My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1146

Vol 5 Chapter 1146: The Anger Of This Man.

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Hearing that the three giant engines couldn't help but yell and yell, the tens of thousands of medicine refining princes on the scene were instantly dumbfounded!

At this moment, the audience fell into a strange silence!

Only Lin is handsome, his mouth slightly raised!

You know, this scripture of refining medicine is not comparable to the specifications of the previous "quartet"!

There are dozens of holy-level pharmacists gathered at the scene, whichever is placed in the Quartet Quartet Conference, can be the highest referee level!

How rich and colorful their experiences are, but at this moment everyone stared blankly at tens of thousands of herbs in the void.

Regardless of whether you are a young heart or an old heart, all of you have turned your heart over the river and suffered a subversive impact!

"Quick... Quickly give the elder medicine, he fainted!"

"Master Liao, Master, what's wrong with you! How did you vomit blood!"

"Master Liu also fainted! Quickly take the elixir of mental regulation!"

The scene is chaotic!

In the audience, the film of the pharmacist was scared and fainted!

The proud pharmacists in the past were directly intimidated at this time!

That's right, it really scared me away!

This is like a ghost!

It's scarier than seeing a ghost!

Especially the older generation of pharmacists cannot accept this fact!

Bichun and his sister who hosted the Genting Plaza were a bit panic and stabilized the scene!

Bichun remembered what Lin Chen said when he first entered the stadium. His pupils shrank and his heart trembled!

Dont be scared by me.

At that time, the two also wondered, how can alchemy be linked to "fright"...

Now they understand!

The corners of Zixia Wanggu's two old mouths are rushing.

Lin Chen, once again refreshed their cognition!

I originally thought that they thought that the two-finger refining seventh-order pinnacle elixir was extremely outrageous. Lin Chen didn't expect them to give them a'eye-finishing holy pill'!

The little demon stared straight at Lin Chen, her eyes brighter, her spirits fluttering, her red lips slightly raised.

"Sure enough, you are the most special..."

The crystal surface of Longyi is as thick as water, and his eyes are fixed between the little demon queen and Lin Chen, the light in his eyes is more and more powerful!

The pride of the refining medicines of Lin Chen who had previously been jealous or sarcastic, looked up at the starry sky-like medicinal material storm.

Many people swallowed hard, scalp numb!

"How exactly did he use alchemy handprints without preprinting?"

"It's terrifying... from time to time, the old man has never heard that a new born saint can be so terrible!"

"This... this is what he said, the highest level of alchemy!"

"It is well deserved! Since ancient times, no one has been able to make alchemy without imprinting! Too strong, this son is the blessing of our human race refining world!"

"This... this is the nine bursting points, the celestial sacred quartet of four people, the **** of heaven, Lin Chen..."

"I depend! God! This Lin Chen is **** god!"

A large number of saint-level alchemists who believe in alchemy can't help but tremble in their mouths. How many times have they seen this scene, it is impossible for their hearts to calm down!

It's beyond common sense!

Thats right, this scripture of refining medicine is indeed the level of fairy fights!

Whether it is Lei Wutian who controls multiple Dan furnaces, Lian Wushuang with two and a half orange-level handprints, Shangguan Liuli with one person and one fox refining medicine, red charmer with orange-level handprints, and Fei Xiaoyu without a furnace alchemy...

Every representative of refining medicine is very interesting!

But, with them, it was the young man who was beyond common sense!

The light of all geniuses was overwhelmed by Lin Chen in the middle of the field!

Alchemy with eyes? This thing he dare not even think about, can be realized by him!

This is no longer an impossible problem, it is completely outrageous beyond cognition...

If it wasn't what I saw, I couldn't believe who the **** was!

Those who write books dare not write like this!

The three old men in the Void seat couldn't calm down for a long time. When they sat down again, their breath was trembling!

"This child may cause new changes in the refining industry!"

"How did he do it? This skill of refining medicine is amazing!"

"I don't know, the only thing I can know is that he is indeed controlling the alchemy with his eyes!"

"And from the perspective of alchemy, he should use a special alchemy handprint that can control pure power. Although it does not reach the orange level, the efficiency and quality of refining medicine are close to the orange level!"


In Genting Plaza;

Whether it is Chi Meier, Shangguan Liuli, Lei Wutian or Lian Wushuang, the afterglow of the eyes is full of incredible when looking in the direction of Lin Chen!

They are Holy Grade Alchemists, and they know how ridiculous it is to use eyes alchemy!

Each alchemy handprint contains countless subtle combinations of spiritual power. If you dont want to print alchemy, it is like breaking the wings of a bird and letting it fly. This is impossible!

"Big Brother, it's amazing... Finally, did I finally meet my opponent again!"

Fei Xiaoyu's eyes stared at Lin Chen, his delicate face crossed a strange look and madness!

Hosting Bichun and Sister Sister in Genting Square, the brilliant eyes are full of splendid splendor, and the eyes are full of incredible and fanatical worship!

Suddenly, during Lin Chen's alchemy, his eyes turned again, and his fierce mental strength crossed the void.

Where Lin Chen's eyes crossed, there was a faint spiritual wave that erupted.

With a snort, the buttons of Bichun's long skirt were bounced off, exposing the delicate and white snow legs. The female arrogances in the front row behind her snorted a few times, and the ties and buttons of the robe were untied, revealing a large piece of snow or the beautiful clavicle of the women, and the spring light appeared slightly.

Someone blinked at them and smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry~ I'm being called: the little black dragon in the rivers and lakes who can understand people's clothes without hands, please be far away. I won't be responsible if I accidentally strip it."

Bichun's "Yah" covered her snow legs and her face was blushing. The female arrogants who watched the front row of the game even provoked everyone to be charming, staring at Lin Chen with a sip.

Many men's arrogance gritted their teeth!

This man's **** anger!

Time passed by one minute and one second, and everyone stared intently at the Genting Plaza.

Judging from the quality of the refining medicines, the red medicines made by Chi Meier and Fei Xiaoyu may have the highest quality!

The difficulty is also the three of them. The time of participation in the Refining Medicine Code almost does not allow the two to fail. Once they fail, there is not enough time to refine the better quality medicine!

Finally, on the fifteenth day, it was the most critical moment of alchemy.

On this day, the vision suddenly rose!

clang! clang! clang!

A large number of 7th-order red furnaces emerged from the top of Genting Plaza, and fell like raindrops. The huge array of performances made everyone dumbfounded!

It was Lin Chen who shot!

He and Fei Xiaoyu are the two people who have kept the furnace alchemy before!

"A total of 666 stoves, my God, what did he want to do!"

"No, look at it! All the essence of Shengyuan and medicinal materials he condensed are all included in the Dan furnace!"

Several holy-level pharmacists were horrified, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed slightly, and all the essence of the medicinal materials shot into the furnace.

The medicinal essence and sacred energy shot into the hundreds of Dan furnaces, Lin Chen stared at the aligned Dan furnaces, and the energy in the furnace began to rotate extremely fast!

All the pharmacists in the audience suddenly suffocated!

Lei Wutian's rugged and resolute face appeared a bit stunned!

Actually, he can also control multiple Danlu refining medicines!

And still hundreds of burners!

How ridiculous he is!