My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1165

Vol 5 Chapter 1165: Why Is He So Angry?

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"What is this about Lin Chen?"

" this guy still sneaking in?"

"I'm afraid this guy is alive and crooked? I wonder if he is younger than my sister? Is it a brain?"

The geniuses of the Red Moon platform were amazed by a few saints and looked surprised.

This guy just rolled his eyes just because of the electricity, so he almost burped!

Even the Scarlet Fairy almost shot him out just now.

Is it possible to act, is this a backhand dive?

The Scarlet Fairy raised her slender jade fingers and stared at the sight of the Void Thunder Pool with great interest-"Interestingly, when the flesh-shelled Eucharist reached the limit, a new alien crystal power emerged, or a thunder-type alien crystal!"

"This is a great use!"

After finishing the last sentence, Crimson Fairy stared at Han Yizhi, "I heard that Han Yizhi and him are still old knowledge. If he can pass this assessment, he may try to sneak into the woman's side..."

Suddenly, there was a restlessness in the Red Moon Terrace.

"At that time... what happened?"

"My day! My eyes are blind! What is Lin Chen doing?"

"Crazy? Is Lin Chen really crazy?"

Several saints stood up suddenly, and they looked like ghosts!

Even without opening his mouth to put eggs, instantly dumbfounded!

Rows of female geniuses covered their faces with jade hands and blushed at a light screen on the edge.

The remaining four lovers of the Scarlet Fairy had a pretty face, or a sip, and even the female genius of the most cold and arrogant beauty of the iceberg could not help but reveal a bit of consternation.

Han Yizhi, opposite the platform ship, coughed slightly and his ears were red.

At this time, in the light screen at the edge, the teenager undressed, leaving only the pants, bare chest exposed muscles, such as refined muscles showing a linear arc, hair curled up, the arc beating.

He was immersed in Lei Chi, his hands were lying beside the pool, his expression was comfortable and lazy, and the whole body was shaking with an arc, which brought him a small amount of trembling and shaking.

Someone Lin's mouth was frivolous, provoking a coquettish radian, and a sigh: "Comfortable! Hey, this hand thunder pool electrotherapy massage is very comfortable, and it also comes with the effect of the lightning quenching body. It is difficult to play lanterns in such a good place. Find."

Everyone on Red Moon looked dumbfounded!

Even the scarlet fairy froze!

This Lin Chen actually soaked in the Nether Thunder Pond?

Many people have numb scalp and cold back!

A pool of energy mines enough to destroy the saint's double or even triple, he actually soaked it!

Have you made a mistake! Gangster!

You are here to take part in the assessment, not on holiday! Enjoy it in the Lei Pool!

A drop of crystal clear sweat beads crossed his handsome face, and then fell to the sharp outline of the collarbone. Seeing that some young female geniuses were as sweet as peach, and Hongxia dyed their cheeks, from time to time, they took a sip and wanted to throw it away. Depends.

Lin Chens lazy and comfortable bath looks like a stark contrast to other geniuses who are being chased by estrus or mad holy beasts!

This strong and contrasting encounter seems to be telling everyone that even if Lin Chen cant take action against others, there are various ways to kill others!

A monster-level genius who once entered the tomb of the Holy King murmured to himself.

"Is there no one in this world who can stop this man from going down, there was a divine head sacred in the head of the Holy King, and now there is a void in the thunder pool..."

However, the next moment...

Lin Chen took out an exquisite gold jug, poured a glass of fine wine brewed by Qingyao jade dew, and placed it in a fruit bowl. !

Lin Chen took out his waist flying knife, flying knife as a fork knife, and the blade of the knife swiftly cut the vine. Lin Shuai forced to cut the red gold vine gracefully, stained with a bit of dragon blood, and put it in his mouth to chew slowly.

Then, stringing a bunch of Long Qingguo with his hand, while being constantly shaken by Lei Chi's electricity, he looked up and opened his mouth, and Long Qingguo went into the belly.

He freely lifted Erlang's legs in Leichi, the legs were exposed from above, and he did not forget to calmly drink a sip of Qingyao Yulu's brewing wine.

Looking at Lin Chen who was holding Erlang's legs, holding the cup in one hand, and holding the fruit in his hand, many powerful men couldn't help but blurt out!


Why is he so mad!

Look at him like a bear with a surly bear, why are you so bad that you sent a beautiful woman to bite with you?

"I'm so mad, he owes me so much!"

"How can he wear good-quality pants?"

"I suddenly wanted to beat him! How did this person live to this day without being killed."

A young man in Tsing Yi gritted his teeth.

The two monster-level geniuses who had entered the Haotian Saint King's Tomb looked at each other, and patted the Tsing Yi son's shoulder, but said helplessly: "It's just a habit, we are all scorned by him like this."

The entrance of Long Qingguo and Dragon Blood Salivation will help Lin Chen's strength increase even more!

The condensed essence of Sheng Lei is that Sheng Yuan refines his flesh and blood, and a lot of dragon blood saliva, such as dragon blood and flesh, contains the energy of moving mountains to fill the sea and enters Lin Chens flesh.

Originally, Dragon's Blood Spit was the holy relic of Lin Chen's preparation for the Holy Dragon. After all, it takes a short time to refine the Dragon's Blood Spit with his physique, because the energy of this thing is overbearing, unlike the energy of Long Qingguo. mild.

But this time the dragon blood saliva and red gold vines were hardened and impacted by the power of the Holy Thunder, which accelerated the speed of the two great treasures into Lin Chen's body!

Longqing Fruit Healing Tonic, Dragon Blood Salivation increases strength, Chijinteng increases defense, Holy Lightning Body increases efficiency and increases body strength!

At this moment, Lin Chen's pure power is growing like an eruption!

This is the most terrifying time for the strength of the flesh shell to break through since his body training!

[The host obtains 2813 points of thunder energy, 2.88 million points of advanced qi and blood, 5.62 million points of advanced qi and blood, 2.92 million points, and 1259 points of thunder energy...]

The system is crazy crazy! When Lin Chen got the energy of the thunder thunder to refine the shell and refine the body, he also got a little thunder sacred element into the holy cave and got more thunder energy!

Pure power from 600 million dragons to 700 million dragons, 800 million dragons, and the constant flow of pure power like a blowout explosion is growing unstoppably!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen hadn't soaked enough for a quarter of an hour, the whole Lei Chi burst into earth-shaking momentum, Lin Chen's vigor and strength of eight, raised several grades, and raised to a new height!

Lin Chen broke through the 1 billion Dragon Power barrier at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Some saints and eliminated geniuses finally noticed the anomaly and were dumbfounded!

"It's such a domineering power, has this guy broken through?"

"This is not a cultivation breakthrough, it is the sublimation of the mortal body!"

"It turns out that this guy has been using the energy of the Void Thunder Pond to train his body!"

"This is one or two grades better than some of the body-cultivating lunatics the old man has seen! Is it that he has exceeded 1 billion dragon power?"

"One billion dragons? My God, can this be comparable to the pure power lethality of the Sacred Realm!"

"Refined the meat shell with the empty thunder pool... It's really handsome and saucy, and the artist is bold..."


Lin Chen: "People have lost contact in Lei Chi."