My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1155

Vol 5 Chapter 1155: Feast Held

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"Your holy dragon has been injured and your avatar was crushed. See who can protect you!"

Long Yijing put out a finger, Wan Lei saved shots, and merged into a thunder rainbow, Lin Chen flapped the Holy Phoenix Wing, and managed to avoid the Dragon Flash!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen's palm appeared as a jade bottle, which contained a bright blue bright elixir, with a blue dragon breath all over his body!

Sanpin Peak ShengdanWater Moon Breaking Shengdan!

This pill is exactly what the Linchen Refining Medicine Holy Book won. The saints who practiced the water system exercises take it. There is a 60% probability of breaking through a holy cave under the weight of the Holy Realm, and a 40% probability of breaking the double!

The triple level has a 20% probability, excluding the breakthrough of 31 holy caves.

The probability of 20% seems to be very low, but in fact it is already a very high probability. There are few elixirs in Shengdan that directly improve the breakthrough level.

The immortality also has a super powerful effect: taking below 13 holy points, there is a very low probability of getting a ray of water dragon to help you get a continuous "crack hole" effect!

The value of this pill is far more than a inferior crystal. If the news is released, there will be countless saints who practice the water mind, squeezing their scalp, looking for Lin Chen to kneel down and practise the pill!

Bang~! Lin Chen squeezed the jade bottle, and when the medicine was about to escape, he grabbed it and swallowed it down!


Shengyuan is like a starry sky, when the entrance is swallowed, it carries through every meridian of Lin Chen, and then pours into his holy cave!

Lin Chens 9 holy caves were filled with the power of the holy Yuan, like a water bottle to overflow!

At this moment, Lin Chen's spirit recognized the "spiritual star sea" in the sea with a lot of spiritual power, and distractedly urged the water system "Alien Crystal Power" to refine this pill and refine the pressure of this pill. diffusion!

Long Yijing moved slightly, and immediately sneered.

"Take the heavy cultivation of the Holy Realm to refine the third-grade Saint Pill in the battle, Lin Chen, I think you are crazy and looking for death!"

Lin Chen held the gun, the corners of his mouth raised, and he was full of madness!

"It's not necessarily who died!"


At this time, the southern boundary of Cangyu.

Today, Nanjie is full of people, and it is extremely lively. The genius list of the third-grade and fourth-grade denominations of all parties come here, and the top geniuses of the genius list are admired!

Today is a feast for the crimson fairy to choose a husband-in-law for the disciples under his door, and there is also a battle for alternate orders in the demon list!

Crimson Fairy, born mysteriously, looks like an immortal, like an immortal in the world, and a famous elder of the six-line sect "Chill Moon Palace", with few disciples, but all are top geniuses!

This feast brought together many of the top 1,000 geniuses in the Holy Land! Intended to compete for alternate orders in the evil list!

The Red Moon Platform is full of geniuses.

The airflow was roaring, and the fighting spirit was vertical and horizontal. The battlefields are steaming and the Xia Wei is floating, the crystals of alien crystals are floating from time to time, and there are a lot of tremendous enthusiasm, which shocked the platform.

Dozens of figures are criss-crossing, which dazzles the observers!

"This is the top 2,000 masters in the genius list, and it really is like a monster!"

"It is said that in this competition for alternative orders, many of the top 1,000 geniuses in the Holy Land are also coming!"

"It's just a warm-up game. It's just a warm-up game where the Crimson Fairy chooses the husband-in-law for the disciples. Isn't it more exaggerated if it is to compete for the alternative orders of the evil spirits list?"

"That's not true. Yesterday I saw even 992 in the genius list. The adult is really a world-class talent, a holy-level refining pharmacist and a holy genius!"

"Hey, this trip is worthwhile. I spent a lot of money to get an invitation to visit! Last night, I came with several rich women, my mother, and now I have a little pain in the waist! As long as one of the geniuses on the stage is willing to come to my Chamber of Commerce If you cooperate, you can earn even the profit!"

The seats under the platform, with figures from all sides, staring intently at the battle inside the platform.

Beside the platform is a giant ship decorated with crimson. It is thousands of feet long. The interior is decorated with flowers, red makeup, or the building is raised, and there is a faint silver light flowing through the body.

This turned out to be a large space holy object!

Right in front of the red ship is a pavilion covered with red curtains, eight sinking fishes and wild geese, the beauty of the country and the city are beautiful, the eight people are like the spring and the snow, and the autumn is warm and the winter is winter. One out of a million beauties.

They either hide their mouths and smile charmingly, or Ying Yanyan speaks beautifully, or is as cold as snow and pride, like a lotus, the sound of the Oriole, the waist is as thin as the willow, the choppy waves, the jade legs are like Fat, can be described as the most beautiful scenery in the world, making it difficult to open your eyes!

If you are a strong man of saints, you will find that these womens cultivation is only inferior to the genius in one field!

They are not on the genius list, but they are comparable to the super first-class geniuses!

The highest side of the giant ship, the window sill of a boudoir, and a beautiful swan-like figure curve faintly emerge from the ship window, but the lack of real content is enough to make people feel that this is the best in the world.

Brush ~~!

A holy light came, everyone looked at it, could not help but slightly air-conditioned!

The person who comes in white wins the snow, his style is peerless, his facial features are like a fairy, a detachment of the secular men and women, just like a heavenly fairy, but there is a unique shyness between the eyebrows.

"This... this is the legendary son of surprise!"

"Han Yizhi, known as the most beautiful boy in the Holy World?"

"My God! The first place in the genius list is also here! Crimson Fairy has such a great energy, even he is invited!"

The forces of the parties sighed slightly, and the eyes of some holy geniuses sitting in the dark stared. They felt that there was a huge power hidden in Han Yizhi's body, which made them all tremble!

When Han Yizhi came down, looking up, he seemed to be looking for something.

A moment later, he sat on the other side of the platform, causing the women in the audience to cast their admiration from time to time.

After an hour, the battle in the platform was divided into victory and defeat. The geniuses were not duel in life and death, and the battle would not last long.

After strict selection, the winning geniuses are ten!

These ten geniuses are all around the top 1500 in the genius list, Xiu Wei and the strength of the background, with the five robbery and emperor Xiu as a step to challenge a saint sage! Placed in the vast Holy World can be regarded as a great genius!

If they want to marry a lovely wife and concubine in their identity, it is just a matter of time. Why go there?

In fact, it was the sect and family behind them who supported these geniuses to come to the feast.

The reason is very simple. The sacred realm beyond the mortal realm reproduces the descendants, and the descendants can inherit the bloodline talent. If both parents are saints, the bloodline talent will even exceed the parents.

But if one party is not a saint, the bloodline will be diluted after reproduction, and the talents of future generations may not be able to perfectly inherit the talents of their father or mother.

Therefore, the foundation of both sides is extremely important. Women like vases are never lacking for geniuses. What they lack is extremely talented women with advanced talents who have advanced to the Holy Land.

Therefore, in the Holy Realm, the stronger the female genius, the more popular it will be, because the offspring born with them will have more potential!

"The geniuses who came from afar, worked hard."

With a clear voice like a mountain stream, Konggu Youlan clearly resounded in everyone's ears.

The eight glamorous ladies who laughed and talked were immediately quiet.

The platform was silent, and the scarlet fairy spoke!

"This time through the conference, there will be opportunities for the lovers of this seat to tie their knots. Next, my apprentices will choose husbands and wives. If they are not selected, the seat will still be rewarded, not Let you run for nothing."

Crimson Fairy's voice is elegant and arrogant, but it makes people feel no resentment, as if she was born like this!

Then, eight beautiful ladies with different styles walked into the platform, and ten geniuses mentioned their spirits.

In the end, only four geniuses held the beauty home.

In the end, those who can hold the beauty back will be cast with envious eyes by those present.

The four beautiful ladies who did not choose their husband-in-law will stay in the next link.

The next link is the alternative order conference of the competitive monster list! The geniuses who can compete for alternative orders are all peerless geniuses in the top 1000 in the genius list.

This kind of genius is naturally better, but for the four girls, the other party may not be able to look at them.

So after passing the next link, it was the genius who chose them, not them. And as long as it is selected, it can no longer be rejected.

"The next step is the link to the alternate orders of the evildoer list."

The word Crimson Fairy was issued, which inspired the spirits of many Holy Land geniuses waiting on the platform!

The highlight is coming!

Only Han Yizhi was still looking forward to the Quartet, and he was puzzled.

"Strange, why doesn't the squad leader come yet? I have vaguely felt that the spiritual mark left on him is close to the area of the southern boundary..."