My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1152

Vol 5 Chapter 1152: Dragon Blood Saliva Wan Xian Palm.

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Lin Chen looked back at Nahua. In the previous battle, among the geniuses he beheaded, there were a lot of first-class sacrificial objects.

"Would you like to merge these holy weapons... But I lack the value of the heavenly path now. The fusion of these 17 pieces of holy weapons requires a lot of heavenly path values. It is not certain that my strength will increase steadily..."

At this time, the system pops up the optical screen.

[The system prompts the host: Decompose the holy weapon to get the essence of the suit.

Lin Chen was shocked!

"I wipe, why didn't you say it early!"

Lin Chen said nothing, and directly decomposed the holy objects he could not use temporarily!

[Consume 6220 intermediate sky value, decompose 17 pieces of first-class sacrificial equipment, get the essence of the set: 51510 points, 1000 gold energy, 2920 water energy...]

Suddenly got 50,000 suit essence!

Although the essence of the suit is a necessary attribute value to update the next system, Lin Chen prefers his life-saving skills first.

"Essence of all suits, into the armor of the God of War!"

Brush ~! The essence of Lin Chens suit has become 0.

The "God of War God Armor" in his system space, Shenhui surged a point!

"Awesome, hahaha! Refreshing, it seems that I can target a large number of holy weapons in the future, and crazy decomposition is right!"

Lin Chen's heart was free, and a drop of essential blood was dripped out, so that the newly obtained Chinese-grade Qi Yun capsule can be recognized!

Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness penetrated into the new air transport capsule.

This time, the snow-capped mountains inside were white, the mountains meandered like dragons, and the feathers and snow were flying. But it is very strange that the other side of the mountains was moistened with warm light, a green forest, and everything was born.

Compared with the Taoyuan planting capsules that resemble the birds and flowers of a few small valleys, the new air-transplanting capsules are more magnificent, like a small mountain refining into it!

"It is said that only the eighth and even the ninth sage are qualified to make this luck transplantation capsule. It is really a masterpiece of the world. This space can allow me to train more than 10 luck transplants!"

Lin Chen wondered, and immediately planted the two luck seeds he obtained last time.

The new air transport capsule, Lin Chen named: Qingxue capsule.

Taoyuan planting capsules he does not plan to plant a new luck and planting, leaving a part of the space is always good.

"The one who can make the Shangzhong Pinqi transplantation capsules, hahaha, I am afraid that the start is also the super power of the sixfold of the Holy Land. I can't think that my Lin Chen's net worth can be rich to this extent. Well, collect resources and cultivate new ones. Qi Yun Ling Zhi!"

Lin Chen strolled in Dansheng Island. This is a holy place for pharmacists to buy and exchange resources. He can find too many treasures that the outside world does not have!

Lin Chen did not leave in a hurry, he estimated the time.

With his ability, it takes about six days to travel from Dansheng Island to the southern boundary of Cangyu where the'Crimson Fairy' is located.

Of course, the premise is that no one will interfere with him.

The following time, Lin Chen purchased a large amount of resources in Dansheng Island.

Shangguan Liuli took the initiative to find Lin Chen and talked with him about the problem of refining medicine. Lin Chen was regarded as the only person in the world who could empathize with her, which made Lin Chen very embarrassed.

Which of his holy dragons is a companion spirit beast, is entirely based on the value of his bloodline attributes and the dragon family he once created from the source of life of a true dragon...

Before burying the holy mountain range, after so many months, the silver holy yuan coin produced by his luck was planted, and after his daily consumption, there were more than 110 million pieces left!

In particular, the Danfang that Lin Chen obtained on Rainbow Island, in addition to using a part of the third-grade Saint Danfang, also has eleven volumes. Lin Chenguang sold two volumes of Danfang on Dansheng Island and earned nearly 100 million Silver Saints. Yuan coins!

There are a lot of pharmacists here, and more people need Danfang!

Holding these two hundred million silver holy yuan coins, Lin Chen "Buy, Buy, Buy" all the way!

He focuses on buying Tianyi Shengshui. In order to cultivate the wandering tree to its peak and cultivate new luck and spiritual plants, Tianyi Shengshui is indispensable!

Two days later, Lin Chen's "You Shen Shu" finally entered the peak period!

Lin Chen also bought a lot of ordinary amorphous fragments, and the blue level advanced nirvana produced has reached 11 times.

The blue level top nirvana requires special attribute values that are extremely harsh and can threaten the triple life of the Holy Realm. It is extremely scary, but it cannot be obtained from the alien crystal fragments.

When Lin Chen thought that he was rich, Dan Sheng Island launched an inferior gold crystal, priced at: 500 million silver holy yuan coins!

At this time, Lin Chen realized that he was still far away...

If Lin Chen took out the wandering fruit and sold it, he could easily take this inferior crystal, but he would become the target of Cangyu!

However, whenever there is a wandering fruit circulating in the market, there will be news of countless pharmacists pursuing the wandering tree, and the five-grade sect of this thing is all right!

In the end, Lin Chen won this gold crystal at the price of selling five volumes of first-class Danfang, 500 copies of red gold vines, Qingyao jade dew, and 300 Longqing fruits!

This is still the intention of the three refining medicine giants to make a good deal with Lin Chen. After personally speaking for him and the Chamber of Commerce, they offered a discount of 10%, which was less than 50 million silver holy yuan.

In fact, Lin Chen has a misunderstanding, he is indeed very rich.

It was just his short-term request that he felt'poor'!

A pinnacle of luck in the peak period produces more than 12 million silver holy yuan coins a year, 120 million in ten years and 1.2 billion in 100 years!

For a hundred years, for a saint, it is a matter of retreat in a blink of an eye.

But for a saint who holds a luck-spiritual plant alone, his net worth and cultivation resources are very different from those sages who have no luck-spiritual plant!

At the peak of Linchens production of silver holy yuan coins, there were three luck plants in the peak period, which can have more than 30 million in a month, and nearly 400 million a year!

If the extraordinary saint has such a background, he would have to find a place to retreat for a hundred years, and eat resources to achieve a breakthrough!

Lin Chen purchased eleven cubic meters of Tianyi Shengshui and cultivated two new seeds of Qiyunling through the seedling stage.

By the time he reached the long-term, he finally saw through his true face, and Lin Chen was very surprised!

"It turned out to be the Dragon Blood Tree and the Immortal Palm!"

Wanxianzhang is a cactus-like inferior luck plant. It is not a poisonous substance. It does not produce medicinal materials. It only produces silver holy coins and special products. !

This acupuncture can be used for'detoxification', even if it is a highly toxic poison that even the saints are afraid of. effect!

The dragon blood tree, Lin Chen even more love!

"Hahaha! It's really a pillow for sleeping. The seeds of the dragon blood tree are rumored that only ten or more holy dragons fell behind. A drop of essential blood before death was born in the same place. Its specialty is dragon blood saliva. Every drop of dragon blood saliva has a violent energy of blood and blood, which is a true holy product of physical refining!"

If the effect of Long Qingguo is to exercise and heal 50% each, then dragon blood saliva is a pure exercise!

Chijinteng increases dragon body defense, dragon blood saliva impacts dragon veins, and increases dragon power.

While Long Qingguo healed, he also recovered and increased his strength. Wanxianzhang's'fairy needle' restrains most of the highly toxic drugs, and the wandering fruit increases mental strength and makes up for mental loss.

Lin Chen's Qiyun Lingzhi is a complete resource-consuming reserve library that integrates attack, defense, recovery and detoxification!