My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1159

Vol 5 Chapter 1159: Great Secret.

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However, with a bang, the eleventh hexagonal star flickering on Lin Chen's body was not fully turned on, and only a flash of light dimmed.

Everyone choked...

No breakthrough success?

"Huh, it's almost the same if there is no breakthrough. If we let this kid break two holy caves for more than a month, we old guys are still alive..."

A veteran saint under the Red Moon took a shame.

"Wipe, didn't break through! My foundation accumulation is too strong, but the line is just rushing up."

Lin Chen looked at the 10 sacred caves glowing in her body, a little speechless.

"Unfortunately, although the Water Dragon Po Shengdan is strong, it can only be taken once. It seems that it can only find another opportunity to break through next time."

When Lin Chen felt sorry, his consciousness infiltrated Qingxue planting capsules. At this time, both his Immortal Palm and Dragon Blood Tree grew very well.

And when Lin Chen wanted to take stock of the spoils on the Holy Body that the two avatars had all belonged to, the scene in front of him instantly scared Lin Chen!

I saw Qingxue planting the capsule, the crystal-clear stick stick suspended in the void, and the follower saint body of Long Yijing was turned into a faint streamer and slowly absorbed by it.

The long section of the rod shows the ten grid energy slot, and the fourth grid energy slot is about to be filled.

Boom~! Finally, when the holy body was completely absorbed by the stick, its energy trough stayed in the seventh grid.

Lin Chen's consciousness was as if struck by a thunder!

"Could it be said that this stick was planted with the seeds of luck that was produced by absorbing the energy of the saint's body?"

If this is the case, then if Lin Chen slays the madness afterwards, will he continue to plant seeds with luck and spirit?

What does it mean to produce a lot of seeds for planting luck? Means wealth and resources! In Holy World, these can be transformed into the strength of the holder!

As soon as this thought appeared, Lin Chen immediately curbed!

"Huh, I almost moved the evil way. I will not be another holy king of Haotian, unless it is a hostile to me or a person who has moved my bottom line, I will never be the person who indiscriminately kills me... this root Bang Bang is always just an aid. My direction to become stronger should be decided by myself."

When firming his beliefs, Lin Chen's heart became more fulfilled unconsciously, and his fighting spirit became stronger!

"Although I killed a Holy Realm triple, this time I lost 200,000 Rune Energy and 100,000 Talent Points. If I can advance to 11 Holy Caverns and bless Taiyi Space-Time, I will face the Monster List next time. The evil spirits will not be so difficult."

The battle with Long Yijing is purely because he chose to fight by avatar. If he directly used his real strength, Lin Chen could not stop him.

It's not that Long Yijing was wrong. If he didn't control Lin Chen's avatar, he was likely to confuse his eyes with the avatar, and then his body would slip away. He could only say that Lin Chen's means were too many, which limited the strength of the demon list.

Lin Chen opened his eyes again and found that countless pairs of eyes were staring at himself.

He turned his head to look at the crimson ship, and wondered: "Is this the feast of the crimson fairy..."

Lin Chen landed on the platform and laughed aloud-"Dark Horse Club Lin Chen, came to participate in the feast of the Scarlet Fairy, competing for alternative orders, I wonder if I can sign up."

The voice of Crimson Fairy fluttered out-"Oh, the strength of His Excellency Lin Chen is extraordinary, and his courage is extraordinary. How can this seat refuse, welcome to register."

The crimson fairy's answer surprised her lovers!

They rarely see their masters praise people!

The faces of all geniuses, except Xi Xiaoxian, have a dignified expression. If they are calculated solely by their combat power, no one present will be Lin Chens opponent!

Competing with this monster for alternative orders, the difficulty is not so great!

Zheng ~!

Two swords of light are like gods, and two geniuses arrived!

The two of them are extraordinary, and the eldest brother's heroic courage is impressive. His younger brother Wen Wen Ruya, like a scholar of brilliance, is just the sharpness that occasionally flicks between the eyebrows to make this extraordinary person noticeable.

These two people are in full bloom with 11 holy caves, 90% of their faces are similar, but they are actually twins?

"The 455th and 456th genius lists, Jin Yan's double swords, came to attend the fairy feast."

The geniuses looked dignified, and there was another pair of tricky guys!

Brush ~! Three sacred brilliances are like jade, beautiful and beautiful, forming a large number of palace pavilions in the void, such as Zhuyu Lianhui.

"Santian Lutian, come to the fairy feast."

Geniuses with loud names came one after another, and the scene became more lively! All the female geniuses have peach blossoms in their eyes. This outstanding genius is nothing but a dragon and a phoenix.

Some outsiders still do not understand, why choose some handsome geniuses?

These geniuses have different thoughts, some want to kiss Fang Ze, close to the Scarlet Fairy, some want to fight for alternative orders, want to enter the'decade of jihad'.

Lin Chen touched his chin, took out the ancient mirror and smiled at his handsome face: "If this is simply more handsome, then what is better than that, it will not be awarded directly to me."

Some geniuses heard his words, his mouth twitched...

And Han Yizhi, the first in the genius list, actually played as a special referee, so many people could not understand what this is!

"The registration time is over, welcome the 13 geniuses present."

A fragrant wind swept through the crimson ship, and slowly walked out of a shadow, the people on the platform couldn't help but hold their breath slightly!

The head of a beautiful lady's eyebrow moth, her skin wins the snow, her shoulders are like jade, her red lips are as gorgeous as fire, and her pair of peach blossoms like drops of water make many men crazy.

A crimson long skirt perfectly highlights the graceful and graceful means. A radian seems to break through the robe in front of him, which makes some saints with strong concentration secretly swallow.

As if it were a peerless peculiar thing waiting for the king in the palace, even Lin Chen was amazed, even if Da Da was alive.

But at the next moment, Lin Chen's pupils shrank!

He fixed his eyes on the scarlet fairy and exclaimed subconsciously!

"so big!"

"so big!"

Two exclamations sounded at the same time, Lin Chen and Xi Xiaoxian exclaimed at the same time!

Many women looked at Xi Xiaoxian and Lin Chen contemptuously, before looking at Lin Chen in surprise, and wondered in their hearts: "Does this brother Lin and I are in the same path?"

Han Yizhi supported the amount...

The scarlet fairy seemed indifferent.

"In the first hurdle of this campaign, you need to find 6 tokens named Crimson Moon Jade in a holy beast lair. Those who get moon jade can pass the first hurdle. Among the holy beast lairs, some There are more than five holy beasts, and there are two strongest female holy beasts. Their strength is comparable to that of the Sanjing Trinity."

The crimson fairy sleeve robe waved, and a huge door of space opened out of thin air.

"In addition, the rules of the first hurdle are: Participants cant attack each other, you can fight the holy beast, but you cant kill any holy beast in the nest. Violating any of the rules will be regarded as elimination. Your goal There is only one, look for, and get the token. The time limit for this assessment is: 15 days."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. The purpose of this assessment was a little strange.

Most importantly, he discovered a big secret of the scarlet fairy!