My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1143

Vol 5 Chapter 1143: Both People And Ghosts Are On The Show Only Chen Brother Is Shouting 6

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Everyone's enthusiasm was instantly ignited!

In the front, there is a pair of double seals, and even Wushuang, and later there are dozens of red furnaces, which thrills the audience!

There is also the rare "Human Fox Matching" refining medicine, and the orange-order alchemy fingerprint is born!

This divine refining scripture is really the level of fairy fight!

It is so wonderful that every pharmacist can't move his eyes!

Fairies fight, mortals suffer!

Dont come here and take a look at how the worlds top genius of refining medicine is refining medicine.


Chi Meier controls the orange-order alchemy handprint, with a whisper, the flamboyant sky, thousands of Buddha magic hands, and thousands of seventh-order medicinal herbs are transported into the Dan furnace like flowing water!

"Well, it's worthy of being called a champion candidate. This woman really has the strength to win the championship. The genuine orange-order alchemy handprint is really complete, and it is not much more than the "Dream of Heaven" that is rarely used. ."

Long Yijing nodded his head and stared into Chi Mei'er's eyes, passing a strange light quietly.

brush! brush! brush!

The medicinal materials that entered the furnace were less than ten breaths, and they were instantly blasted out of the furnace and turned into laminar streamers. The energy light mass suspended in the void is the essence of medicinal energy!

"Quick! My mother, how long has it been since I have refined a thousand herbs..."

"Orange-order handprints are worthy of the orange-order, not just efficiency. You see, those medicinal materials are covered with that layer of brilliance, which is a vision that adds luster! It is a rare vision that only appears when the spirituality and variability of the medicinal materials are improved. !"

"This orange-order handprint is truly ancient and modern!"

The priests of refining medicine were convinced to take it by mouth, and some holy-level refining pharmacists marveled again and again, and had a kind of almost cult-like fanaticism to that red charm child's alchemy fingerprint!

The alchemy handprint and the superb remedy have always been the lifeblood and lifelong pursuit of the pharmacist, not to mention these veteran pharmacists who have pursued the realm of refining medicine for a lifetime.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can't afford to sell my net worth even if you sell my net worth. Of course, unless I get my wandering tree or that strange massage stick, maybe it can be a little comparable to the orange rank The value of fingerprints!"

Lin Chen was astonished in his heart, this time the refining scriptures, the well-deserved "fairy fight"!

These geniuses of refining medicine are fierce one by one! There are so many tricks and surprises!

"Chi Mei'er can indeed be called a champion candidate, of course, provided that she hasn't come..."

Some veteran saint-level pharmacists cast their eyes on the light rain.

She is the biggest variable!

Fei Xiaoyu at this time, sitting in the void, eyes closed tightly, Dai Mei frowned, and did not take out the Dan furnace for the first time.

"Well, it's decided. Let's refine this immortality this time!"

Finally, when Fei Xiaoyu opened her eyes, her lips slightly raised, and her small face was full of confidence and ease!

Doing anything, facing anyone, Fei Xiaoyu will always look timid, but she, who only enters the alchemy state, is the most calm and confident state!

With a small wave of her hand, her streamer-like spiritual power turned like a river of rivers, and she rolled up more than 1,000 kinds of seventh-order auxiliary medicinal materials and dozens of eighth-order medicinal materials released from the Nahua!

Then, the delicate and white jade hands began to seal, not fast, but very stable.

"Huh? Strange, what about the faint light rain?"

"The eighth-order dan furnace is very important, and it plays an extremely important role in the auxiliary ability of the refining medicine and the increase in the success rate. Does she want to hide a killer?"

When everyone was surprised, a bang!

Earthquake shaking from the top of the Genting Square, the whole earthquake in the center of Dansheng Island continued to send a big earthquake!

Without the isolation of the space boundary, this earthquake would be even more terrifying!

Brush ~! The billowing starlight wandered like the Tianhe River, falling straight from above the nine days, the cloud steamed Xiawei, the star burst into a faint astrolabe, and finally turned to the center of countless medicinal materials!

All of the refining Tianjiao were petrified, their mouths were trembling, and they were staring at Fei Xiaoyu, as if they saw some extremely incredible scenes!

Many saint-level alchemists suddenly stood up, their eyes shocked and fanatical!

The spiritual power in the astrolabe is extremely skillful in controlling each medicinal material, such as the nebula changing, swallowing the moon and the moon, with the combination of Fei Xiaoyu's handprints changing, each medicinal material is condensed into different essences in the most perfect way. energy!

Even more mysterious is that the essence energy of the medicinal materials is condensed with a faint starlight, and the sky lifts up a hundred groups of energy essence, the size of the fist, the flow of starlight, like the stars hanging in the sky, the stars flickering, and the beauty is as if returning to the ancient times. era!

The three old eyes of the Void are shining, and they are amazed!

This is another orange-order alchemy handprint!

The orange-level low-level alchemy handprint, "Daxinghe Zhoutian Shou", takes the power of the nine-day stars, and explores the power of the Nine Nether Earth and Alchemy!

And, most importantly, Fei Xiaoyu is a furnaceless refining medicine!

"This... is this really what people do..."

Alchemists Tianjiao almost numb their scalp, almost crazy!

The same is the younger generation, why the gap can be so large as this ridiculous degree...

"Santa Pill is not a fifth-order and sixth-order panacea! The old man has never seen a saint-level pharmacist dare to make a saint without a furnace!"

A saint-level alchemist swallowed hard.

Each finished holy pill contains hundreds of thousands of extremely complicated steps to be refined.

Without the assistance and stability of the eighth-order dan furnace, the success rate of the pharmacist's own refined sacred dan should be reduced by more than half!

Before thinking long ago, Lin Chen defeated Chen Ziyu with **** in the Valley of the King of Zixia. At that time, he had to use the Dan furnace to refine the eighth-order young pill!

Today, Fei Xiaoyu has no furnace alchemy. With her background, I am afraid that it is not an ordinary Yipin Shengdan!

"She controls the Dan with the spirit furnace, the fingerprint with the fingerprint, and enters the Dan with the spirit. For her, it is the pursuit of the most perfect state!"

The empty old man's eyes are fierce, and he sees the clue at a glance!

"This is definitely difficult for ordinary people to understand." Long Yijing's eyes in the evil spirit list crossed a sharp, and said seriously-"Her physique of the heavens can make her spiritual power endless, like a storm, eternal, not only A large amount of mental power replaces Danlu to control the Dan, but can exert her violent and swift mental power to the extreme, which can draw the potential of each medicinal material and maximize the use of them!"

"Using the Dan Furnace is a restraint for her! Without the Furnace Alchemy is the moment to show her true strength!"

Long Yijing's comments made many Tianjiao suddenly understand, immediately filled with envy and worship!

In order to control the spiritual power and pursue the ultimate of alchemy, Fei Xiaoyu has been almost at the forefront of alchemy, and controlling the pill with spiritual power is completely unnecessary!

"You are still so strong, but this time, I came prepared and I will not lose to you!"

Chi Mei'er was not surprised. The charming appearance was full of dignity at this time, and the fingerprints changed again.

The atmosphere of the venue pushed to the climax!

Suddenly, the little demon smiled.

"Hey, a shameless guy, if you don't shoot, you won't have your part. You are the one who represents my Zixia Wanggu, not to draw water!"

Finally, a handsome man stood up from the bench!

The little demon's eyes lit up!

Are you coming! Is the first shameless guy in history going to shoot?


Lin Chen: "Everyone is good 6."

Both the man and the ghost are in the show, only Chen Ge is shouting 6.