My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1149

Vol 5 Chapter 1149: I Will Be Very Hard

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[Gain 450 points of advanced mental power, 199 points of mental power, 980 points of mental power...]

The holy dragon wandered the audience and collected all the thousands of light **** of spiritual power attributed by Fei Xiaoyu and Chi Meier Alchemy!

Directly harvested 90,000 high-level spiritual power!

Lin Chen also launched a harbinger of thieves at every holy land, not stealing white or stealing, no matter how small the mosquito is, it is meat!

"Since the continuous burst of nine holes, he has set off a **** storm in the world of refining medicine, creating a precedent and making alchemy with eyes..."

"What a terrible boy..."

The elder of Zixia Wanggu exclaimed.

The little demon stared at Lin Chen and agreed: "He is indeed very powerful, much stronger than the demon who I have seen."

Er Lao suddenly appeared a playful smile: "Why, Miss is hooked on others? Haven't rushed him into my Zixia King Valley yet."

"Yeah, such a kid, no one can pick out the fault. If the young lady puts him in the Zixia King Valley, the Valley Master does not know what to do."

The little demon was stunned for a while, and sneered, "The person who can make Miss Ben fascinated is not born yet!"

"Lin Chen..." Long Yijing smiled at Lin Chen and exclaimed: "It really is a very interesting boy."

"Well, after the identification of our three old guys, the ranking of this scripture is: Lin Chen, Fei Xiaoyu, Chi Meier, Shangguan Liuli, Lei Wutian and Lian Wushuang!"

The three empty medicine refining giants announced the result loudly, and everyone applauded and stood up.

Those who once questioned Lin Chen, jealousy or hatred Lin Chen, now only sigh and sigh!

No one will not accept the strong rise of this son!

"Friend Lin Chen, the old man is looking forward to discussing medicine refining with you one day."

The two giant engines approached Lin Chen very kindly, and the third giant engine began to award!

Except that the first prize is held in the hands of Long Yijing in the Monster List, the rest are all awarded.

Lin Chen is young, but for the three elders, he will one day surpass them!

He may learn from him in the future, and its true that he has a good relationship now.

"Yi Jing, you will have your championship reward."

The third Juqing turned to look at Long Yijing.

Long Yijing was gentle and elegant, and walked towards Lin Chen with a smile.

"Lord Chen Chen's alchemy this time is truly ancient and modern. It is really wonderful and admires the next. You will definitely be able to nominate one for the evaluation of the future demon list!"

Long Yijing held a fan and laughed. The laughter was like a spring breeze. Like the daily chat between good friends, he unconsciously integrated into his praise and became complacent.

Being able to be praised by a peerless demon is indeed a glory in some respects. From the perspective of others, every evildoer of the evildoer list is unprecedented, far away and out of reach!

"Oh?" Lin Chen frowned.

He had no affection for Long Yijing.

Even, he felt that Xiao Jing was a bit pleasing to the eye.

Although Xiao Jing is a dragon and a phoenix among people, his hostility is revealed, that is, he is clearly the enemy of Lin Chen.

This Long Yijing, although gentle and elegant, looks harmless to humans and animals, but such people are often the most dangerous!

As the saying goes, a dog that bites does not bark, this person belongs to this type!

Be careful, it is often those who smile the most, because it is often this type of person who will give you a knife when you are most surprised and unexpected!

"Someone in Lin's work has always been wonderful. The little things like alchemy, you don't need to say it, I am very low-key."

Lin Chen smiled.

"This brother Yi Jing has to ask you to take a moment and go back in time to play chess with my goblin. Maybe it's time to ask her to go to my room a few more times tonight, eating hot pot and singing songs , You have to study the gender issues when playing chess."

Long Yijing's paper fan flickered, and his smile remained the same, "Oh? Isn't that the little fairy you said? Is that the little demon queen?"

"Otherwise?" Lin Chen frowned.

"Oh, then I won't delay my friend's good deeds." Long Yijing's palm turned over, and alternate orders of the evil spirits list emerged, with a glorious Shenghui flowing.

Lin Chen is preparing to reach for...


Lin Chen's fingertips were pierced!

He is a holy realm of refining, and the defensive power of the holy body is far beyond the ordinary holy realm!

The candidate token is full of invisible spirit like needle point!

In this scene, I did not escape the eyes of the three elders and the representatives of the refining medicine!

In the heart of the three old men, Long Yijing made it clear that Lin Chen would be troubled! If others, they will directly intervene!

But the other party is the demon list! Even if the three of them are not easy to interfere!

Even the corners of Wushuang's mouths are rising, and they look good.

"It's a bit interesting." Lin Chen licked the blood of his fingertips, and looked evil.

"What's wrong, Lord Lin Chen, why are you so careless!"

When Long Yijing looked worried...

call out! call out! call out!

Five streamers emerged from the void above Lin Chen's head and came out of thin air!

[Consumption of 45000 advanced rune energy, use phantom rune.

Five avatars appeared behind Lin Chen!

Bang ~! !

The horrible spiritual fluctuations are like the sudden arrival of a mountain and sea prison, and the space trembles tremblingly, as if the stars are moving from one battle to another. Shocked, the whole Genting Square collapsed in an instant!

The spiritual power of the five avatars instantly twisted into a rope and poured into Lin Chen's body!

San Lao's expression has changed slightly!

This spiritual power is only half as good as the three of them!

The spiritual power of the five avatars instantly blessed Lin Chen, and he stretched out his hand with a smile, holding the candidate token violently!

The sharp mental force tore away the spiritual spirit of the alternative order!

Lin Chen forcibly pulled the alternative order over!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

Holy blood spilled, it was Long Yijing himself who was cut in the palm this time!

"Sorry, Brother Yi Jing, you still have a little reluctance to have nocturnal emission tonight. I can't help but put a little effort on it. Rest assured, I will do the same when I drink tea with the goblin tonight."

Lin Chen's sunny smile with harmless human and animal faces made all representatives of the refining medicine moving!

This guy is actually tit-for-tat against the monster list!

Even the geniuses of the representatives of refining medicine are tolerant that, after they refined the Holy Pill, their spiritual strength has long collapsed.

It is impossible to achieve such a calm and breezy gesture under the suppression of the enchanted list! Lin Chen seemed to have never happened!

Not to mention the tiger's mouth in the hands of the demon list!

The spiritual state of Long Yijing is far beyond all of them! Even so, Lin Chen took the alternative token with a tough stance of positive snatching!

The little demon queen was interested in supporting her cheeks, and her red lips hung with a fascinating smile that charmed sentient beings.

Long Yijing's elegant and dignified wisp of handkerchief wiped the blood from his palm and smiled gracefully.

"Really, then I must talk to my brother next time to see how hard you are."

Lin Chen said seriously.

"Sure, sure. It will be much harder than when I played today!"