange-level alchemy fingerprints! My God, this pair of Wushuang even perfectly controls two kinds of half-orange-level alchemy fingerprints!"

"It is not difficult to use two purple-level handprints at the same time, but the half-orange-level alchemy handprint is not a level at all! Each type of handprint has more than one million types of group seals. If there is a mistake, you will lose all!"

"It means that when switching and printing two million sets of handprints, he can't make any mistakes in mental strength and handprints!"

The layman looks lively and the layman looks at the doorway. No one is a layman who was watching the game, and instantly saw the unparalleled evil spirit!

The young arrogance of the audience immediately convinced, this spiritual manipulation is almost meticulous!

The trick is to reach the peak, and dont lose most of the old veteran Saint-level pharmacists!

"It is indeed a monster genius in the top 1000 of the genius list.

"Wow, my goodness, look over there!"

Suddenly, another female refining medicine Tianjiao pointed in Lin Chen's direction and exclaimed!