My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1166

Vol 5 Chapter 1166: Mirror Moon Thunder

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The two beautiful lovers of Crimson Fairy covered their red lips with both hands, and their beautiful eyes shone brightly.

"He, he's actually refining his body with Void Thunder Pool?"

"Oh my god! It's too domineering! What kind of mentality is he practicing, can he resist the energy of the thunder pool while still refining his physique?"

Both are masters of refining medicine, especially those who specialize in refining body elixirs. Lin Chen's practice is undoubtedly equivalent to suicide in their view!

Crimson Fairy looked at Lin Chen a bit higher!

This action seems ridiculous, but it is hidden! If it is as magical as the legend, no one can guess what he will do!

In the Void Thunder Pond, Lin Chen's bones, flesh and blood are filled with a touch of red gold. With this thunder pool quenching body, there are no fewer red gold vines absorbed by Lin Chen! His pure flesh shell defense will be stronger than the strong man of the same level!

From the beginning, Lin Chen needed to use alien crystal force to resist the energy of this thunder pool, and it slowly turned into only need to run Thunder Tribulation Aura to resist.

In the end, it becomes a level that only requires hard resistance to overcome the past, and the efficiency of body training is increasing!

"Lin Chen, how long will it take you, I can't hold it anymore! One of your avatars is dead!"

At this time, Xi Xiaoxian's screams came. He was run over by the thunder spirits of the Nether Leichi. If it were not for his body and years of escape experience, he would have burped!

"Wait a minute, I'm almost out."

Lin Chen's lazy voice went out, and everyone on the Red Moon Platform laughed.

This Xisao Xi Xiaoxian was killed by Lin Chenkeng!

More than a quarter of an hour later, Xi Xiaoxian's scream came again!

"Mother, Lao Tzu's second brother! Wow, they are all scorched. What's the matter with Lin Chen? If you can't handle Lao Tzu, you will withdraw! Your avatars are all hung up!"

Lin Chen laughed and said: "It's almost fast, you wait another minute, maybe the next minute, I will come out soon."

Lin Chen was almost almost there. The energy of the Void Thunder Pool was no longer so irritating to him, and there was even a feeling of crispness. There was no more damage.

Lin Chen nodded: "Well, almost, my flesh shell has produced a lot of lightning resistance, and my realm of refining has skyrocketed. The lightning pool here has been very little for the refining of my flesh shell."

"Grass! What the **** are you doing?"

Xi Xiaoxian rushed over angrily, when he saw Lin Chen's bathing look, he was completely stunned!

At the next moment, he shouted: "My day! Your **** lad! I'm almost dying, why don't you put this massage on?"

Lin Chen made a shameless haha: "Sorry, it's so comfortable, I can't help it."

After talking, Lin Chen threw the fish intestine thunder sword to Xi Xiaoxian!

Xi Xiaoxian took the sword, and subconsciously exclaimed: "Good sword! Get the energy of Lei Chi's energy, chasing the second grade Lei Shengjian! The character of your kid is not too bad."

Theoretically, the value of this holy product Thunder Sword is higher than that of Lei Shengteng, which is only likely to become the raw material of the thunder system, not the real thunder system.

If it is forcibly taken away, at most it can only be counted as one Qibao, and it is not worth the inferior crystal. It's just that Lin Chen has a way to cultivate it into alien crystals, so in the mind of Xi Xiaoxian, he still makes a profit.

But compared with Lin Chen's actual harvest this time, a thunder sword is almost worthless! The new orange-order talent fragments, the inferior thunder system crystal, and the thunder pool forging body are all far more valuable than the thunder sword!

This time, Lin Chen's harvest was too great!

To put it bluntly, it is much bigger than breaking through the eleventh holy cave and advancing to the holy realm!

His pure power soared to 1.4 billion dragon power, because of the power blessing of the flesh shell [Awakening], his pure power was: 2.1 billion dragon power!

Only the lethality of pure power can be comparable to the second half of the Holy Realm!

Before the hole burst into sanctification, the opponent Lin Chen faced was more horrifying than his opponent, which led to his pure power not playing some dazzling role.

If Lin Chen puts this terrible pure power on his combat skills at this time, the burst of power will increase the lethality by several times!

Especially with combat skills that rely on pure power, the power surges!


Space shaking, thunder roaring, Xi Xiaoxian immediately put away the thunder sword, waved to Lin Chen: "I will start off first, our cooperation is over, you can do it yourself, the power of Thunder Ling is simply used Endless, I will not accompany!"

After talking, Xi Xiaoxian turned into dozens of afterimages and disappeared in an instant.

I don't know, not only did Lin Chen not leave, but he was willing to go to war!


The sword came out like a dragon, Lin Chen held the blue moon, and a mysterious dark blue light circulated, that is the unique light belonging to the +12 enhancement level!

"This... won't it? Does Lin Chen plan to run?"

"Does he want to fight that terrifying Thunder Spirit? Impossible, even if his physical training hits the double level of the Holy Realm, it cannot be comparable to one-tenth of it!"

"Is he going to show the trump card of the holy realm?"

The geniuses and saints of the Red Moon stared at the light screen intently.

The thundering woman with fierce striking pointed her finger, Thousands of thunders were mobilized, and the sky thunder rolled. Thundercloud gathered behind her as she listened to its movements, and instantly threw out the dazzling thunder!

Sigh~! Sigh~!

The Eight Purple Light Rays are like electric dragons, winding and thick, each one is hundreds of feet thick and long, just across the void and across the sky in a flash!

Lin Chen's remaining more than 30 million enhancement points have been starting to decrease in the Lei Chi!

Bang ~! The endless water robbery rises to the sky! Yaoguang Dasheng, 10 holy caves and 10'Taiyi holy caves' all injected the holy power into the water system crystal!

At this moment, the sword surges! Lin Chen's pure power burst, his arms fluttered, and he swept out of the air!

"Jingyue and God!"

Brush ~!

A dazzling and beautiful mirror moon is like a stream of water and moon, and it's mixed with the pure energy of the crystal wall that penetrates through the space!

Buzz~! The light is like a mirror, the moonlight shining like a moon trembles, and it is divided into five!

Except for Crimson Fairy and Han Yizhi, who can see the knife outside the Red Moon Terrace, everyone felt suddenly illuminated by the moonlight!

Tear ~! Bang ~!

The moonlight slashing across the horizontal plane slashes all the Rayman dragons, and 30% of the penetration power blows the lightning to the ceiling.


Xi Xiaoxian, who just escaped and fled, was dumbfounded!

"This guy still hides himself... dare to face the Rayling hard and extremely cruel! Can't afford to make it, slip!"

The geniuses of the Red Moon Platform slightly sucked air-conditioning!

That knife has become perfect, blending all the strengths of Lin Chen, and directly bursting out the power comparable to the triple early stage of the Holy Realm!

Lin Chen exhaled excitedly.

"Finally, I crossed that line!"