My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1161

Vol 5 Chapter 1161: Spring Heart Rippling Eyes

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Lin Chen's tactics and the release of Long Qingguo surprised the geniuses!

What conspiracy is this kid brewing? Do you want everyone to concentrate on the firepower, and then use the oil on the soles of your feet?

Or did he move his hands and feet in Long Qingguo?

When the two avatars barely prolonged a seductive young woman, Lin Chen suddenly snorted.

"You are still hesitating, so you will have to be eliminated in the first round, and it will be a big deal to break through and run first, my last one! If I have any rash actions, you will not be able to go!"

Seeing someone Lin's'sincere sincerity', the 12 geniuses thought too much flawlessly, and everyone was suspicious. Seven geniuses chose to take Lin Qingguo who handed over Lin Chen, and the injury began to heal quickly.

"Jiguang film feather!"

Lin Chen bowed the laser, a ray of arrows divided into five, shattered the mountains, a holy beast headed by a sudden fall!

"South, break through!"

Lin Chen gave a cold drink, and all the geniuses finally united together. They each had a mischievous fetus. Some of them planned to use each other. Some could not understand what Lin Chen was thinking. Simply take the countermeasure and make a breakthrough!

The people form a straight team, and the battle intentions are temporarily united together. The evaluation rules do not allow each other to take action, so everyone does not have to worry about the actions of those around them.

The two strongest holy beasts delayed a few actions by the nirvana, and Lin Chen diverted their attention. The actions of the geniuses were like a straight arrow breaking hundreds of miles, killing the encirclement for the first time!

"Want to run? There are so many intrigues!"

With a roar, blood-lined leopards like the majestic palace of the palace were born, and one claw tore out the ragged blade of the wild dragon, wanting to cover all the geniuses!

A touch of white light dragon shadow flashed, Lin Chen's avatar raised his sword and slashed!

"Sword Fury!"

Five orange light sword rainbows were born, and the power of the fire crystal was urged to the extreme, burning the pure power of rolling anger and entanglement, slashing the broken blade with one sword and blasting back the holy leopard!

"A good avatar, I will meet you later!"

Another holy python emerged onto the body, which represented that these holy beasts were moving!

Lin Chens second doppelganger exploded in a flame extinguishment, and stopped the Saint Python!

The geniuses suffocated!

After playing so hard, is Mr. Lin Chen really a good person?

"Why are you still stunned, and haven't recovered to the full strength yet? I haven't recovered from the battle with Long Yijing, I can't stand it for long!"

Lin Chen, who was at the end of the team, screamed, and combined with his desperate attempts to block, it was a lot of convincing. Immediately, there were 4 geniuses who served his Long Qingguo!

Now everyone's first task is to break through and the interests are the same!

Bang ~!

A dark and dark unicorn rises up from the ground, the whole body is vigorous and powerful, and the ink is embellished, and it is one of the two sacred beasts of 8 billion dragon power!

"Boom it!"

"Don't keep it, this is no ordinary opponent!"

The geniuses glanced at each other, and the power of abnormal crystals in the body burned up, and a burst of mountain and sea prisons, the power of destruction that moved Qiankun, surged from their holy cave!

"Da Yan burns the palm of the sky!"

"Golden Fallen Sword!"

"Seven fingers!"

"Lu Tian three strikes!"


Sheng Hui is magnificent, some are like ripples and turns into sword lights, some are recorded with seven words of "kill" falling from the sky, and some golden awns are like rainbows, penetrating the sky!

One trick is a rare orange-level sacred thing that is rare in ordinary times. All of them are displayed at this moment. These days, they have come up with the tricks at the bottom of the box!

Everyone on the Red Moon Platform looked dumbfounded and trembling!

The top genius orange rank combat skills of the top 12 genius lists, each orange rank exercise represents Zhen Zong's unique skill of a family or sectarian force!

The female archaic Mo Qilin roared with a loud roar, the beast rose high, his palms were crushed down to suppress it, and he was vigorously running like a dragon, and 8 billion dragon power broke out perfectly!

Bang ~! Mo Qilin hard-wired the attack of 12 holy geniuses, shaking the vibration of half of the space plane!

At this moment, no one noticed Lin Chen!

All of his avatars lurking in the dark flashed in front of the four holy beasts almost at the same time, looking straight at them!

Lin Chen and all the pupils of the avatars turned slowly into a touch of green, and at this moment, the eyes of him and the avatars seemed to be green!

[Consume 12360 intermediate sky value, launch 4 awakening magical powers and spring eyes on 4 locked targets.

Brush ~!

A turquoise light emerged from the eyes of Lin Chen and the avatars, hitting the beast pupils of the holy beasts!

The second 8 billion Dragon Power Sacred Beast, still in the form of a charming young woman, was in the nirvana, and immediately reacted, screaming loudly, "What are you shooting me at the human race!"

Lin Chen said with a bad smile: "What anxiety do you want, you don't want the young people to shoot you something, don't you want to collapse the cave? I shoot is still a baby, the fairy is also down, to ensure that you are enough Sour!"

After the green light was shot, only two seconds later, the seductive young woman's face became red and the eyes turned green, and the other three beasts had two pupils turned to green and one red!

An extremely violent restlessness appeared in their bodies, some exploded as primitive desires, and some brutal bloodthirsty hearts were more violently inspired!

[Spring Heart Rippling Eyes Launch Targets: 4. There are 3 successful targets and 1 failed target. Launch the successful person, enter the state of spring heart, and the passion is gone. To launch the loser, enter a violent state, the killing heart is high, and it is difficult to suppress.

Roar ~~! !

A few roars of earth-shaking, all the bodies of the holy beasts appeared!

At this time, the front of the team, because of the nirvana, although the holy beast attacked all the genius attacks, they gave them an opportunity to run away!

Before the geniuses escaped, they saw Lin Chen, who was still within the attack range of the Holy Beast, and could not help but sigh.

"Princess Lin Chen is also a gentleman!"

"It's such a great man. He sent us Long Qingguo and helped us break through. If I get free, I will definitely award him an Outstanding Ten Best Youth Award!"

"Huh? What is he doing?"

When a few sharp-eyed geniuses got rid of their difficulties, they suddenly found that Lin Chen rushed to the front of Mo Qilin, who banged all the geniuses!

Then, when Lu Meng flashed, Mo Qilin's pupils turned into aquamarine!

Someone Lin snapped his fingers, and all the avatars disappeared, with a slight smile.


With a brush, the Dark Apocalypse Aura covered the whole body, Lin Chen urged the innate shadow tactics, and even launched the Tianyin rune on himself, completely eliminating the breath of the whole person!

"Roar~! Man, I want a man!"

Mo Qilin roared with passion, and the speed soared a bit towards the geniuses!

"Kill, eat! The old lady will eat their saint's flesh!"

"I want to squeeze them dry!"

All the holy beasts rushed over like madness, and the geniuses were ignorant and hurriedly scattered to escape!

Some geniuses chased by the holy beasts have scalp numbness!

"What the **** is going on!"

"Crazy, these holy beasts are crazy!"

"But why did they chase us to death?"

"Could it be... that it was Lin Chen's ghost?"

"Grass! Feeling this kid is an old Yin Yin ratio, we are pitted!"

Before admiring Lin Chen's geniuses, all of them twitched and gritted their teeth.

Good person? What a fart!