My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1153

Vol 5 Chapter 1153: The First Battle The List Of Evildoers

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[Gain 79,000 advanced gold energy.

In three days, Lin Chen perfectly refined the new inferior crystal!

In addition, there is a perfect fusion of the practice of "Dragon Dance", and the newly obtained inferior crystal is a gold system. With the new orange-level exercises, it will definitely play a new magical power!

"Three days, it's time to go."

Lin Chen didn't stay. Once the three days arrived, he set off immediately and left Dansheng Island.

As in the past, Lin Chen wore a thousand fantasy mask and used the avatar as a "body" as a bait to proceed from different directions.

What made Lin Chen feel that outside of Dansheng Island was calm and calm within four days.

Lin Chen did not encounter any danger, ambush, or sneak attack.

"It's strange, is this guy so generous? When I left Dansheng Island, that Long Yijing was indeed still on the island, and my avatar did not encounter ambush and any danger..."

When Lin Chen was puzzled, he flew through the sky and flew to the height of an island.

For four days, Lin Chen had been tearing the void without stopping, except for the Holy Dragon swallowing the dragon blood saliva and the red gold vine cultivation.

Finally, on the sixth day, Lin Chen rushed to the position near the southern boundary of Cangyu.

The southern boundary of Cangyu is located under the joint management of three Liupin sects. The strong here are like clouds, and there are few people who have a cold.

"Don't this guy show up, anyway, I'm almost at my destination anyway."

In the high sky, Lin Chen released the Holy Dragon to hurry.


Suddenly, an electric shock exploded from the crystal wall in the open space hundreds of miles in front, shooting straight at the blue dazzling Holy Dragon!

Lin Chen's eyes were like electricity, and the ultimate moment and the eightfold change burst out. With one hand, the four handles as thin as cicada wings fluttered out of Lin Chen's hand, if they were rotating spiritually, like a flash of light, an instant cut. go with!

The Holy Dragon opened its mouth and condensed the dragon breath spitting jets, such as the azure dragon breath of the spiral storm hit the dark electric awn!

boom! boom! boom!

Dianman penetrated Lin Chen's flying knife and dragon's breath, and still had the power to smash the Saint Dragon's "Ten Years Blue Light" body, the dragon blood raged, and the Saint Dragon fell!

Lin Chen put the Holy Dragon into his body, his expression was indifferent.

The laughter of the sunshine reverberated into the void, and space symbols were exploded, and hundreds of miles in a circle set up the space boundary in an instant!

"It's a good deal, the magical doppelganger skills, Lin Chen, do you want to discard your own hands, or do I take away your hands and feet before taking you away. It seems there are many secrets in you."

There are three figures walking slowly in the void, the first one is Long Yijing, and the other two are in full bloom with 21 holy caves, which is the triple early stage of the two holy realms!

"He saw through the disguise of the Thousand Illusions Mask? No, he locked me directly, and I was left with a mark?"

Lin Chen frowned, suddenly realized!

It is the alternate order of the demon list! He moved his hands and feet on alternative orders and tracked himself!

"I didn't think he would do anything in this most unexpected place, hehe, it's interesting. What's wrong with the demon list, just do it when you come!"

When Lin Chen unveiled the mask of Thousand Illusions and revealed his true face, he saw the world's fighting intention in his eyes!

The light flashed, Lin Chen held the Youhuang gun and smiled indifferently.

"Just bringing such a few people to catch me wouldn't it seem a little bit insufficient."

"Did Yijing haven't heard of the legend of this handsome man? The Holy Realm has died a large amount of fourfolds. If you bring two Holy Realm triples, will it be a bit unattractive."

The corners of Long Yijings mouth were filled with disdain and sneer, as if controlling the overall situation-"Lin Chen, I really dont doubt your record when you buried the Holy Mountain Range, but Ben Shao is not so easily frightened by you, Ben Shao bet on you The fighting power that broke out in the Sacred Mountain Range cannot now be reproduced once."

"The world is beyond common sense, and it will always be a character above the list of evildoers. Only Ben Shao is listed in the list of evildoers. It is very clear that the more power that goes beyond common sense, the more it costs. At any cost. There is a kind, you can show your previous strength! Dare to touch the woman who is less fancy, Lin Chen, you are playing with fire and burning yourself."

Long Yijing waved with one hand, with a tear, and two afterimages swept towards Lin Chen!

Although it is the difference between a holy cave, these two are much stronger than the nine shadow killer Duanhong!

"The demon list is not stupid, it doesn't matter if it is scrutinized, even if there is no sky-turner, I can still fight!"

"System, nirvana!" Lin Chen drunk in his heart!

Sigh~! Bang~!

[Launch the blue-level advanced nirvana skills-sky erosion storm, purgatory wind gang. Targeting: 3 people, start bombardment.

The head of Shuangsheng exploded the eyes of Hurricane, and the two were kept locked. Long Yijing dropped an endless ice storm to swallow him.

The three are all triples of Holy Realm. These nirvanas can only delay them a little, forcing them out of their Holy Spirit defense, affecting some of their strength.

Long Yijing took a step a little and walked through the void.

He flashed to the other side, and Tianyin Ice Eclipse still followed him!

"Oh? Is this the unavoidable attack described in the intelligence."

Long Yijing tried to grab a palm again, trying to explode the piece of Yinsha Hanyun, and suddenly, the broken Yinsha Hanyun began to condense again.

"Interesting, even Ben Shao has never seen such a weird attack..."

Long Yijing's shoulders shook sharply, Sheng Hui in the holy cave suddenly skyrocketed, and a thunder and phoenix like lightning threw around his body, blocking all the sky and ice erosion storms!

Taking advantage of the gap between the three, Lin Chen was not idle.

"Avatar, come back!"

In one thought, Lin Chen withdrew all the avatars, and the sacred cave was glowing!

The sacred energy stored in the holy cave temporarily soared to the threshold of the tenth holy cave!

Even if the attribute value is not what it used to be, Lin Chen is now able to temporarily increase the number of repairs to less than 20% by using the eightfold variable!

The five avatars came to Lin Chen's side, and the momentum was soaring. Lin Chen combined with the Blue Dragon Possession, borrowed the Blue Dragon to reach 900 million dragon power, and the state was adjusted to the highest!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen shot "Yu Tian", blessing the power of the alien crystal, and five Changhong stroked towards Long Yijing!

"The combat skills are fair, the repair is too weak, and broken." Long Yijing didn't even need to lift his hand, spit out a word, like the sacred energy and spiritual strength of the sea like a sea shattered Lin Chen's "Yu Tian" shot. !

All avatars swarmed up!

Lin Chen used only two avatars to stop the two holy realms triple!

clang! clang! Bang ~!

The two groups of sacred light storms are rolled together. The two avatars work around in their own way. If there is a killing skill, there is too much difference between the two sides. In the case of one-on-one, the avatars use the instant flash 'Can only barely parry, long battle will lose!

"In this way, the avatar will die continuously, and the point of victory or defeat lies in this guy. What about the monster list, let me die!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, the eyebrows of the blue and blue bloom surged, and the annihilation turned into five beams of spiritual light, pushing the void into the sky!

The remaining three avatars outstrip Longyi Jingsan Road!

Long Yijing pulled a grin at the corner of his mouth; "Playing spiritual power in front of Ben Shao, Lin Chen, you are still far away!"

His palms were suppressed, and there was no earth-shattering momentum, but it seemed that the whole sky was suppressed, crushing Lin Chen's annihilation into countless spirits!

All the Holy Spirit is transported into the Aurora Crystal, the avatar holds +12 azure blue moon, and the aurora flows over the blade!

Choke~! The avatar was cut with a knife, and the fast-moving Zhengliang sword was divided into five, and the air was vast, and it carried through the sky!

The opponent is the demon list, Lin Chen came up with his killing trick.

Despite the blessing of "Taiyi Time and Space", Lin Chen's cultivation is a sage comparable to 13 to 14 holy caves, but there is still a gap between the cultivation of the demon list and the shocking gap!

To deal with this kind of existence, general tricks can't even touch his clothes corner.

Lin Chen's shot was "God's Tears" with all his strength!