My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1145

Vol 5 Chapter 1145: Xiu Fan The Audience

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Click~ Click~

As the essence of many medicinal materials was refined, the front-level saint-level pharmacist finally noticed the change!

"Huh? What is this, has Lin Chen's alchemy handprint already used?"

The two pharmacists were puzzled.

Sigh~! Dozens of Qingrongling berries burst into juice, and twisted into a pale blue jade liquor.

"its not right"

Many Tianjiao people who have been rejuvenated have recovered, and it seems that refining has already begun!

But why did Lin Chen sit motionless? Without revealing the alchemy handprint, is he really just trying to bluff?

Bang ~!

At the next moment, the spiritual power is like a bunch of storms, as if it appeared out of thin air, mixed with pure power, the wind and the clouds, covering thousands of medicinal materials!

Lin Chen's eyes were as illusory as a starry sky, and his eyebrows jumped gently.

boom! boom! boom!

The spiritual power is suppressed like a thousand mountains, crushed with pure power, its fifteen pieces of quenched body crystal pith are crushed into **** instantly, and the milky white pith drops down.

The empty three old expressions are more stunned, puzzled, and incredible!

Can't see through!

Even they can't see what Lin Chen is doing!

At the next moment, Lin Chen's subtle changes did not escape San Lao's eyes, his eyelashes rose slightly.

Sigh~! Click! Click!

The shell of the seven blue sea jade pine cones was ripped apart by strong mental force!

Immediately after Lin Chen frowned, the core of the blue sea jade pinecone was extracted and merged with the stone pith of the quenched body crystal pith!

As soon as the eyes turned, hundreds of medicinal materials' energy essence was dumped into the sky!

In an instant, the void turned into dozens of energy vortices, different heavenly materials and different treasures matched with different attribute energies, filled with the magical and fragrant herbs aroma, filled the audience!

The audience's refining medicine is arrogant!

What's happening here?

When did Lin Chen's medicine start?

He just sat there! Nothing!

The alchemy handprint has not come to an end, the pill furnace has not come out, the sacred gas is not showing, why those medicinal materials will start to be processed automatically, flowing through the clouds, there is no stagnation between refining and matching!

"This...he cheated!"

"I didn't see any of his alchemy fingerprints. How did he make alchemy?"

"Look again! Take a closer look! There are the three elders of Dansheng Island sitting in town, no matter how cheating this kid can't hide the eyes of the three elders!"

Many pharmacists are surprised and suspicious!

Lin Chen frowned, and the essence of the wood-based Shengyuan was like a sapphire-colored dragon, drawn from a section of ten thousand years of vines!

Lin Chen smiled with evil spirits on his face, blinked for a moment, the whole body was like a crystal jade, the eighth-order medicinal material one foot long, Tianshan Snow Bone Ginseng quietly shattered, and gathered together with the wood-based Shengyuan!

The juvenile's long and sultry eyelashes were gently ticked, and the two groups of glazed glaze energy groups ingested Tianshan Snow Bone Ginseng in no time!

Everyone took a breath of air!

This horrible refining speed is close to the orange-order alchemy fingerprint!

But it's wrong!

Some of the refining Tianjiao revealed a coercive look of suspicion!

What the **** is going on!

He didnt do anything where he was sitting!

Could he still out of thin air make a pharmacist holding the orange-order alchemy handprint to help him secretly make medicine?

The appearance of Long Yijing in the monster list is more dignified!

His mind crossed an extremely outrageous idea!

"Impossible! How could anyone do such a ridiculous thing in this world!"

Long Yijing denied it, but stared at Lin Chen with a terrifying look, fearing to miss a detail!

I saw that at this time, the energy storm of the void gathered the very center of many medicinal materials, suspended a clear blue crystal-like eighth-order beast core, transmitting a deep blue light.

Lin Chen blinked his left eye.

Bang~! !

The azure crystal-like rhomboid holy beast core exploded! Such a violent treatment method is even dumbfounded by the Holy Grade Alchemist, so extracting the energy of the Holy Beast Core will easily lose most of its essence.

Although the sacred beast nuclear energy is strong, there are many impurities, which need to be carefully stripped and removed. This is by no means an overnight step!

However, the explosion of the Holy Beast Core sputtered hundreds of streamers, and each streamer contained colorful and complex energy enough to easily penetrate and crush the defense of the Five Tribulation Warlords!

Suddenly, the spiritual storm that maintains hundreds of energy vortices is like countless blades!

If you compare these energy streamers to a piece of plump and fresh river fish, the infinite spiritual power is like countless'scaling knives'!

laugh! laugh! laugh!

A burst of violent smoke burst, all the colorful impurities of the Holy Beast Core were removed!

Hundreds of streamers have gathered together again, and the water system Shengyuan has a faint mist, which makes many refining medicines take a breath of air!

"My God! In just a moment, he has completed the step of removing the nuclear impurities of the Holy Beast? That is the life energy contained in the fierce beast equivalent to the Holy Realm!"

"No, this is not the focus now! How can he do alchemy without using alchemy fingerprints!"

Tianjiao are going crazy!

This is definitely the most ridiculous alchemy they have ever seen!

The little demon played with a big heart, beautiful eyes swept Lin Chen intensely, and said with a smile: "Its amazing, he defeated Chen Ziyu with a two-finger medicine last time. I dont know if he played this time. What new tricks? It seems that he said the last time that he has a chance to try the highest level of refining medicine?"

For Lin Chen's words, the little demon does not doubt it!

Just like that day when the little demon met Lin Chen who was still a war emperor, he dared to shock the mysterious Lin Xingchen!

This seemingly cheeky guy, once he gets serious, no one can guess what he wants to do!

Lin Chen's sitting posture is still upright, his figure is upright, his eyes are slightly turned, and the hundreds of medicinal materials in the high altitude are tearing apart!

All the medicinal materials are accurate, and the excess impurities and skins are properly processed! Lin Chen rolled his eyes left and right, the clouds were light and the wind was light, and all the medicinal materials were swept down by the strong wind and fell into a tornado storm!

After each medicinal plant was removed from the storm and extracted energy, it immediately melted in the storm, and all the energy was not wasted!

"Oh my god! Did he even say?"

At this moment, a dozen holy-level pharmacists suddenly stood up, trembling in the corners of their mouths, staring at Lin Chen's direction!

Bang ~!

Powerful spiritual ideas burst out of the seats in the void!

When many arrogants of the refining medicine looked at the three elders in the void, the three virtues were highly respected, and the power refining giant Qing Qing actually stood up at the same time!

San Lao's eyes became more and more shocked, horrified, and even opened his mouth to put an egg!

These three medicine refining giants have experienced red dust for so long, and they have no knowledge of the geometry when they see the evil spirits. There has never been any one person who can make these three giants so disoriented!

I haven't seen any big scenes!

But they are still scared by this scene!

That's right, Lin Chen's subversive phenomenon makes the three elders shocked, not shocked!

"Damn it!"

Three old men, I do not know which giant engine broke a swearing!

"Outrageous! Too ridiculous! This **** is not human!"

"This kid, he is actually making alchemy with his eyes!"