My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1147

Vol 5 Chapter 1147: Sanpin Shengdan Was Born

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The limit of Lei Wutian is only 60 manufactories for refining medicine. If you want to choose the most stable way, forty-eight are already the limit.

But Lin Chen, there are more than six hundred burners when he comes up?

Some old and stubborn pharmacists were trembling, almost scared and fainted!

Really, look at this kid's medicine, people who can't bear the heart can't stand it!

"With the blessings of Taishi Bible, my spiritual control itself can far exceed the same level, plus I have the effect of wandering fruit to enhance spiritual perception and acuity, with this spiritual awakening, the instantaneous speed of spiritual power is increased. It is twice as long, and it is possible to limit the speed of my mental reaction. It is my perfect state!

This time, Lin Chen perfectly reached the "highest level of alchemy" he pursued!

The four foundations of Taishi Bible, spiritual power to enter the Holy Land, wandering fruit, and spiritual awakening allow Lin Chens spiritual control to get a qualitative transformation and leap!

From now on, Lin Chen no longer needs to run the Holy Spirit and use Alchemy to make alchemy, which will hinder his instantaneous speed.

Only with the spiritual power, eyes alchemy is his most perfect alchemy state!

Mental power replaces the two-handed seal, it is not without cost, Lin Chen's mental power consumption speed will increase exponentially.

Since the 9th day of the Refining Medicine, he has been using Limited Return, and has now consumed more than 30,000 talent points!

Ultimate Guiyuan can't restore Lin Chen's sacred energy today, but can only be used to restore his mental strength and heal injuries.

With Lin Chen's spiritual power, the initial and mid-term alchemy steps have been completed.

Like Fei Xiaoyu, he is a furnace-free alchemy. Turning spiritual power into a panacea, it can handle some more subtle details!

Following the normal steps, it is difficult for Lin Chen to compete for the championship and get the alternate order of the evil list.

He wants to choose a different way to surpass Fei Xiaoyu and Chi Mei'er two daughters!

At this time, the energy in the 666 furnaces was continuously refined, and each furnace was cut and cast with a unique ore with different attributes. This is a batch of furnaces customized for Zixia Wanggu according to Lin Chen's requirements!

Lin Chen's eyes stared at all the sacred furnaces, and the spirit control was lightning-changing. The properties of each sacred furnace corresponded to different medicinal essences, which can exert all the medicinal energy to the extreme!

"The energy in the Dan furnace has changed drastically, so powerful!"

"No medicine is a failure. These stoves are actually tailor-made for this refining!"

"Go on like this, maybe he really has a chance to enter the top three!"

Saint-level pharmacists noticed the clues and wondered, this handwriting is not small!

"Lin Chen, if you don't win the championship, you will weaken my name of Zixia Wanggu!"

At this moment, the little demon embarrassed Lin Chen.

Lin Chen smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

All participating refining medicine representatives have doubled the pressure, and dare not have the slightest slack!

Time lapsed again, and on the 20th day, everyone started to gather together!

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows lightly, and the energy of 666 Dan furnaces was used up.

Lin Chen's eyes condensed, and the light mass flowed with dazzling brilliance, and began to compress and condense into a pale blue young pill!

He once again started the alchemy without furnace, and then used the spiritual power to make the alchemy, which is more meticulous and perfect than putting it in the alchemy!

Other representatives of refining medicine also began to gather young pill! No failure!

This time, all representatives of refining medicine have succeeded, and no one has failed in refining!

Regarding the ability of a saint-level pharmacist, refining the young pill, it will basically not fail again, unless there is an accident or the end of the crossbow.

On the 28th day, the vision appeared!

This time, unexpectedly by many people, there were actually two people at the same time!

It is even Wushuang and Lei Wutian!

Even the unparalleled Pill Furnace exploded with energy fluctuations that went straight to Jiu Xiao. A longan-sized elixir of elixir flashed hundreds of rays of Holy Light in the sky, intertwined throughout!

Then, the faint blue medicine changed into a blue bear, and turned a strong aura, Shenghui, like dreams!

The elixir rising from Lei Wutian's holy furnace turned into a thick thunder python, thunder and lightning, and the snake fluttered like a hidden thunder world.

The two immortals have turned into creatures! The seventh-order pharmacists present were envied and amazed into the film.

Sundan! This is the lifelong dream of all seventh-order pharmacists!

"A holy ring is a holy pill!"

"It is much better than the ordinary Yipin Shengdan, and these two little guys have an indistinguishable taste!"

Saint-level alchemists glimpsed the clues, and the two holy creatures all turned a halo, which is a vision representing their quality!

Holy pill, spirituality and life come into being. Refining a product to make a holy elixir is like refining it into a new life. The elixir is divided into nine grades, with the highest ninth grade. Each brilliance represents the classification of the elixir.

Lian Wushuang and Lei Wutian looked at each other, their eyes full of war!

However, there is a wave after another!

Buzz~~! !

A bright and dazzling Sheng Hui burst from the Danlu of Shangguan Liuli!

Her holy pill, such as the blue blood green pill, finally condensed into a light green-red little fox, smart and graceful, and light in posture.

The whole body turned a holy ring, and everyone was shocked, and it was a piece of holy pill!

"No, it's a second-grade Shengdan!"

The three elders of the Void seat were a little surprised, and the little fox with green and red, finally gave birth to a halo like a pale cloud!

Although it is very weak, it is indeed the second grade Shengdan!

There is a huge gap between the first and second grades. For example, between the first and second sages, the impact and benefits of the two are self-evident!

Lei Wutian and Lian Wushuang shook their heads and sighed. They asked themselves, second grade Shengdan, their success rate will not exceed 20%, and they dare not try in this kind of competition.

There is no doubt that Shangguan Liuli is at the moment, and he is overwhelming!

However, everyone is still looking forward to it!

Because the three people have not appeared!

Fei Xiaoyu, Chi Meier, Lin Chen!

Two have practiced the orange-order alchemy handprint, and one is almost outrageously eye alchemy, refreshing everyones awareness!

On the 30th day!

Chi Meier and Fei Xiaoyu open their eyes at the same time!

The two looked at each other, and Chi Mei'er's pale paper-like cheeks crossed a little charmingly, and laughed lightly.

"I will beat you this time!"

Fei Xiaoyu's eyes were especially deep, unlike the timid little girl who had previously said, "Come on."

The two are shocked!

Wow~! !

Two Saint-Huidun rushed to the sky, the sky rolled up a strong Saint-Hui cloud, and the two's elixir began to transform!

Chi Meier's panacea turned into a slender, slender, and intelligent red snake, exposing the snake apricot, Sheng Hui, and a few layers of red flames.

Fei Xiaoyu's panacea turned into a dark civet cat, his eyes sly, and a group of spiritual storms flooded the black cat's surface, such as a tornado bursting and the storm raging.

brush! brush! brush!

The second daughter's metamorphosis medicine also raised three auras!

Everyone suffocated!

It is actually a third-grade Saint Pill!

The little demon stared at Fei Xiaoyu's panacea, and a heart giggled!

"Well, Lin Chen won no championship!"