My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1150

Vol 5 Chapter 1150: I'm Such A Smart Ghost

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Long Yijing smiled gracefully at Lin Chen: "I hope that one day I will have a little discussion with Lord Lin Chen on the alchemy journey. Seeing a genius like you can't help but itch."

Lin Chen said with a smile: "It must be. It must be true. In fact, in addition to looking at the alchemy, there is a higher realm, which is more fun and exciting."

Some saint-level apothecary smoked...

Can it be higher?

Oh my God! They really cant think of anything more outrageous than Eye-Alchemy!

After finishing the speech, Lin Chen made a one-handed move, and the Holy Dragon turned into a streamer into Lin Chen's body.

Lin Chen turned away, too lazy to ignore this noisy guy.

Seeing the five avatars next to Lin Chen, the three refining medicine giants and refining medicine representatives breathed in an instant, and their expressions suddenly changed!

"By the way! There is a legend about Lin Chen that he has five fascinating, true and false identities, and his strength is equal to the body's avatars. These avatars are the characters he created the black horse club..."

"Avatar is part of a refining pharmacist. If you use it, it is completely against the rules!"

"If this is the case, he can perfectly control these avatars to assist in refining medicine..."

A scary face of Chi Meier's charming face appeared!

Think carefully!

If it is really the same level as the doppelganger and the body, if he controls the six doppelgangers with alchemy, then the power of refining medicine shown by the Holy Canon Lin Chen this time... is it not just the tip of his iceberg?

Can his alchemy go to a higher level?

He is not groundless!

"What a terrible boy, I heard that Lin Chen is still alone..."

Chi Meier stared at the back of Lin Chen's departure, and her rosy, delicate tongue licked her lower lips.

The woman who is arrogant and arrogant to her, who has been cherished in one body, has achieved near-chief achievements in the field of cultivation and refining, and few geniuses can admire her.

In her life, her eyes had already looked at the list of evildoers. But the appearance of Lin Chen made her quietly change her mind...

"Interesting, Lin Chen, right, Ben Shao remembers you."

Staring at Lin Chen's back, Long Yijing still smiled.

The back of Lin Chen and the avatars leaving together left an indelible shock in the hearts of all Saint-level pharmacists!

That's right, the holy-level pharmacists and Chi Meier thought of going together...

If Lin Chen used avatars to assist him in alchemy, how terrified would he be?

No one can predict!

"That, big brother..."

At this time, Lin Chen had just walked into the exit lane, Fei Xiaoyu blocked Lin Chen's way.

Her little face was flushed, her fingers were twisted, as if she had gathered courage, and it was like a mosquito: "Big brother... can you touch the rain again..."

Lin Chen was stunned, who could stand it!

Then, Lin Chen smiled dumbly, he understood Fei Xiaoyu's meaning.

Lin Chen reached out and rubbed her hair, and the spiritual storm inside him calmed down again!

The more he looked at Fei Xiaoyu, the more pleasing to the eye, always reminding Lin Chen of Shen Lingshuang's nizi inexplicably, he simply took out a jade slip.

"Well, this is for you. After practicing this incomplete exercise, you can control the mental power in your own body. Remember not to give it to others."

This is the first half of the "Tai Chi Bible". Lin Chen gave it to this nizi. Anyway, she also allowed herself to harvest so many attribute light balls.

Fei Xiaoyu's body shook, and two lines of tears fell on his small face!

"This... this must be very expensive! Xiao Yu can't receive such a valuable thing!"

Fei Xiaoyu revealed the true feelings, but still refused Lin Chen! Lin Chen couldn't help but move slightly, this nizi must have been influenced by her bloodline constitution for a lifetime, and now there is a solution to the temptation to face rationally.

"Well, you won the second place. If you don't dislike it, I will use this method to replace your second place award. How?"

Lin Chen smiled, Fei Xiaoyu froze, "Is it really possible!"

"Of course, no problem!"

The transaction between Lin Chen and Fei Xiaoyu is completed, and the second prize is a middle-class Qiyun capsule with a value comparable to the orange-level exercises!

The value of an orange-level exercise is enough to make countless saints go home and buy!

Moreover, if the ordinary saints are lower than the four levels of the holy realm, they are not qualified to touch the orange-level exercises. Most of the holy realm of the four-level cultivation is due to the support of the great forces behind them. The sectarian forces have contributed extremely high in order to get involved in this level of practice.

The value of Zhongpin Qiyun capsule is naturally the same!

Lin Chen is lacking this now. The two newly obtained seeds of Xing Pin Yun Liao planted in Taoyuan capsules, which can only be cultivated by one plant.

"Thank you big brother!"

Fei Xiaoyu rejoiced to leave and flew directly into the air, unable to wait to practice the exercises.

"Does Mr. Lin Chen like Xiaoyu?"

In the passage, another beautiful lady blocked Lin Chen's way.

Chi Meier!

Her fiery red robe, like a flamboyant and arrogant phoenix, in the appearance of Qingguoqingcheng, has a glamorous beauty like a fox, that pair of peach blossoms, glamorous, plump curves, almost perfect, let People wished to hold her in her arms and wanton assault.

Lin Chen smiled: "If you want to make friends, of course I prefer little girls, at least people have no plans, right. I dont know what this beautiful young lady is looking for, lets say yes, I am The head card of the Black Horse Club, you still have to line up if you want to make an appointment. Although you look beautiful, you dont have the right to jump in."

Chi Meier chuckled: "Lord Lin Chen is really interesting."

Chi Meier flicked his hands, and a simple scroll revolved from mid-air, and finally fell into the snow of the lady.

Moreover, it happened to be caught there. Slowly and deeply stuck.

"Since you like Xiao Yu's second prize, then you don't want to ~ take my third prize too?"

Although this volume of orange-level exercises has only the first half, it can be cultivated to perfection and still can perfectly display the power of orange-level combat skills, the value is still enough to make countless holy realm quadruple bankruptcy purchase!

Chi Mei'er is charming and charming, her eyebrows are silky, her eyebrows are slightly raised, which is a superb stunner for the country and the people!

Lin Chen was astonished!

Really, orange-level exercises plus stunning beauty!

Who can stand this! Change someone else and pounce on it!

"Huh, demon girl, do you intend to bribe Jia Seyu."

In the passage, a woman came head-on. She is slim and graceful, and she looks like a lotus in the water, she sinks the fish and goose.

"Oh?" Chi Meier flashed her eyes and smiled softly, "It turns out to be Shangguan Liuli, why do you want to grab a man with your sister?"

"Bah! I don't want to do your nasty things!"

Shangguan Liuli whispered and secretly heard Lin Chen.

"Lin Chen, you have to be careful about this woman. She was born in the happy mandarin duck palace. The mental method of cultivation is specifically to supplement men's energy..."

The voice of Shangguan Liuli made Lin Chen stunned and asked: "Well, sister, why do you care about me so much."

The beautiful woman was stunned, Xia dyed her cheeks, and immediately excused: "Of course it's because the two of us are the same kind of people! I... I want to discuss with you the experience of coordinating alchemy with the Holy Beast..."

"Huh! What are you talking about Miss Ben's bad words again?" Chi Meier raised her lips. "Miss Ben is not the women in the palace. There are not many people who can make me look good."

The two women stood in front of and behind Lin Chen, facing each other.

Someone Lin: Why am I in the middle again.

He raised his hand to stop: "Well, just like this, I have so many avatars, just pick one and take it home, I can stand it."

After talking, the second daughter froze.

Lin Chen: "...I'm such a smart ghost~"