My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1156

Vol 5 Chapter 1156: Goal Lin Chen

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In the darkness, quietly opened a pair of eyes.

"It was the messenger who was close, and he dared to ask the Lord what important commands this time."

The creatures in the dark were surprised and asked in surprise, the sky rolled up the squalls of the roaring sky and earth, a figure emerged, he danced, wearing the stars and wearing the moon, the two horns above his head were like spiral giant thorns, and his eyes were as dark as the abyss, and he passed by the strange ones from time to time. Evil light.

"The host's body is still closed in the outer space of the cloud, and he sent out the idea to personally command you to arrest a person."

The man said.

The creatures in the darkness are full of surprises. Throughout the countless eras of the Holy Realm, he assassinated as many masters as possible, including dragons, demons, extinct zergs, and disappeared asuras.

Today's goal is actually a weak human race?

"The master's command is to live as much as possible. If you can't bring it back alive, take the whole body. If there is no body, then you will never come back!"

Dark creatures tremble!

"So, what is the goal?"

"Human race, list of geniuses. Title: Heavenly God under Lin Chen."


Red platform.

The scarlet fairy didn't show the true face, hiding behind the window curtain indifferently.

"This battle for alternative orders is limited to men. And in two stages, all geniuses participating in the election must agree to the requirements of the seat. If they pass the assessment and obtain the alternative orders, they must also agree to the seat. A request."

"This assessment is divided into three parts. The combat strength is not the first. What is needed in this seat is a variety of opportunities. The appearance and temperament are excellent male geniuses! Geniuses who are willing and able to accept the conditions of this seat can stand until the month. On the stage, it can be regarded as registration."

The powerful of all parties looked at each other, and as expected, this feast was not just a test of combat power...

"How can such a good thing be lost?"

The youth held a fan, calmed down, and slowly entered the venue. His nose is very tall and his sword eyebrows are flying, like a handsome young man in the ink painting!

"It's even Wushuang son!"

"It is said that he had just participated in a scripture distillery recently, and he didn't expect to come here so soon."

"It's too good, it's also a sacred genius and a saint-level pharmacist!"

Many female geniuses have peach blossoms in their eyes, and they are pleasantly surprised.

"Last time I encountered the monster Lin Chen, this time it's my turn to get the alternate order? This guy offended Long Yijing in the demon list, and now it may not be where to shrink the turtle."

Even when Wushuang looks like he is in control, he is a genius!

He was tall and slender, like a rifle standing in a world without war, his face was sharpened, and his fortitude was a little handsome. The cold expression gave him a sense of abstinence.

"Oh? Wei Changsheng, 977 in the genius list, are you coming?"

When even Wushuang was curious, his eyes were more serious.

"For the purpose of the family mission, success or failure does not matter." Wei Changsheng said in a panic.

Brush ~! The hurricane swept through, and a sword of light slashed through!

Jianguang turned into a figure, a green shirt with a negative sword, a nylon scarf, a non-stop tasting with a jug of fine wine in his hand, and the corner of his mouth overflowing slightly with wine, showing his youthful bohemian style.

"I've been on the genius list for so many years, and it's time to take a step forward. The demon list is very suitable for me. This time I will trouble you guys to make more."

The young man in the blue shirt smiled with his lips, domineering and leaking!

Some five robbery war emperors can't help but hold their breath!

"Lin Haoyu, who is 659 in the list of geniuses and full of flowers and drunk swords, is here!"

"Too strong. These big men are representatives of the leading figures of the Holy World in the future!"

Everyone was still amazed, the ground of the platform cracked without warning!

A cracked face came out of the cracked ground, and he grinned badly.

"It is said that winning can get beautiful women, this kind of good thing is not when I missed Xiaoxi Xian!"

As soon as this person appeared, many people on the platform stood up suddenly, a ghostly look!

"Xixao of the four silver thieves?"

"It's Xi Xiaoxian in Dongse, Beidang, Nanchian, Xisao?"

"I depend, this guy is really here. The rumors that I heard the other day are true..."

Some women gritted their teeth bitterly. This Xi Sao Xi Xiao Xian is simply a beast.

His actions are extremely trivial, either because he likes to peep at others or steal women's things. The most annoying thing is that he also wrote a novel about the things of the heads of other denominations!

What kind of lord Xie, what type of lady do you like, what kind of color do you like in which denomination, what kind of color do you like, etc., let him know everything!

But this guy is 777 on the list of geniuses, the best thing is that he has an orange-level body method, even the ordinary strong can't catch him even if he is crushed!

He also has a super hard backstage, the identity of a Liupin family young master! So that he committed extreme **** on all sides of the Holy Realm but was not killed! Finally, he was ranked as one of the four big thieves!

The four big thieves are all female enemies, so as soon as Xi Xiaoxian appeared, there was a lot of scolding outside the platform!

"Master Crimson Fairy, this kind of person must never be allowed to compete!"

"This kind of person will only spoil the reputation, look at the fairy think twice!"

"Yeah, how can the four big thieves take part in the feast of the fairy, and hope that the fairy will expel and suppress this thief!"

Faced with the petition of most people, unexpected answers came from behind the curtain of the Void Ship!

"Xisao Xixiaoxian, right, this seat does not exclude you from attending this feast, but you know the rules. If you get the alternate order of the evil list, you can complete one for this seat within your power. thing."

Xi Xiaoxian whistled, "No problem, fairy, please be assured, as long as I am a beautiful person, I will find you even if you want the stars in the sky!"

This answer is beyond everyone's expectations!

Some old-sighted strong men crossed their minds with a little doubt. Crimson Fairy had nothing to accomplish, but he did not hesitate to let such figures as Xi Xiaoxian participate.

There is no lack of fanaticism from some good people.

"Today we have gathered the top 1,000 peerless geniuses in the genius list!"

"It's too strong, I can't think of a chance to lead their peerless style. What will the evaluation of the Scarlet Fairy look like? Won't they let them compete in the ring?"

Just as the atmosphere of the platform was heated, with a snorting, the vast sky of the Red Platform suddenly cracked a space crystal wall!

Rumble! boom! boom! boom!

The endless explosions, such as the annihilation and natural disasters that shake the world, alarmed the automatic protection of the Red Moon Platform!

"What's the situation, who would dare to fight here? But here is the southern boundary!"

"His~~! My God, that... isn't that Dragon Yijing in the Monster List!"

It's actually the demon list who is the devil's closest!

Every demon list is the most special new born genius in the Holy Realm!

This kind of existence is a legendary existence for forces below Fifth Grade!

The forces of all parties were chaotic, and when the saints exclaimed, the tit-for-tat demeanor and sneer in the void were even more scalping!

"The waste that forcibly fights Ben Shao with the power of the Elixir, Ben Shao should see how long you can last!"

"Long Yijing, you put on a hair! If you and I are at the same level of cultivation, the coach can force you to hit you with one hand!"

Many geniuses who looked up looked dumbfounded!

crazy! It must be crazy!

what's the situation!

Where is this fairy going crazy? How dare you do the demon list!