My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1151

Vol 5 Chapter 1151: 2. The Second Orange Order Combat Skill

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After breaking through the Holy Realm, Lin Chen uses the phantom created by the phantom rune, and each avatar needs to consume 9000 advanced rune energy!

Lin Chen extinguished the more than one million rune energy gained by the four levels of the nine holy realms, which means that Lin Chen can no longer let the avatar fall.

However, the only advantage is that the avatar created by the Mirage Rune is full! This is the most perverted place of Mirage Rune after Lin Chen became a Holy Realm!

A saint who can't be beaten to death can still remain full. This is a terrifying existence!

After finally getting rid of the second daughter, Lin Chen just left the passage and walked outside Dansheng Island.

Despite the end of the refining scriptures, Dansheng Island is still very lively.

A perfect curve came into view. The little demon embraced his chest with both hands, and asked Lin Chen with a playful smile.

"Yes, deputy Wang Gu, attending a grand drug refining ceremony and fascinated so many beautiful women."

Lin Chen sighed in his face: "As soon as I was born, an old senior fortune teller told my family, after this child, the best specialty is specialty, and the biggest advantage is too kind. The biggest disadvantage is that it is so **** handsome!"

The little demon raised her hand: "Stop, stop! Stop and stop, you'll never stop."

"This time I came to tell you that your first beautiful boy in the Holy World came to inform you that the feast of the Scarlet Fairy is about ten days away. It would only take three days if you were escorted by two elders. , But I just received the information, and I have to go to a special secret area for important matters. Because of the tight time, the two elders will temporarily **** me to the secret area, so you have to go on your own way."

Lin Chen shrugged: "No problem, just go if you want."

The demon queen gave him a white look: "You think it's so simple, you offended Long Yijing, don't look at his crepe, this person is dead without a trace!"

The little demon paused: "Actually, my suggestion is that you can choose to give up the feast of the scarlet fairy, and wait for my elder Wang Gu to come back to meet you on Dansheng Island, and then find other ways to obtain alternative orders in Dansheng Island. Long Yijing dared not take action against you, but it will be different if he leaves the island."

"It's okay." Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled confidently: "If I'm afraid of things, I won't jump on the grave of the Holy King, you can rest assured to take risks, if there is any problem, the coach will force himself to get it. of."

Seeing Lin Chen insist, the little demon does not stop, throwing Lin Chen a thing, that is a powerful copper sword. It was Lin Chenxiu who felt horrified to reach the holy realm.

"This is a space sword, made by the two elders of Wang Gu. It can break through the four-fold space blockade of the Holy Realm. You must be careful and time is tight. I have to take a step first."

The little demon stepped into the air and his voice echoed to Lin Chen's ear.

"Lin Chen, the demon list is very reasonable to speculate, and remember not to use things arrogantly..."

Although the demon queen usually fights with Lin Chen constantly, he still cares about him for the first time when encountering things, without ambiguity.

"I naturally know that the monster list is very human, but the premise is that his opponent is a normal person..."

Lin Chen smiled slightly and clicked on the system.

[The host consumes 42,000 advanced exercises and spirits, and is merging the remaining part of "Tears of Tears" to practice memory...]

With Lin Chens current strength, the memory of the practice of combining the five avatars with the sword of "Tears of Tears" is like eating and drinking, which can be completed in less than a quarter of an hour.

"It turns out that God's Tears' sword attack is quite comprehensive. It is divided into three realms. The first realm is the smashing of Xiuqi fragments, and the second realm is pure strength and energy that have been slashed together. Jin is also shattered together, the blade gas fragments are accompanied by pure power and repair as two attack powers."

Slashing out the "tears of tears" that shattered pure power and cultivation, Lin Chen only broke out in the battle of Qiyun Island, which has high requirements for pure power.

"The third level is to break away the mental power, tweeting, if the enemy faces a sword that I fight with all my strength, it has both pure strength and sacred temperament, there is a mental attack, and it can also be exploded at will. Knife The shards of air are accompanied by attacks in three areas, and I am afraid that even the Holy Realm's double perfection will not be eaten away!"

Lin Chen estimated that, with his knowledge, he can now burst out a perfect three-state Gods Tears at most once, mainly because the strength of pure power cannot keep up with his cultivation and spiritual realm.

"It's time to improve the state of refining the body. If you can, collect more heavenly values and awaken my flesh-shell body to quickly increase the pure power... yes, and me!"

Lin Chen's consciousness permeated into a na ring, and this na ring had an ancient book covered with dust, lying in the na ring.

This precept is from Optimus War Saint!

Why is the orange order exercises so difficult to obtain?

One is the scarce resources, the creator of the orange-level exercises, and all of them are amazing people in history, the founder of the lowest is also the nine-turn saint above the nine-fold holy realm, half of the foot into the existence of the holy king !

The second is that the practitioners want to inherit the orange-level exercises. First of all, they have to practice the exercises themselves to completion, and then they can spend a lot of energy and a very long time to record the exercises.

Presumably, this ancient book will not be recorded by Optimus Warrior, but a skill that he was too late to practice before he died.

Brush ~! The ancient book is transformed into a streamer, which is included in the system and included in the system.

[Orange-level low-level combat skills "True Dragon Flurry", Longwei Town World, Bahuangwu alone. One shot covered the world, and one shot broke the sun, moon and stars. Marksmanship. Use the gun to turn the dragon, if the gun is used as if it is used, and the gun is attacked and defended one by one. You can parry the enemy's strength and turn the defense into an attack. The gold-based combat skills...]

"It's actually a gunmanship! It's awesome, awesome, one attack and one defense. It's a bit different from my "Yu Tian", but it's just the mystery of the orange-level masterpiece. When defending, you can even block the enemy's attack into a counterattack!"

Lin Chen said nothing, and chose to learn "True Dragon Dance"!

[Consumed 61200 points of advanced exercises and spirits, and began to integrate "True Dragon Dance" practice memory.

His trump card, one more item!

This is his second orange-level combat skill!

Lin Chen returned the five avatars to the Taoyuan capsules and merged the memory of practice.

Lin Chen previously specifically allowed the small shadow to devour the five first-grade holy pill and fifteen holy pill he prepared, especially the holy pill that Haotian Shengwang awarded to Lin Chen, let the small shadow swallow!

Its bloodline factors are flowing with the talents of the Xeon Demon Clan, and they are not afraid of the devil qi control of Haotian Saint King!

Now, Little Shadow has entered an extremely critical bottleneck period. Once you wake up next time, the height of growth is unimaginable!