My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1158

Vol 5 Chapter 1158: Breakthrough?

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Thunderclaw collides with the five-color and six-color gas guns!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The terrible aftermath of the collision is like a world-threatening disaster, rolling up a beam of thousands of thunderstorms, with the energy frenzy of six colors in the middle, making the entire Red Moon platform and the giant ship constantly shaking!

Lin Chen chewed up Long Qingguo, the holy cave that had just dried up and filled up quickly because of the power of the Elixir!

Lin Chen's eyes are exuberant, flashing a strong and indifferent fighting intention, which makes the sacred scalp of some powerful saints......

This kid, with the monster list as the opponent, is still playing more and more is really a monster!

True Dragon Breaking the Sky received the orange-level stunt of Long Yijing! Even if his strength is weakened by various factors, this still represents Lin Chen's strength!

As long as he becomes a saint, even the list of evildoers cannot suppress him

When the storm disappeared, everyone clearly witnessed the six splendid brilliances shining in Lin Chen's body.


Everyone under the Red Moon took a breath of air!

Six abnormal crystals?

He was only inferior to Long Yijing in the demon list, and the gap was only one abnormal crystal!

"No! I remember that the highest record in Holy Realm was four refined crystals, right?"

"What a freak this guy is...The Holy Realm has mastered six alien crystals! Isn't he afraid that the Holy Cavern will explode and die!"

Many geniuses are messed up! This thing on Lin Chen is outrageous!

It is absolutely not better to control the abnormal crystal. The power consumption of stimulating the abnormal crystal is extremely terrifying. The consumption of more crystals will increase exponentially. This is undoubtedly a fatal flaw for the saints who make up for the difficult sacred energy!

Only by controlling the most suitable range, the alien crystal will become the saint's supreme killer, otherwise it will only become a burden of power, and killing the enemy does not hurt yourself first.


The wind and the clouds gather together and change, the thunder sounds crack the sky!

Long Yijing held a three-foot holy sword, bathed in thunder and lightning, hardly resisted the nirvana, and walked out slowly, with a gloomy expression. Lightning flashed vertically above his blade.

"Lin Chen, you angered Ben Shao. This sword, I need your life!"

Long Yijing, you have to come up with an even more terrifying orange-level ace!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and nine-color starlight gathered from his palm.

He was temporarily unable to shoot a stronger shot than before.

The characteristics of "Dragon Dance" are: post-control. The more attacks that are blocked in a defensive posture, the stronger the counterattack! Lin Chen has been passively defending before, in addition to crazy [enhancement] exercises, more is to accumulate strength!

Now Long Yijing obviously did not give him this opportunity.

"If Master Long wants to fight, is it better to be accompanied next?"

The smile of the young boy was like a ray of sunshine in the winter, which gave the world a new life.

The young man's silver hair shines, white clothes win the snow, and his style is peerless. His eyes circulate with deep and endless spiritual fluctuations. As long as he gazes at the moon-like stars, he will be lost forever in the endless spiritual world and indulge in it.

The gentleness between his eyebrows reveals the shyness of the young man, and the smile reveals the bleak beauty of the woman in Qingguoqingcheng.

"No. 1 in the genius list, Han Yizhi? Do you want to interfere with Ben Shao?"

Long Yijing frowned.

Standing beside Lin Chen, Han Yizhi smiled slightly and stunned countless women. He smiled and said: "Cultivation to suppress bullying is not the style of the demon list, isn't it? If Master Long wants to fight, we don't mind accompany."

"Us? Was the original information about the burial of the Holy Mountains true... hum!"

Long Yijing sniffed his sword coldly, he was not afraid of Han Yizhi, but if the two joined forces, he would not be realistic if he wanted to kill or take Lin Chen away.

Brush brush!

Long Yijing's avatar returned to his body, and Lin Chen's three avatars also returned, all seriously injured.

At this time, an accident occurred.

Bang ~!

At this moment, the space shook, and the space of thousands of miles from the southern boundary rose with a faint glory of nine colors.

The system's light screen flicked back and forth.

[Obtain 50,000 points of advanced fighting spirit essence, 10,000 points of advanced qi blood, 2999 points of advanced rune energy, 2002 points of talent points, 40,000 points of strengthening points...]

Shenglong's brilliance flashed back to Qingxue planting capsules and spit out a holy body.

Long Yijing's face changed slightly!

"Lin Chen! You dare to move me?"

Lin Chen raised her lips and laughed: "Brother Yi Jing, this is too much of a dream, and your brain is stupid? You are only allowed to kill me, and you are not allowed to kill you? Do you think this is playing with a mud horse?" Where is the sand wall, who has ever been to the sand wall?"

Bang ~! Long Yijing was furious, and the whole body shattered into a paste!

Han Yizhi's eyebrows shone with a faint spiritual glory, smiling without words, charming and charming.

Brush ~! A stream of light flashed to Long Yijing's side, the triple attendant of the Holy Realm, and his face was blue.

"Master, I am old, he was taken away by the two avatars of the boy, and even the holy body was swallowed by his holy dragon..."

The strong men under the platform twitched...

Is this guy still a human, with 10 holy dens against the evil spirits list, and he also killed a saint...

Long Yijing's palm rested on the hilt, and after a few gloomy times, he finally did not pull out the sword, but instead returned to the previous graceful smile.

"Okay, very good. Lin Chen, a dark horse club, owes this account first, and there is always a time when it will be doubled back..."

The loss of a holy land is triple, and even he has to be reprimanded by the family and even punished.

As soon as the avatar was incorporated into the body, Long Yijing gave Han Yizhi a deep look. "And you, Han Yizhi, before you become the list of evildoers, maybe you will be in a bad situation someday..."

Before Han Yizhi responded, Lin Chen's hand hung on Han Yizhi's shoulder and raised a **** to Long Yijing.

"The villain has his ambitions!" Long Yijing's mouth twitched, tearing his sleeves and tearing the void, leaving with his entourage.

"Squad leader, how can you get a terrible character wherever you go..."

Han Yizhi mumbled a word, but before he finished, Lin Chen hugged him with a bear and laughed.

"Hahaha! My memory is really grown up, can cover me away, the coach is very happy to force the squad leader!"

Han Yizhi's ears were slightly red, and he said softly, "Squad leader, you are too tight..."


Suddenly, a throbbing came from the holy cave in Lin Chen's body, which brought the vision of continuous hole breaking for the breath of the water dragon of the "Water Moon Breaking Saint Pill"!

Lin Chen immediately sat in the void, consuming 10000 rune energy to complete the avatar, and five avatars sat in the void, impacting the realm!

Seeing the young man sitting in the void, the forces of all parties and the powerful are breathtaking!

The front is hard to shake the evil spirits list and retired, and also killed a saint. Such a record is really worthy of the Wizards who have revolutionized!

Han Yizhi clenched his fists on the crimson ship-"Fairy, he is also Ling who came to the feast. I don't know if I can spare a little time."

There was a voice of approval in the ship: "Well, no problem."

At this time, Lin Chen concentrated on the impact realm, and in the battle with Long Yijing, the overbearing medicine rushed straight away to his tenth holy cave!

If it is a normal situation, the Holy Realm's repeated use of the "Water Dragon Po Sheng Dan" will necessarily require auxiliary means to refine the chemical power.

Lin Chen completely took advantage of the "double sacred cave" of "Taiyi Space-Time" to take the opportunity to fight and avatar to collaborate with spiritual energy refining to consume the medicine.

After an hour, Lin Chen's momentum brewed to the top!

Everyone's heart is awkward, is it going to break through again!