My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1148

Vol 5 Chapter 1148: The Fairy Ancestor

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The demon queen is not a pharmacist, but she is also a member of the demon list, and the means of sensing energy is far beyond ordinary people.

He could feel a terrifying spirit in the magic medicine of Fei Xiaoyu!

This is a spiritual third-class Saint Pill! This kind of holy pill is often more difficult to refine!

"Look, it's all Sanpin Shengdan!"

"Is it a tie?"

Tianjiao Tianjiao exclaimed with horror!

Sanpin Shengdan! This proves that the two women are all third-grade saint-level pharmacists. This identity, placed in any sixth-grade sect, can obtain an extremely distinguished identity!

Immediately, a veteran saint-level pharmacist noticed the clues and stunned.

"No! Look carefully, the light of the third holy ring of the red prince of Nizi's St. Phantom is dimmer, not as bright as the latter!"


Chi Meier shook his head and smiled: "Unexpectedly, I still can't surpass you..."

Fei Xiaoyu said seriously: "No, Sister Chi is already very powerful, this time I have done my best."

Indeed, apart from Lin Chen, the most surprising thing is Chi Mei'er. The information she has disclosed to the public has always been able to refine the second-grade Shengdan, but this time the performance is extremely dazzling!

The gap between the second and third grades is like a chasm!

Bang ~!

At this time, the blue medicine wandering and condensing the blue medicine in the void is about to take shape, and the young Dan begins to transform into a finished Sheng Dan!

Lin Chen!

His immortality is also coming out!

"He is going to finish!"

"The strong energy fluctuation is almost the same as Chi Mei'er!"

Everyone exclaimed, the three elders of the empty seat and Long Yijing stared at Lin Chen intently!

"Not enough. I can't win the championship at this level. I have to try my new tricks so quickly!"

Lin Chen didn't seem to be shocked by the dead, and he slowly raised his hand while staring at the stability of the young pill.


Lin Chen snapped his fingers.

Bang ~!

An azure blue dragon's light in a magnificent shore flows like a floating cloud, and emerges around Lin Chen. This dragon's blue is purple with purple, and the purple with green.


Long Yin Jiu Xiao, changing conditions!

More than two hundred feet of the holy dragon that was born in the sky lie down in the square. Each dragon scale is like azure crystal jade. The center of the scale flashes blue and bright, and a pair of purple and red wings are extraordinary. The town is barren!

The pharmacists slightly air-conditioned!

Does Lin Chen even have a holy dragon in captivity?

In the battle of burying the holy mountains, Lin Chen's performance was too dazzling, causing his holy dragon to have no sense of existence, and the world was almost forgotten.

In the Battle of the Sacred Mountain Range, Lin Chen killed 37 holy beasts from the tomb of the Holy King continuously. His fierce beast core retained 6 pieces for refining medicine, and the rest were all used by the Holy Dragon to devour magical power , The dragon veins opened wildly!

Therefore, today's Holy Dragon of Lin Chen is in full bloom with 90,000 dragon veins and pure power of 900 million dragon power, which is comparable to the battle force of the late stage of Holy Realm!

In addition, when breaking through the eighth-order holy dragon, the capacity of each dragon vein has been expanded ten times!

Lin Chen didn't need to say hello at all. The Holy Dragon opened his mouth and breathed like a blue dragon's breath like the eyes of a hurricane, whistling the audience.

Angzang's Dragon Breath envelopes the energy in the young pill, and instantly launches the bloodline supernatural power of the "Tian Yu Shen Hai"!

At this moment, the face of the audience was shocked!

Shangguan Liuli's beautiful appearance of sinking fish and wild geese gradually emerged with confusion and shock!

Actually, he will also use holy beast to cooperate with alchemy!

The situation of Shangguan Liuli is one of a million. There are very few people in life who encounter associated spirit beasts born on the same day, the same place, and the same hour.

And the spirit beast is limited, it must be a highly intelligent beast among fierce beasts, not any fierce beast can be a spirit beast.

And the spirit beast can be cultivated to the level of the holy beast, it is even more incomparable, so the situation of Shangguan Liuli is almost regarded as the first case of the Holy World!

"Lin Chen, does he have the same experience as me..." Shangguan Liuli stared at Lin Chen's bad smile, and his heart was complicated.

Blood Vessel SupernaturalTian Yu Shenhai, can adjust the aura of the water system or consume the power of the dragon veins, greatly increase the power of the dragon's breath, so that its defense, attack, recovery and greatly increase!

The elixir that Lin Chen refined this time is also a water-based elixir. He and the holy dragon will have the same will, and can perfectly control the sublimation of the energy of the medicinal materials by the "Tian Yu Shen Hai"!

At this time, the faces of the three refining potions Ju Qing's agents changed again!

"The energy in the young dan is rapidly climbing, transforming, and even with Lin Chen's energy fusion to a higher level!"

Some holy-level pharmacists with a sharp eye also found this vision, and the corners of their mouths were trembling!

How many times did Lin Chen exceed common sense...

"Multi-furnace alchemy, he will too! Without furnace alchemy, he can do it! Even with the help of the Holy Beast, he can do it!"

"Other legendary geniuses, he will too. No, he will too! It's not letting people live anymore, why is there such a big gap between people!"

The individual arrogance of Tianyao is wailing and sighing, and the elder pharmacists see it in their hearts!

"Get me up!"

Lin Chen drank, and the magical power of Tian Yu Shen Hai was brought to the extreme!

Bang ~!

The radiant energy of Shengdan shines in the sky and illuminates the whole Genting Square!

An azure blue medicine of the size of a longan, suspended in the void, drifted down slowly.

The Holy Light began to transform and held its breath, staring at this elixir!

It turned into a blue dragon, with dignified and overbearing power. The dragon pupil had the spirituality and overbearing of the world. When the dragon roared, the holy ring on his body began to increase!

One, two, three!

It is also Sanpin Shengdan!

Moreover, after these three holy rings, there was a halo of lightness formed by a pale circle, which eventually became a vague shadow!

Shengdan, the pinnacle of third grade!

"He...he actually surpassed at the last minute!"

Chi Meier's beautiful eyes flickered, her heart throbbed, staring deeply at Lin Chen.

"Lin Chen, I remember are the second to defeat me..."

When the blue dragon was caught by Lin Chen, it turned into a holy pill and was slowly lifted by him.

The little demon queen's hands concealed her red lips...


The ultimate turnaround!

At the last moment, Lin Chen played the final trump card. With the blood power of the Holy Dragon, he forcibly improved the properties of the Holy Pill and its spirituality, and made it enter the ranks of the top of the Third Grade Holy Pill!

At this moment, the audience shouted Lin Chen's name!

Fei Xiaoyu stood stunned, staring at Lin Chen with gem-like eyes.

"I lost...but I lost to the big brother, although I was unwilling, but why are I so happy and looking forward to his next showdown!"

The eyes of the female geniuses are becoming stronger and stronger. When staring at Lin Chen, her eyes are silky and peachy.

For such a man, the temptation is too fatal for the female gods who pursue alchemy...

No one will refuse this champion!

He was born in the most extraordinary way, crushing all geniuses! Strongly win the champion of the refining medicine classics representing the top of the genius list!

Multi-furnace alchemy, holy beast assistance, no-furnace alchemy, and even the eyes of alchemy are out!

If the representative of the refining medicine in the front is "Fairy Fight", then Lin Chen is his ancestor!