My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1160

Vol 5 Chapter 1160: Mr. Lin Chen Is A Good Person?

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The Crimson Fairy held an exquisite **** jade stone and said indifferently: "This object is the Crimson Moon Jade, which is hidden in a random position in the space plane, and four are hidden in the nests of the two strongest holy beasts. Whoever robs the token will be counted first, and after the token is successful, no one else can shoot the person holding the token, and the violator will be eliminated directly."

"The secret of Crimson Fairy is so big that I can't hold it anymore. Gee."

Lin Chen's eyes flickered and he smiled.

"Squad leader, be careful. Crimson Fairy has no intention, and I can't guess her thoughts."

Han Yizhi passed on Lin Chen, and he blinked at Han Yizhi.

"First, please enter the secret realm."

After the Scarlet Fairy spoke, even Wushuang took the lead in flying into the space gate.

Eleven geniuses followed, and Lin Chen walked slowly at the pace that the six relatives didn't recognize. I didn't know that he thought he came here for a holiday.

Brush ~!

The space battle moved, and a quarter of an hour later, Lin Chen and others descended on a continent.

This place is an independent space plane. There is no master in its appearance, but the scarlet fairy can open the space entrance here.

Brush brush!

At this time, dozens of light screen images appeared on the Red Moon Platform, which is a method similar to the magic eye stone of the mainland of Kyushu, which can refract and project the situation in some areas in other areas.

Only the former can be used in the space plane of the Holy Realm, while the Demon Eye Stone cannot play an effect in the Holy Realm.

Tens of thousands of people in the Red Moon Terrace mentioned the spirit and stared at the situation in the image, for fear of missing a trace of details.

boom! boom! boom!

Suddenly, Guanghua rushed to the sky and five streamers fell from the sky. The 13 people including Lin Chen had just arrived and were surrounded by the five figures!

The hearts of the people sank, and the geniuses were surrounded from the beginning?

In the mountains, the geniuses standing on the top of the mountain looked dignified.

These holy beasts apparently know that they are here!

"What is the assessment of Crimson Fairy?"

"It's a strong breath, and I feel two big guys! The situation this time is extremely severe..."

Twelve geniuses were waiting in line, with a solemn look.

Even Xi Xiaoxian, who possessed the orange-level body method, did not act for the first time. He could feel that the five big guys had two terrifyingly powerful atmospheres!

A fat middle-aged woman said in a loud voice: "Hahaha, as Jiao Er said, some people have opened up space channels!"

Another woman with a hot body, but with a leopard face drooling: "Wow, sister, look, these are handsome guys, they are all children of the arrogance of the human race!"

All the holy beasts looked at all the geniuses with the eyes of an old drunkard discovering thousands of years of wine.

They were trapped in this plane all day long because they were imprisoned by a strong human race. Occasionally, some mortal people will find a space channel to break into here, but those mortal people can't compare to the 10,000th of the sage geniuses in front of them!

For them, eating them has the magical effect of breaking through shackles, and it is possible to get out of the predicament here by becoming stronger!

The two most sacred beasts with the strongest breath turned into human form is the most normal appearance, the waist and limbs are slender like a beautiful snake, with a charming face and licking lips.

"Hahaha, I haven't tasted the taste of men in a long time. Get on them! Don't kill them, my old lady should play with them!"

"All geniuses of saints are more interesting than those of ordinary people! Tonight the cave is torn down!"

Sacred beasts with five heads turned into human figures swarmed up!

The strongest two sides released 8 billion dragon power, with a palm hitting the power to cut the river and mountain range and crush the stars. Comparable to the triple perfection of the Holy Land!

The remaining three heads are 3 billion dragon power, which is equivalent to the double completion of the Holy Realm!

boom! boom! boom!

When the war broke out, three geniuses were wounded in one photo. Eight billion dragon power is an absolute force, crushing everyone!

The twin geniuses with the title Golden Flame Swords urged the power of the alien crystal to join forces to kill the scary Tianhe Jianmang, sweeping the sky!

The fascinating young woman in the form of a holy beast made a grin: "Trick and squirrel, break!"

She screamed up, no fancy tricks, only endless pure power like a thousand horses rushing up, pushing mountains and rivers!

boom! boom! boom!

Jianmang is broken, the two have a sweet throat, and their body desires back!

Even Wushuang released Baizhang's sacred mountain, and suddenly suppressed it!

Lin Haoyu, who was full of flowers and drunken swords, drew his sword and killed thousands of swords with one breath! The corrugated sword marks twisted towards the leopard-faced woman!

The three sons of Lutian pointed to one side, and the three hurricane-like hurricanes of a black disc hovered like a storm, and suddenly shrouded a holy beast!

The palm prints of the seven "kill" characters printed in the void are huge in dozens of acres, and the holy beasts in the void are crushed down!

"A terrific offensive!"

"It is indeed the existence of the top of the pyramid of genius list, and the instant reaction can also form such a powerful attack..."

The people on the Red Moon Platform were amazed, all the offensives of the geniuses were either shattered into nothingness, or the sky was cracked, or the breath of the Holy Beast was extinguished into ashes!

Fully suppressed!

It seems that the number of geniuses is large, and all of them are in a disadvantage!

Although they are the pyramids of the Genius List, they can actually be built between 8 and 15 holy caves, and there is no one even in the second stage of the Holy Realm!

But the battle power is not an opponent of this group of holy beasts!

The many geniuses present at the scene released the two Lin who protected himself most easily.

The five sacred beasts joined forces to turn the mountains into powder, and between the wind and the clouds, watching the silly people in the Red Moon Platform!

"This... this gap is too big..."

"There are two holy beasts that are too scary. If you remove the two strong beasts, maybe they can still fight..."

"But if you go on like this, all the geniuses have to be wiped out in the first level! They are taken away by the Holy Beast."

"Maybe there is hope! That is Lin Chen! He can fight with Long Yijing in the monster list, as long as he shoots with all his strength, there must be a chance!"

"So you have no knowledge, the saint's divine power destroys the world, but it is very difficult to make up for it. How long has he been playing with the demon list? How much is the consumption? I see, he can be in a full state. 1/3 of the strength is considered good."

Everyone at Red Moon Terrace had a lot of discussions, as strong as the individual saints, who could not understand what medicine was sold in the gourd of the scarlet fairy.

By her means, it is possible to send these geniuses in without revealing their whereabouts...

Within the plane, the mountains split.

The battle was very serious. Seven geniuses suffered minor and minor injuries. This is still the case when the Holy Beast has reservations. If the firepower is fully on, some of them must be seriously injured!

I don't know why, Lin Chen in the battle suppressed some of his breath to the extreme, and the Holy Phoenix wings constantly avoided many offensives when flapping.

Suddenly, Lin Chen gave a voice to all the geniuses.

"Everyone, if we don't join forces, we will all have to be eliminated. Don't hide it, I will commandeer Lin to lead the charge and break through first! Anyway, we can't attack each other."

After talking, Lin Chen came with a snap of his fingers, and when he launched the blue-level advanced nirvana to interfere with the two strongest seductive young women, the avatar flashed and threw three golden lights with red eyes in the direction of all geniuses!

When everyone held out their hands and spread their palms, they were actually three dragons!

Three Dragon Fruits per person!

The strangest thing is that this Long Qingguo doesn't seem to have any hands and feet, and has excellent color!

The geniuses were shocked!

Could it be that Mr. Lin Chen is still a good person?