My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1163

Vol 5 Chapter 1163: Happy Cooperation

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[Get special attribute values: Avenue Leigang 2149 points, 7882 points, 12499 points...]

The holy dragon wanders the void and takes away a large number of attribute bubbles in the void mine pool for Lin Chen. There are at least tens of thousands of special attribute bubbles here!

"Hey, what is your dragon doing! Don't act so blatantly!"

Xi Xiaoxian was terrified. He was used to stealing chickens and dogs, and he couldn't stand Lin Chen's high-profile action pattern.

Lin Chen patted him on the shoulder, "Relax, what are you talking about, I'm here."

Bang ~!

Thunderclouds surging, thousands of lightning flashes condensed into black thunder dragons, if they stared at the duo and the holy dragon spiritually, the murderous sky, Xi Xiaoxian instantly creeps!

Lin Chen said in a serious way: "Xiaoxian, I will give it to you, and the heavens will be responsible for the people, and I will forge his muscles and work his skin. I believe yours. I will take out the treasures in the future and you. Share equally!"

Xi Xiaoxian: "...are you still an individual?"

Suddenly, the thunder light condenses, and the thunder dragon finally turns into a graceful and graceful beauty, without the wisps, and the facial features are like beautiful and beautiful buds.

The woman covered with lightning threw a wink at the two, her lips slightly raised, and her whole body released a breath of joy.

Lin Chen said suddenly: "Yes, brother Xian, let's take a step first. This place is too dangerous. It's still Brother Chen who will break it."

Xi Xiaoxian said seriously: "Brother Chen, although you and I meet each other, but I can see at a glance. You are a person worthy of courage. This enemy is covered by a fierce hood, extremely dangerous, and my brother and I will do it alone!"

Lin Chen said sincerely: "Brother Xian really touched my brother, but how can I be the coercing generation, to fight together, to run together. To do together, let us split this one together Fierce girl!"

Xi Xiaoxian nodded heavily: "Well, since it is so, then split her three times!"

Lin Chen looked seriously: "Just three splits!"

After that, the two men wiped nosebleeds coincidentally.

Boom! The energy of the Nether Lightning Pool was mobilized, and the woman of Leiguang pointed a little, and the endless thunderlight condensed into dozens of Leimang direct shots of Lin Chen and Shenglong!

The destructive power of Raymond is extremely horrible, and the crystal walls of space are torn like paper paste!

boom! boom! boom!

The space where the two were located was broken into half, and the afterimage disappeared.

Brush ~! Sure enough, the two's body speed is very fast, neither of them went to meet the spirit body condensed by the lightning, but rushed straight into the center of Lei Chi!

The woman with long hair and waist threw a thunderbolt on her feet and swept the two straight away. The two'old foxes' flickered in different directions.

This woman is the wise form of the Nether Lightning Pool. It can control the energy of the entire Lightning Pool. Even Lin Chen may not be able to consume her!

Only when the Holy Realm is fourfold, and the existence of the "expanding cave realm" is reached, the Holy Spirit contained in the Holy Cave is like stars, sun, and moon, can it be hardened with this woman!

laugh! laugh! Boom!

The entire Void Thunder Pond was shaking, and the body speed of the two was extremely fast, but it was still dangerous and avoided the Thunder Spirit's attack.

But at the next moment, that Thunderling woman immediately turned and rushed to Xi Xiaoxian!

"I depend on his grandmother, how come I look at me! That guy is more handsome than the old man, you go and **** him!"

Xi Xiaoxian's scalp is numb, and it is swept away like a refracted crystal light, and when he dives into the void, he immediately urges a cloak-like sacred space object to slip away!

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, perhaps because Lei was inspired to learn that his cultivation practice was higher than himself, and Lei Ling first eliminated him!

"Fortunately, this Thunder Spirit form is just beginning to have wisdom, and does not fully understand the power to control itself. If it has the four-fold fighting consciousness of the Holy Realm, neither of us can run away!"

Lin Chen released the Holy Dragon again, charging a special attribute value frantically.

"Avatar, go and save the two stuns."

Lin Chen released two avatars, running the Dark Tribulation Holy Spirit, urging the innate shadow trick to dispel the breath and dive into the void.

If Xi Xiaoxian died, Lin Chen wouldn't be cooperative, and Lin Chen wouldn't sell him completely.

Lin Chen turned into a white light dragon shadow, and ran into the deepest part of the thunder pool. In the center was a purple thunder pool.

The size of ten cubic meters of purple thunder pool, the "water surface" of the thunder pool is beating with a wire arc, which causes the space to be distorted. The diffused Leiwei made Lin Chen feel a sense of trembling!

And directly above the Purple Thunder Pond, a five-light treasure chest is suspended!

Lin Chen was slightly happy, grabbed it!

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest, the host obtains: Inferior Thunder System Alien CrystalThousand Thunder Alien Crystal.

Thunder is alien crystal!

Lin Chen was delighted that he was short of thunder, wood and wind crystals!

At this time, the purple thunder pool is filled with bubbles with special attribute values, and the Holy Dragon releases the dragon body to its maximum!

[Get 1592 Advanced Thunder Energy, 899 Thunder Energy, 722 Thunder Energy...]

There is also a lot of thunder system energy here, and the Holy Dragon is completely wiped out!

Lin Chen stared at the Purple Thunder Pond-"This is the energy that Sheng Lei has accumulated, and it has been completely transformed into a physical appearance, containing a rich Lei Sheng Yuan... Hmm?"

In the depths of Lei Chi, there is a purple vine, this is Lei Sheng Vine! It is the raw material that will soon be transformed into inferior crystal!

On the other side is a thunder sword, the sword body is like a fish intestine, three feet long, three fingers wide, the sword body is purple and green, it is a thunder sword of the first grade!

It's just that this holy sword has been refined by the energy of Lei Chi all the year round, and its power is better than the ordinary first-grade holy sword.

Suddenly, in addition to the two treasures, Lin Chen also vaguely saw the faint light of the five-color attribute in the depths of Lei Chi!

"There is also a Five-Light Supreme Treasure Box in Lei Chi!"

Lin Chen moved!

Two five-light supreme treasure chests, this time he is about to make money!

Lin Chen first hid his breath to the lowest point with the innate shadow tactics. With a thought, he launched the "super-dimensional transmission"!

Brush ~! The light of space flashed, and the avatar brought Xi Xiaoxian to Lin Chen's position. He had some expression on his face, "This... what is this space secret!"

When he saw Lin Chen, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief: "You have a little conscience."

"Look at the following."

Lin Chen's voice echoed in his ear, Xi Xiaoxian looked at him, and moved: "Lei Shengteng and Lei Shengjian!"

Lin Chen directly said: "The energy of Lei Chi is too strong. I need enough time to get in the treasure. My avatar will help you delay that guy. After the event, Lei Jian belongs to you, Lei Teng belongs to me!"

boom! boom! boom!

The terrible thunderstorm swept through again, and it was the thunder pool spirit body again!

Lin Chen hadn't waited for Xi Xiaoxian to agree, kicked him off with a kick, far away Ling's attention was on him, Lin Chen was lurking in the dark!

Xi Xiaoxian wailed: "Lin Chen, what are you..." Lin Chen smiled and said: "Happy cooperation."

Xi Xiaoxian wants to cry without tears: "Happy your brother-in-law!"

That being said, Xi Xiaoxian still honestly cooperated with Lin Chen, and continued to attract Lei Ling to other positions, because even if he was replaced by him, Xi Xiaoxian would not go down to the Lei Chi to get things, but only to Lin Chen. From the fact that he used a cover-up to cover himself, he could see that this guy did not intend to tear his face.