My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1154

Vol 5 Chapter 1154: Breakthrough

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Wu Ke's "Tears of Tears" knife blasts exploded, the sharp edge soared, and thousands of jade-like fragments of knife gas twisted towards Long Yijing!

These blade energy fragments include pure strength strength, holy strength, spiritual strength! Three forces, one piece broken, like a flash flood offensive suddenly engulfed Long Yijing!

This knife made Long Yijing move! It's too late to prevent, it's too late to launch a perfect defense!

"Wan Lei Tian Gang broke!"

Long Yijing shouted and thundered, and the momentum like a mountain and sea prison suddenly surged from his body!

The sacred gas in its 30 holy caves condensed into a thundercloud like lightning, and instantly bloomed thousands of purple thunders like a python, and the whole world!

"Not so simple!" Lin Chen played a slow rune with a backhand, consuming 15000 rune energy!

The gray-white rung descended from the sky, and the town was sealed in the position of Long Yijing, condensing the void, making its offensive slow...

However, it did not block! The slow rune did not freeze Long Yijing's actions, but only weakened his attack power by about 30%!

While Long Yijing resisted the nirvana, the divine power was majestic and rolling, and Lin Chen's "slow rune" in this state could hardly achieve the magic effect of sneak attack!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

The blade gas fragments were dumped and bombarded above the thunder cloud, and the thunder and lightning struck in a horizontal and chaotic manner.

The sound of the explosion echoed in the bounds of space like the end of the world, and it seemed to tear the sky!

If it were not for Long Yijing to block the space, the momentum of this battle has already alarmed the strong men in the southern boundary!

"Its a great trick, its broken gas, broken god, broken force, broken three kinds of power, the power does not fall but rises, it is unpredictable, and there is a means of condensing the void that is haunted by the gods, boy, your secret is too More, Ben changed his mind, you must die today!"

Long Yijing, who was in the "Tianyin ice erosion storm" stepped out, his eyes gleaming in thunder, the thunder was full, and the spiritual storm was like a menstrual sky.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and Long Yijing's sense of oppression was far more than any triple holy realm he had seen before!

Under the fourfold of the Holy Realm, no one can match him except Xiao Jing, the demon queen, and Han Yizhi, the first in the genius list!

[Trigger super chaotic talent 3 times, the host can use it at any time.

"There are nirvana and slow runes that weaken his strength. My tears still can't penetrate his defense. I can only force him to consume a little holy energy and have to find a breakthrough!"


More than a thousand years ago, the hostess of the dragon family in Cangyu, his concubine waiter produced a mysterious baby with a thunder film all over his body.

This baby was born and did not wake up. The owner of the Dragon family placed him in the empty thunder pool in his home. After ten years of warm-up, the baby woke through the thunder membrane and was born. The spiritual power is the realm of the law, and the Long family clan is horrified!

The ancestors of the Long family personally went through the customs, and the root bone was identified for this son.

This son inherited his father's congenital thunder king body, and also had the phenomenon of returning to his ancestors. He obtained the "congenital thunder body", which can absorb the ancient thunder and forging body for its use.

His spiritual will was extraordinary and clever because of Lei Chi's tempering, and he was clever and clever. At the age of five, he had read ten thousand volumes of ancient Danshu books. At the age of ten, he became a sixth-order alchemist. area!

After that, he was inherited from the ancient Thunder Saint and Taikang Thunder Prison, and became the figure of the Dragon family. Thousands of years later, he was on the list of enemies with a powerful attitude!

This person is Long Yijing! He is the king who controls thunder and lightning, and he is also a saint who is spiritually holy!

Bang ~! Long Yijing, who was in the thunder sea, reached out his palm and held all seven thunder crystals, like an ancient thunder beast, which shattered the five "Sword Fury Sky" that were looming head-on!

With a single wave of his hand, Long Yijing rendered a layer of thunder film in a white robe. When the film of thunder light resisted the power of the nirvana, it held a thunder sword with one hand and cut across the sky!

call out! call out! call out!

Doppelganger pulled the ``Azure Royal Thunder Bow'', and the "Jiguang film feather" blessing the power of the instant light splitting and the abnormal crystal was shot down!

When the avatar urged the "Dragon Flash" to retreat, it was still cut by the after rhyme of Jianmang, and was almost cut off an arm!

"The king and **** are also 30 holy caves. Like the demon queen, they are all in the sanctuary triple perfection. There is only one last step left to expand the cave realm! It is stronger than the ordinary holy realm triple perfection. I dont know how much! Its hard, I cant resist him by fighting head-to-head. I have to create opportunities!"

Lin Chen flapped the holy phoenix wings, and his body retreated!

Bang ~! The second sword of Long Yijing's Lei Jian cut Lin Chen straight, and when the sword blade cut through the void, he split the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

Thunder broke the space, but Lin Chen disappeared without a trace.

"It's comparable to the speed of the orange-level body method, not even Ben Shao, boy, I'm really more and more curious about you, but Ben Shao has his own method of suppressing you..."

When Long Yijing sneered, his mental strength suddenly soared and gathered in the surrounding space!

Lin Chen quietly released a streamer like four magical shadows, but disappeared perfectly in the darkness!

[Consume 230 rune energy, launch penetration, recharge, and sky rune.

The "absolute hiding" effect of the Tianyin runes does not apply to orange-order combat skills. In the assassination, Lin Chen only bets on the "Ultra Shadow Flying SwordFour Kills"!

brush! brush! brush!

Three streamers descended and merged into a human form, Lin Chen, who flapped the holy phoenix's wings and flashed the sky, couldn't help but be stunned.

Those three people looked like Long Yijing!

It is the avatar of his spirit and divine power!

Long Yijing laughed-"Ha ha ha! Lin Chen, this little is good at, is also the art of avatar combat, this time you do not want to cover your retreat by avatar!"

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chens four shadows were blocked by the powerful mental barrier around the three!

"Huh? What a weird sneak attack, even Ben Shao did not notice..." Long Yijing was startled.

Bang ~!

The three avatars of Long Yijing rushed to the three phantom avatars of Lin Chen!

This avatar has the fighting consciousness equivalent to the main body, and has 30% of the strength of Long Yijing, but cannot use the power of the alien crystal.

Around this, Long Yijing's avatars still surpassed most of the Holy Realm triple, and Lin Chen's three avatars were immediately suppressed by the front!

"System, nirvana!"

Lin Chen didn't say anything, but if he was alive, he would come up with a killing skill to say hello!

Also surrounded by the "Tianyin ice erosion storm" and "Purgatory burning sky fire" enveloped Long Yijing's avatars!

When the nirvana shared a little pressure, the avatars continued to use "Extreme Return" and swallowed Long Qingguo in the battle to maintain a stable injury.

If each avatar is injured, it will recover with rune energy, which is too expensive. The rune energy of more than one million points is obtained by killing the nine holy realms in fourfold, and there will not be so much in the short term!

"Hey, that guy's holy cave light has dimmed a lot! The strength has been reduced a lot, and this avatar has been consumed so much that his strength has been reduced by a wave! Before he can recover, he can fight!"

Seeing this scene, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly showed a fierce time and found a breakthrough!