My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1144

Vol 5 Chapter 1144: Old Man Dazzled? Look Again

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This "Fairy Fighting" level of refining medicine scripture, with the double orange alchemy fingerprints, confronts the most powerful page!

After the little demon's voice fell, everyone was stunned, and then their eyes moved to the silver robe in the center of Yunding Square!

Although he occupies a central position, after the start of the Holy Scriptures, everyone was attracted by various geniuses, and almost no one paid attention to him!

At this time, Lin Chen finally got up!

Many medicine refining Tianjiao swallowed subconsciously.

Many legends about the dark horse club surfaced because Lin Chen continuously burst holes and the Trinity advanced to the Holy Land.

The outrageous "rumors" of the eighth-ranking alchemist per capita similar to the Black Horse Club will naturally be remembered by these alchemists.

"Is Lin Chen going to shoot? He has waited so long. Is there any hole in the snow?"

"It's possible, you look at him with a calm mind. This person is a veteran who is a pig and a tiger. Don't take it lightly..."

"I don't know what kind of means he will use to fight the enemy. To be honest, before I can figure out his origins, I don't think he can come up with an orange-order alchemy handprint. This kind of existence is a peerless treasure!"

In the limelight, Lin went to the edge of his own space boundary and faced the light rain.

Everyone stunned!

What does this person want to do? Can't get mad?

Without refining medicine, what is he doing to the edge of the space boundary?

Even the little demon can't see what Lin Chen wants to do...

The next moment, beyond everyone's expectations...

I saw someone Lin laughed all over the face, and took out a glowing stick cut into seven grades of ore!

"Light rain, light rain! Come on, come on! With another seventy steps, you can start to extract the essence of young pill!"

Everyone is down!

Seeing Lin Chen's excited and hard-working look for Fei Xiaoyu cheering, where is there a half-point appearance?

This goods actually acted as a cheerleader for Fei Xiaoyu?

Is this person a brain?

The second elder of Zixia Wanggu was directly laughed at!

What are you doing?

The little demon queen is even ignorant of the image and laughs tremblingly!

"He's too good to play hahaha! I can't do it anymore, how did Lin Chen's brain grow!"

Many holy-level pharmacists cast doubt and consternation, is this young man crazy?

"Thank you...Thank you big brother..." Fei Xiaoyu's small face was hot. Hearing Lin Chen's voice cheering for her from the heart, she was embarrassed.

Lin Chen's eyes became more and more excited, "Yes, that's right! Just like this purple!"

Seeing Lin Chen's hot eyes, many female geniuses were in a chill...

This Lin Chen is not a pervert!

How could you stare at a little girl like this!

How can the name of Zixia Wanggu I become a metamorphosis to participate in the representative game! This reputation is not to be destroyed by this kid!

How can Lin Chen not be excited!

In fact, when he saw other contestants, he just watched it. The former's spiritual realm was not as good as his Lin Chen.

And Chi Meier and Fei Xiaoyu shot, the spirit attribute light ball dropped immediately made him unable to calm down!

Chi Mei'er is still pretty good, her spiritual state is almost the same as Lin Chen's, maybe even a little bit inferior.

But Fei Xiaoyu has a lot of spiritual attributes! For her alchemy, there have been more than a dozen attribute light balls, each of which has a value of hundreds. This counts to have more than 10,000 points of advanced mental power!

Even if Lin Chen went to Tu Sheng now, it would be difficult to gain 10,000 high-level spiritual power at once!

This is simply for nothing! He can't wait to get a little rain to work harder for alchemy!

Only Long Yijing stared at Lin Chen with a frown.

"Lin Chen, let's say yes. If you lose this representative game, I will not finish with you!"

After the demon passed the voice from the VIP seat, Lin Chen blinked at her with anger.

This detail was seen by Long Yijing, and his brow flickered a few times.

Then, Lin Chen sat back in his chair calmly, his hands on the back of his head, and even raised his legs.

This is like a competition, like a second ancestor who came here for a holiday!

Lin Chen thief smiled.

"Eh, everyone here speaks beautifully, the refining medicine is good enough, the pattern is enough, the posture is handsome enough, the speech is good, I like being here so much."

Then, there was a flash in Lin's eyes, and the tone was a little more serious!

"It's a pity that I haven't reached the highest level of alchemy. I still have someone from Lin to end your holy scripture."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone's complexion, whether it was Tianjiao Tianyao or the Holy Class Alchemist, looked uncomfortable, and even became angry with Lin Chenyin!

"It's a shame!"

"I still hate young people who don't have the ability, only know how to play tricks."

"It's really more mad than one generation. There are now two orange-order alchemy fingerprints on the battlefield. Here we talk about the highest state of He Alchemy, and they can overcome them all!"

"It's a joke! I think he's just a nameless one. He really treats refining medicine as a sacred qi, but he's a little talented and no one in sight!"

Most of those who admired Lin Chen previously were turned away for scorn and abuse!

His arrogant attitude, nobody in his eyes, is simply to despise the world of refining medicine to the extreme!

The highest state of alchemy? Throughout the ages, in addition to the god-level refining pharmacist, who dare to arrogantly say that alchemy has the highest state!

Lin Chen was not in a hurry, just happened that the system light screen popped up, fulfilling his request.

[Automatically strengthen 491 times, consume 14.84 million strengthening points, have strengthened the semi-orange-level alchemy fingerprint "True Dragon Hand" to +15, and the overall improvement is 410%.

Alchemy fingerprints can also be strengthened!

Lin Chen had already prepared. When watching the game, he secretly strengthened the alchemy handprint. To be fair, there is no weak hand in this holy scripture. He must have enough strength to ensure the probability of winning.

In the palm of your hand, all the medicinal materials in the Nahuan suspended in the void, then, Lin Chen opened the Taoyuan capsule and released a large amount of medicinal materials!

Seeing the heavenly Tier VII and Tier VIII celestial treasures, the sheer number of them is staggering!

"What immortal medicine is he trying to make?"

"This is more than a thousand, this is the start of tens of thousands of medicinal herbs..."

"Seventh-level pharmacists can refine dozens or dozens of medicinal materials at the same time. Holy-level pharmacists can control hundreds of types at the same time, but this number is ridiculous..."

When everyone held their breath, even the sacred-level alchemists of all denominations were curious, when Lin Chen wanted to use the alchemy fingerprints and alchemy techniques, he... had no action!

Lin Chen sat there in a straight posture, tilting Erlang's legs, his fingers crossed, and placed on his knees.

Everyone was shocked!

What about Danlu?

Alchemy fingerprint? Could it be that this is bluff? Can't get rid of it?

Lin Chen raised his lips, smiled slightly, staring at the dazzling seventh-order medicinal herbs in the sky.

Sigh~! Click~

The two clear sounds did not attract much attention.

More than three hundred medicinal materials in the void suddenly burst, and the energy essence began to be extracted!


The three elders of the Void seat were slightly surprised and puzzled.

"The old man's eyes were dazzled? No, he didn't use alchemy fingerprints... look again, take a closer look!"