My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1157

Vol 5 Chapter 1157: Forced To Retreat

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What is the concept of fighting the enchanted list?

Unless they are also among the enemies, there is only one end! That is, he killed you, without your share of killing him!

In the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, at least on the bright side, no one dares to move the enchanting list!

In other words, no one would dare to kill those on the list of evildoers, otherwise they will be chased and suppressed by the high-level forces of the Holy Realm!

When the two figures were born, they collided together when they emerged from the cracks in space!

One of them had an infinite ice storm above his head, and he was still fighting inexorably!

The aftermath of each collision between the two was shocked.

One person's swordsmanship is fierce. If there is a blessing from the thunder god, each sword will kill the thunder sound, and the thunder will be strong.

The other one, with a superb shooting skills and a wide opening and closing, dances out of layers of dragon shadows, such as dragon dances, and dragons cover the sky!

Bang Bang Bang! Dang Dang Dang!

The sword shadow is chaotic, the dragon spirit is destroyed, and it explodes into the sky!

The Red Moon Platform has space to encircle and shelter, but it can't help but shake violently, so that some non-sage warlord legs tremble!

Who dares to work with the demon list in this world! Isn't the other party not able to do it?

But when they looked at it, Long Yijing's opponent was a teenager who only opened 10 holy caves!

Many geniuses are like a ghost, and their minds are blank!

This day will not be a hell!

This is not leapfrog, this leapfrog challenge!

Holy Realm Leaps? Damn it is two levels!

Or is it a challenge list?

Is this a crazy person or a crazy world?

The only ones who were eligible to challenge in the Holy Land in the past are the demon list! Today is the demon list is leapfrogged?

"No, I have seen the portrait of the boy, it is Lin Chen! I'm leaning, I saw the deity!"

"Is this kid still a man, my goodness! 10 sacred caves hit 30 sacred caves? This is still a demon list!"

"No, I heard that Lin Chen is a genius who bursts nine holes in a row. This is more than a month. He has opened 10 holy holes? What is the speed of cultivation against the sky!"

"I'm served! Feeling that this kid killed nine holy realms. It's not a rumor, it's genuine!"

"Too **** cruel, I have never seen such an outrageous genius!"

Even the arrogant and arrogant even Wushuang was stunned, with his mouth open to lay eggs!

"There was a glorified alchemy to win the championship before, and now it's the leap order, is this kid really a human..."

Even the mouths of Wushuang pumped wildly...

It is not that there are no masters in the southern boundary, and there are even two triples of the Holy Land sitting in the town, but they dare not move!

The evil spirits list evil spirits want to kill people, it is their turn to intervene, and they are not qualified to interfere!

Unless it is here that the masters of the many heads of power in this southern boundary are here, with their guarding elders, they are not qualified to shoot!

Perhaps only Crimson Fairy, her identity and status can stop the demon list!

[Trigger super chaos, tear, attack talent...]

[Consume 2000 high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of slow runes.

When Lin Chen used half-orange-level combat skills to forcibly increase to orange-level power, he triggered a lot of passive talents, all of which were thrown to Long Yijing. From time to time, he played a slow rune to disrupt his offensive rhythm!

The cuts in turns have weakened his offensive again and again!

"The medicine power of the Sanpin Peak Saint Pill is a little too much. I have broken through a holy cave during the oppression of the battle and can't stop it. Is this going to break through the eleventh holy cave?"

Lin Chen squandered the massive sacred gas that burst out in the holy cave, attacked with Yutian, the real dragon fluttering guns blocked many attacks, Yutiangeng Jinqi and Wan Zais blue armor.

"True Dragon Dance" is worthy of the orange-level combat skills. When Lin Chen danced the Youhuang Gun, he formed layers of dragon air afterglows to protect him, tightly sealed.

For a time, in the face of Lin Chen's various methods, Long Yijing couldn't even win him!

Lin Chen is not meaningless in delaying time!

[Consumed 250,000 strengthening points, strengthening "True Dragon Dance" +10 success, overall power increase: 110%.

Lin Chen has been delaying time, just to strengthen "True Dragon Dance"!

The horror of the power of the orange-level combat skills. In the battle of Qiyun Island in the past, it was only 1.8 times that is a knife "God Tears" slaughtered 14 Saints!

This time, he only spent ten million strengthening points on strengthening, and strengthened the "Dragon Dance" to +10, more than doubling its power!

Chaos of Holy Qi, Chaos of Qi and Blood, in the nirvana, although Long Yijing was not injured, his strength was weakened layer by layer. In contrast, although Lin Chen was injured more than once, he became stronger and stronger!

"How can this kid's marksmanship become stronger and stronger!"

Long Yijing was shocked: "Special mystery? Temporarily increase the power? No, he has no signs of trying hard. This is a complete improvement. This way, Ben Shao really can't win him! Can't keep it anymore!"

At this moment, Long Yijing finally let go of Lin Chen's'contempt' for Lin Chen! He had to solemnly recognize Lin Chen's strength!

Not the kind of grade that is temporarily upgraded, but the hard power has to force him to come up with true details!

"Lei Yin kills claws!"

Longyi Jingjian sword technique with claw method, the Holy Qi was injected into the seven thunder crystals, struck hard with one claw!

In an instant, the thunder snake danced between the five fingers of the dragon instrument crystal, and suddenly grabbed a record of the real crystal-like hundred feet of thunder claws and grinded to Lin Chen!

Thunderclaw depressed, the power might not seem strong, but it easily grabbed a large piece of sky into chaos, so that the high-altitude light of the Red Moon Platform suddenly dimmed, frightening everyone's face!

"Orange, Orange Order is awesome!"

"The orange-level stunt performed by the enchanted list is so terrifying. I am afraid that except for the Holy Realm Quadruple or the same enchanted list, there are not many Holy Realm triple successes!"

"He also used the power of seven alien crystals, which is a real skill..."

Some holy geniuses throbbed in their hearts, this blow made them have to recognize the gap between themselves and the enchanted list!

Bang ~!

The unstoppable momentum of Zhanwei erupted from Lin Chen's body. At this moment, the 10 Holy Caverns in Taiyi Space-Time continued to throb and merge with the Holy Caverns of the Body. All the Holy Qi was injected into the six alien crystals in the body!

The shimmering gold, water blue, flame red, yellowish earth, glowing light, gloom, and six distinct brilliances flowed like a dragon to Lin Chen's ghost phoenix gun!

Lin Chen violently danced the ghost phoenix gun, the shooting method was like a dragon spin, and thousands of six-color dragon shadow afterimages were danced. The holy air covered the sky and turned into a six-color air mango throughout the sky!

Many saints were shocked, and 10 holy caves could use this kind of killing trick, like a monster!

However, it is not enough! The opponent is the enchanted list!

"Slow rune!"

The rune energy of 10000 points disappeared, and a few dozen feet of gray runes descended from the sky, bursting and opening to stagnate the void, causing the imposing thunderclaw to suddenly stop, and the power was reduced by about 20%!

"It's this trick again..." Long Yijing narrowed his eyes.

"Instant light splitting True dragon breaking the sky!"

Lin Chen drank with a shock, and the six-spirited light that resembled a straight rainbow was divided into five!

"What? Can it erupt five times..."

There was a faint cry in the scarlet ship.