My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1162

Vol 5 Chapter 1162: Void Thunder Pond

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Everyone in the Red Moon platform froze!

what's going on? Why are the holy beasts crazy! Even hesitate to reveal the body to chase a few geniuses!

Han Yizhi shook his head helplessly, he probably could guess that out of ten is the squad leader's hand...

In less than a quarter of an hour, there were three geniuses who had been wounded and sent away. According to the rules, if the wounded were too heavy to abstain, they could immediately abstain from the transmission and leave without completely endangering their lives.

The geniuses who sent back to the Red Moon Terrace were so angry that their teeth tickled!

Lin Chen was completely played around!

But everyone can't understand, what method did he use to make the holy beasts crazy, and only chased them and ignored him Lin Chen?

The holy beast is not low in spirit, and its power is even stronger. Want to make them crazy, or... estrus? This is not very obvious!

This mother also has a refining time for aphrodisiac!

"Is there something wrong with the Long Qingguo he gave us?"

"No problem... His Long Qingguo is of excellent quality, and he is still treating my injury now, there is nothing wrong with it!"

When the three geniuses were distressed, the individual female geniuses at the platform stared at the three with full of **** and love.

Seeing those female geniuses with affectionate eyes, Lian Wushuang of the three was instantly struck by lightning!

As a saint-level alchemist, he knows Long Qingguo's effect very well!

Long Qingguo contains the essence of dragon's breath, mild energy, and nourishing strength. Long-term use of males also has a chance to obtain the goddess artifact "Qingtian Dragon King Gun". When men take it, the nourishing body of the dragon will glow a strong male breath and attract the opposite sex!

Dragon **** is kinky, this effect is more or less incidental to Long Qingguo. And Lin Chen did not know what method to stimulate all the hungry holy beasts, let them further "estrus" or become violent in the state of high lust!

Then he looked away from each other, his own breath was hidden to the extreme, let the geniuses take Long Qingguo, the geniuses who exuded the male flavor and the holy realm talent, will become the primary goal of the extreme beasts!

In this way, Lin Chen does not need to personally shoot, the sacred beasts that are estrus and mad will chase the geniuses all over the sky!

"It's a great deal of misfortune, and steals the dragon and turns the phoenix. Lin Chen, Lin Chen, you **** devil!"

Even Wushuang lost his heart and convinced him, but when he remembered the refining scriptures, Lin Chen said, he can take it to the next level!

The so-called monster-level genius is really vulnerable to the real "monster"!


Lin Chen embodies a shadow, hides merit and fame, and swipes to the center of the whole continent, full of spiritual power, looking for the location of the holy beast's lair.

"The younger ones are still too tender now, hehe, but they can't kill them without cooperating with the coach."

Lin Chen broke straight into a palace and released all her spiritual power.

"I found it, are you here." Lin Chen looked up, and a blood moon-like jade hung on the top of the palace.

Suddenly, a stream of light flashed, Lin Chenyi moved quickly, and stepped on the body!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen took the lead to steal the Crimson Moon Jade!

"Hey, it's worthy of Lin Chen playing with geniuses, interesting."

A voice echoed with a natural low voice, and a figure appeared in the darkness.

His face was fair, he looked handsome, his eyes were beautiful, he was a handsome guy, but the cheap smile on his lips was too much to make him want to flatten him.

"Oh? One of the four great silver thieves in the legend, Xisao Xixiaoxian?" Lin Chen was surprised and put away Crimson Moon Jade with a smile: "Am I being underestimated, did you just behave like that?" With all my strength, I may not be able to accept this crimson moonstone."

Xi Xiaoxian said indifferently, "What is Crimson Moon Jade, I have already got it, try your skill."

After talking, Xi Xiaoxian turned a **** jade at his fingertips.

A move in Lin Chen's heart, really deserved reputation!

This Xi Xiaoxian possesses the orange-level body method, and the background is strong. In the previous melee, at least half of his strength was not taken out, and he made various strokes.

Lin Chen's speed can be so perverted, relying on [enhancement] and the ultimate moment plus high amount of element attribute value, and also need to add a pair of holy phoenix wings to achieve the speed of the orange order body method. It can be seen that there is a tremendous gap between the half-orange and orange steps!

The evil spirits of the evil spirits list may not have the orange order body method! This is the most rare type of exercises.

"Look at your strength is good, do you want to go to the depths with this handsome guy here. If there are gains, 50 to 50."

Xi Xiaoxian made a suggestion.

Lin Chen said: "Oh? What cooperation?"

Xi Xiaoxian held out his finger: "The other side of this space plane is the Nether Thunder Pond. There may be good babies in the Thunder Pond, but some strange monsters are born in the Thunder Pond.

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow: "What if you sell me?"

Xi Xiaoxian said angrily: "Fart. I'm still worried that you will sell me!"

Lin Chen shrugged and said indifferently: "I never lose money in doing things, you can choose not to cooperate. If you want to cooperate, you have to pay a deposit."

Xi Xiaoxian was stunned: "Why do I have to pay a deposit?"

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "I never do a bad business, not to mention, do you think there is a better partner than me now? Look at the guys outside who are crushed."

Xi Xiaoxian said, "You are ruthless!"

Xi Xiaoxian Ling handed Lin Chen a holy vessel worth over 100 million silver holy yuan as a deposit.

The action of the two, Lin Chen summoned the Holy Dragon this time. Although the battle with Long Yijing caused it to be injured, Lin Chen with Long Qingguo and Dragon Blood Salvation helped the Holy Dragon to a higher level! Now it only has one dragon vein to reach 1 billion dragon power!

Lin Chen and Xi Xiaoxian went all the way to the edge of the southwest, and the center was a rift.

The two went deep into the abyss, and before ten breaths, Lin Chen felt a thunderous thunder that thundered his chest!

"I am indestructible with my present holy body, and it is no problem to hard-wire the saint's full bombardment. I feel such strong Leiwei oppression at such a long distance, and there are treasures in it!"

Lin Chen's spirit mentioned that the thunder system was running, and the pressure was relieved. The holy dragon is covered with a blue dragon light protector, and the blue light against Wan Leiwei is resisted.

And Xi Xiaoxian, who has always been a hippie with a smiling face, is also full of dignity at the moment, and 13 holy caves shine brightly, sheltering his body.

Lin Chens 10 holy caves today, blessing the holy caves and elemental attribute values of Taiyi Space-Time, are repaired to the second stage of the holy realm of about 16 pieces, and the combat power is directly after the triple early stage of the holy realm, as long as there is no comparable holy place in it. In the fourfold existence of the environment, he withdrew his body unscathed.

Brush ~!

The two infiltrated to the bottom of the rift, and finally reached a space rift. The internal lightning throbbed, and the space crystal wall was easily torn by lightning!

Entering the rift of space, a gray world is in sight, everything is gray, the life is dim, and the thunder and lightning like a snake are crawling around!

Lin Chen instantly shined!

Thunder bubble with numbers floating around this void mine pool! It shows different numbers such as 231, 642 and so on!

It is a special attribute value for making nirvana

"This... these are the special attribute values for making the blue-tier top nirvana!"

Lin Chen's heart trembles!