My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1164

Vol 5 Chapter 1164: Start Again Orange Rank Talent

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At this time, among the dozens of light screens listed in the Red Moon Platform, four light screens showed the scene of the Void Thunder Pond! Lin Chen and Xi Xiaoxian are perfectly reflected.

The crimson fairy sitting in the giant ship showed its interesting appearance for the first time. Lin Chens hand playing with the geniuses was indeed dazzling. Xi Xiaoxian was not to be underestimated. Both were the fastest to find the crimson moon jade. !

"Unexpectedly, the Void Thunder Pond was also found by them. The Thunder Spirit inside is condensing wisdom, and the true strength is approaching the fourfold of the Holy Realm. Ha ha, if these two little guys can gain something in it, but it is really suitable for this seat. Complete that mission..."

The eyes of the Scarlet Fairy flashed, and the people inside the Red Moon Platform were astonished.

"The two sinister guys, Lin Chen and Xi Xiaoxian, have been combined together."

"These two are not easy, their body speed is orange rank level, and the saints at the same level and even higher than their 10 holy caves are difficult to leave them!"

"Yeah, or else it is said that the orange-level body method is the most rare exercise. With this exercise, it is really a life-saving skill!"

When the geniuses were talking about each other, several saints stared at a certain light screen.

"No... Lin Chen doesn't want to enter the center of the thunder pool!"

"Thunderbolt gathers purple. This is the condensed energy of Saint Lei. This is not a joke. There is no more than three stages of Holy Realm cultivation. If you dare to touch it, you will be seriously injured or even life-threatening..."

In the Void Thunder Pond;

When Xi Xiaoxian attracted the firepower of the Thunder Spirit, Lin Chen ran the holy qi of all the holy caves to cover himself, while maintaining the disappearing state of the "congenital shadow tactic" while diving into the Thunder Pond!

The saints outside the Red Moon are stunned!

Is this kid really afraid of death? Or is he sure?

Bang ~~! Buzz!

The terrible Lei Wei shocked Lin Chen's consciousness and holy body like a tide, and directly twitched him all over his body, trembling his teeth!

The whole Lei Chi boiled up suddenly, like boiling water, the thunder light was full, and the electricity was lingering!

Crackling! boom! boom! boom!

Lei Chi was boiling, Lin Chen exploded all over, his hair was erected in an instant, his eyes turned white, and his limbs were paralyzed!

"Oops, the energy condensed by the thunder pool is too perverted, so I'm going to have something wrong with the electricity!"

Lin Chen's spiritual power is like a vast starry sky, even if the consciousness of being electrified is faint, even if there is a ray of spiritual power that is not destroyed, he can think in an instant and realize the seriousness of the problem.

This Void Lei Chi did not even grasp the dilemma of Xi Xiaoxian's Holy Land in the middle of the second half, Lin Chen still underestimated its power!

"This Lin Chen is going to have an accident, and he was electrified by the real energy of Lei Chi, and his life chance was destroyed in a short time!"

"It's too reckless...Look at what the Crimson Fairy said, if she shot, Lin Chen would be disqualified!"

The saints shook their heads and jumped into the thunder pool. They did not dare to say that they could live out!

The face of the crimson fairy fascinated with fascination: "Jumped down without any preparation?"

Should I say that Lin Chen is clever or stupid...

In Lei Chi; Sheng Lei entered Lin Chen's body, his head shook straight, and Sheng Qi could not completely resist this Lei Wei!

"That's right. My avatar is fully refining Thousand Thunder Crystals. If I can control Thunder Crystals, my Eucharist will not be easily charged by Lei Wei like this!"

In Qingxue planting capsules, Lin Chen launched the remaining three avatars to run "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" and put the new thunder crystal into the Holy Cave!

Bang ~! Lin Chens sacred cave has a ray of sacred thunder born. Lin Chens "Creation Nine Tribulation" and "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue" seem to be the natural way to control the alien crystal. There is no exclusion and burden to control the new alien crystal. It is automatically integrated into the body in a quarter of an hour!

[Gain 77800 advanced thunder energy.

When the attribute value of the thunder system skyrocketed, Lin Chen injected the Holy Spirit into the Thousand Thunder Crystal!

Brush ~! Bang ~!

When the power of the thunder crystal was launched, most of the thunder that entangled Lin Chen disappeared! His pressure suddenly diminished, and he even felt a little bit crisp!

"Really, the power of the thunder crystal can assimilate most of the power of the holy thunder!"

Lin Chen was slightly pleased, and he cloned a large amount of silver holy yuan coins in Qingxue planting capsules to provide holy energy to the body, and then continuously transported into the thunder system crystal, continuously launching the power protection of the crystal!

He began to swim in the Thunder Pond. The "water" in the Thunder Pond was completely accumulated by Saint Lei after ten million epochs. Not to mention tearing the space here, even flying cant do it. It is Lin Chens limit to swim. Now!

Swimming to the bottom of Lei Chi, Lin Chen pulled out the Thunder Sword under Lei Chi and put it into Qingxue's capsule.

Then put the Lei Teng into the Taoyuan planting capsule. This is a good treasure for making the next-level Lei system abnormal crystal. He can try to breed another Lei system abnormal crystal!

After collecting Lei Chi's baby, Lin Chen grabbed the second five-light treasure chest.

[Open the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and get the Orange Order Talent Fragment: Extinct Fissure (3/3). The talent has been automatically integrated, please check the host in the talent column.

"New Orange Rank Talent!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

coming! Another orange rank talent!

After the instant light splitting, Lin Chen controls the second permanent orange rank talent!

[Active Attack Talent: Exterminate Fissure Wounds, consume talent points to increase the next attack, with a split wound effect, when causing damage to the enemy, the damage can not be treated for a period of time, the time limit effects are (180 days / 90 days / 30 days 7 days), depending on the enemys cultivation, determine the time limit of the split wound effect, grade: orange level low.

"A new trump card has been started! As long as the anti-injury and the enemy can be broken, the injury can continue to exist. In the battle, you can continue to accumulate the injury while the other party is injured? This is too abnormal, the trick of protracted war!"

Although the Extinction Fissure is not as good as the Reversal of the Heavens, it is a permanent orange-level talent anyway. Lin Chen believes that as long as it is paired with the instant light shadow or the armor of the God of War, it is bound to be able to combine new super kills!

"Okay, it's almost time to go out..."

When Lin Chen was planning to go upstream, there was a click sound all over his body!

Brand new power emerged from Lin Chen's body, such as Wanlong Xiaotian, shaking the stars!

Lin Chen's roots and flesh and blood are reborn with stronger vitality!

He actually broke through!

However, it is not cultivation, but the realm of physical training!

The flesh shell awakening increased Lin Chens pure power by 50%, Lin Chens 200 million dragon power increased to 300 million dragon power, and now he has broken through to 400 million dragon power, and the blessing awakening effect is 600 million dragon!

"It's Lei Chi's sake! Just now I was concerned about the fusion of alien crystals, but I didn't pay attention to how many times the flesh corpse lingered in the ultimate life and death, and was finally refined by the mine pond to my flesh corpse corpse to a new level!"

Lin Chen licked his tongue excitedly: "Lei Chi can quench the body? Earn big hair! Is this the legendary electric therapy? Ha ha ha!"