My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1142

Vol 5 Chapter 1142: Everyone Is So Good At Pretending To Be Only I Am An Iron Hank.

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"Well, the speed of the hand is very fast, the posture is very handsome. The shape is very saucy, the purpose is very pure. It is very dangling to print Alchemy with both hands!"

Lin Shuai forced accurate comments.

"Wow, my goodness, look over there!"

Suddenly, another female refining medicine Tianjiao pointed in Lin Chen's direction and exclaimed!

I saw that the tiger-back strong man Lei Wutian behind Lin Chen!

The geniuses who were present turned their eyes, and when they saw the scene in front of Lei Wutian, they all took a cold breath!

At this moment, Lei Wutian became the attention of the audience!

In front of him, there were forty-eight thunder-level seventh-tier pinnacles!

In the middle is an eighth-order holy furnace of the thunder system. Its arc furnace lingers through the whole body, like a dragon snake walking, and the thunder light emerges as if a thunder prison is here!

"Drink! Wan Lei brought in!"

Lei Wutian screamed, his hands fluttered, thunder flashed, a thunder cloud exploded overhead, and Wan Lei moved!

Sigh~! Sigh~! Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

Thundercloud blasted lightning like a snake and blasted into the furnace. The scene was shaken, and all the medicinal materials suspended at each of the furnaces were injected into the furnace.

The six sacred caves in Lei Wutian's body glowed radiantly, and their hands were fast-sealed.


Thunder sound rolls, thunder light shuttles like a snake in each dan furnace, peeling shells and extracting essence, extracting energy, saving energy. Each medicinal material controls the process of refining medicine with different mental strength, and there is no mistake!


Many remedies Tianjiao shuddered sharply.

"He was using forty-nine red furnaces at the same time? My goodness! I'm right!"

"What an overbearing technique...thickness is fine, fineness is fast, and fastness is stable. This guy's mind is completely different from his rough appearance!"

"And you see, he can still control the eighth-order dan furnace in the center of the central and secondary relationship to refine medicine. The auxiliary medicines are all in the seventh-order dan furnace, which is too abnormal! What is the trick!"

A lot of refining medicine arrogantly twitched at the corners of their mouths, too arrogant!

This method simply ignores the common sense of refining medicine!

Someone Lin took out a seat and sat in the Genting Plaza, commenting while making tea.

"The output of spiritual power maintained by each furnace is different, but it is very stable, skillful, clear in primary and secondary, and has a strong mental strength."

Some Tianjiao can't help but mouth slightly twitch......

Brother, why are you here to participate! You are not invited to be a special guest!

The little demon queen was very interested, jade hand on his cheek, lips and lips evoked a smile that charmed all living beings: "Oh, it's pretty powerful..."

Bang ~~!

The wind and clouds changed again, the fire clouds filled, like a bundle of fiery red tornadoes sweeping up!

A two-hundred-foot eighth-order sacred fox body appears, with its slender eyebrows and faint narrow eyeshadows, which looks a bit evil, and makes many women Tianjiao feel blushing and heartbeat, with red hair, red limbs, flexible, and fluffy fox tail. From there, a stream of flame flows, and the whole fox body looks beautiful.

The fox family, born with charm, whether it is male or female, is the same, let alone an eighth-order holy beast.

Such a clever holy fox, I do not know how many people dream of it.

At this time, Shangguan Liuli, who had attacked the feather clothing, smiled and waved her hand, and thousands of seventh-order medicinal herbs and nine eighth-order holy materials were suspended.

Shangguan Liuli sat on top of Firefox's head, stroking its soft hair with his hand.

"Huo Li, use a slight fire."

Holy Fox whispered, and his mouth spit out a red flame, like a tornado, which wrapped those medicinal herbs!

Shangguan Liuli suddenly made the alchemy handprint, and the shadow of the slender hand was very fast, and a glaze of brilliance surged inside her holy cave, revealing a touch of holy gas to protect the Dan furnace.

The medicinal materials enter the furnace and glow!

The handprint of Shangguan Liuli changed, which puzzled many pharmacists!

"Why did Nizi go to the next step so soon, she is ahead..."

"No! There is no advance. Look at her inside of the furnace!"

"My God, this is amazing too!"

Many old-fashioned pharmacists lost their voices and made a weird sound of clucking in their throats, as if they saw something terrible!

Shangguan Liuli Yinyin is responsible for extracting the energy essence of the medicinal materials, the Holy Fox spitting flames to extract the medicinal materials, and burning the shell of the thousand kinds of medicinal materials to peel off!

The moment the essence energy of the medicinal material flows out, the alchemy handprint of Shangguan Liuli controls the spiritual power to catch all the essence, and further remove the impurities deep inside the energy!

The whole process goes through clouds and water! This woman is a fox alchemy, seamlessly matched, like a whole!

Lin Chen wondered: "The cooperation between human and fox, such as arm swing, there is no gap at all, it is too strong!"

This relic of the refining medicine really opened his eyes to Lin Chen!

How big is the Holy Realm, there are always so many monsters, beyond common sense!

Even the three refining giants in the void are dumbfounded!

"It's amazing! This female leave will become a great weapon in time!"

"With this holy fox, the efficiency and skills of refining medicine are advancing by leaps and bounds!"

"Only she can communicate with the spirit of its holy fox. No one else can do this. This is the associated spirit beast. What a miraculous thing! Envy will not come..."

The rules of refining medicine are not too strict, as long as it is not helped by other refining pharmacists, any auxiliary means of refining can be regarded as one of the refining skills of the refining pharmacist.

When the three giants looked dumbfounded, the vision revived!

Chi Meier's eyes closed tightly, and a pair of red eyebrows lit a faint flame.

At the next moment, when she opened her eyes, if there was a fire on the horizon!

Her fingers were gently connected with her fingers, her thumbs were opened and closed, and her fingers were rotating with a blade-like firelight, and her fingertips condensed with a star-like firelight!

All of a sudden, the world and the world are violently windy, and the wind is ignited by the fire, and the fire is moving! This is actually a vision caused by the spiritual storm attracting alchemy handprints!

It is not uncommon for alchemy fingerprints to produce visions. Alchemy fingerprints above the green level will cause small-scale changes, not to mention the blue and purple levels.

But at this time, the vision attracted by Chi Meier can far exceed the purple order and half orange order!

At the time of its final printing, the spiritual power turned into hundreds of virtual images of flames ten feet high, such as the human-shaped Buddha with flowers, which actually surrounded the entire Genting Square and worshipped towards Chimeier!

In the void, the singing of the Buddhist voice of Wei Anang was sung, and the momentum of all geniuses was suppressed!

The three giants instantly see the light!

"This...this vision is!"

"It can't be wrong, it will cause the world's thousands of miles of spirit energy to turn into its own spiritual power.

When the holy-level pharmacist of the audience reacted for the first time, the expression looked like a ghostly expression!

Orange Order Alchemy Handprint!

For this level, for too many people. It's like an illusory legend!

The half-orange-order alchemy handprint is enough for many saints to grab their heads and break the bloodstream. Many monks and famous families with more than five ranks also have one or two collections. Six ranks may be slightly more.

But the orange-order alchemy handprint, too few! Even the Sixth Grade sect standing in countless years of the Holy World may not necessarily be there!

Only a handful of the Sixth Grade Aristocratic Family, or the top Sixth Grade forces belonging to the family of refined medicine inheritance, have the financial resources to hold and inherit an orange-order alchemy handprint!

"It's wonderful! This is the Holy Book of Refining Medicine. It's so cool! Sure enough it's not wrong!"

"It's really lucky that the old man can see the power of the orange-order alchemy fingerprint in his lifetime."

Chi Meier's orange-order alchemy handprint was born, and immediately a burst of cheering and excitement broke out in the auditorium!


Lin Chen: "Everyone is so good at pretending to be handsome and handsome. Only I am a stubborn and honest man. I sit at the same place and feel at a loss."