My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1167

Vol 5 Chapter 1167: Speak Speak Don't Move Your Hands

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Lin Chen sighed!

"It's really difficult to leapfrog the Holy Realm. Even if it breaks through the 10th Sacred Cave and blesses the mind method to double the power of the Sacred Cave, if I don't use the Nine Tribulation Stars and the two great orange ranks, I'm very good. Its hard to break out of the triple-level attack of the Holy Land, but now the 2.1 billion Dragon Power Pure Power is completely different!"

"As long as I use instant light fractionation, I can use any kind of half-orange combat skills to achieve the triple damage of Holy Realm!"

10 holy caves leapfrog broke out the destructive power of 21 holy caves, this is placed in the top 100 geniuses in the list of wickedness ten million years ago or today, not to mention possible, not even thinking at all Dare to think about the level!

There is no doubt that Lin Chen has become one of the most alien groups in the Holy Land One!

The woman of Lei Ling was a little stunned. Although it was a hit, it was unexpectedly broken by Lin Chen, a "small" human race!


Sky and thunder are dying, Thunder Spirit mobilizes the energy of the entire Void Thunder Pond, and the entire plane begins to falter!

"The Thunder Spirit is about to fully mobilize the energy of the Thunder Pond. This strike, I am afraid that only the Holy Realm will be completed in threefold before it can be followed. It was not just the knife that I just took..."

Crimson Fairy stared at Lin Chen with more interest.

"Oh? Do you want to fight with me to the end? I mean that."

Lin Chen's war spirit is high, and this Thunder Spirit's body has a large amount of special attribute bubbles.

As long as he wins, he will have enough attribute values to make the blue-tier top nirvana that can be threatened by the four levels of Holy Land!

[Consumed 410,000 strengthening points, strengthening "Tear of Tears" +13 success, overall power increase: 240%.

[This automatic strengthening is completed, a total of 32.21 million strengthening points are consumed, and the host has a remaining: 10,000 strengthening points, which can no longer be strengthened.

The first +13 orange-level combat skills!


Lin Chen laughed from the sky: "Come well! My estimate is +12, but I didn't expect to be covered by +13!"


Wan Lei Pentium, looming. The woman of Lei Ling pushed her hands horizontally, and a huge 100-acre purple thunder unicorn was born. It was purely formed by the power of Saint Lei and ran into Lin Chen's direction!


The moment Lei Qilin gathered from Sheng Lei ran, the whole Lei Chi was shaking!

Lin Chen held the knife in both hands and took a deep breath. The Holy Point injected a massive amount of Holy Force into the Aurora Crystal, and a violent cut!

The sword skyrocketed, the aurora borealis! Lin Chen beheaded a sharply rotating aurora knife gas!

This knife, the strength and force penetrated the mainland plate!

With this sword, the vast spiritual power is like a fight!

[Consumption of 13,500 intermediate talent points, the host launches orange-level talent: instant light split, extinction fissure.

For the first time, Lin Chen used extinct fissure wounds, and it is a rare double orange talent stack!

The rapidly rotating glowing knife shuddered!

Brush ~! call out! call out! call out!

Dao Qi is divided into five parts, wherever it passes, it twists the thunder and annihilates the thunder!

Bang~! Five explosions, the knife gas burst!

The jade-like blade gas fragments are like a sky of rain, and each piece of blade gas fragments contains the spiritual power of fighting the stars, penetrating the pure power of the sky and penetrating all the edges!

Everyone on the Red Moon platform was amazed by this peerless sword! People as strong as saints are dumbfounded!

This scene of crystal-clear jade-like sharp blade turning at a rapid speed, such as the superb view of the world, is beautiful, and there are endless murders hidden in the beauty!

boom! boom! boom!

Tens of thousands of sword gas fragments instantly bombarded the vast and magnificent Lei Qilin, and spattered countless smashing blades. Thousands of thunders were smashed and twisted into the afterglow of the sky!

The saints shuddered!


This Xeon Leiwei, which is comparable to the triple perfection of Holy Realm, was broken by Lin Chen's heavy draw of a Holy Realm?

How terrifying is "Tear of Tears" in +13?

Taking the numerical value as an example, the ratio of all Lin Chen's half-orange combat skills is taken as: 15 million points, blessing charge, penetrating rune, strong attack, ultimate moment talent and [enhancement function] increase, the increase is probably 16~ 19 times.

This value adds up to between 240 million and 285 million.

The basic value of "Tears of Tears" is about 300 million. It will be higher if the host can fragment pure power and spiritual power into sword gas fragments.

Under the premise of this foundation [Enhancement +13], the power is increased by 240%, and the value is more than 1 billion! Doubling the orange-level exercises and doubling the orange-level exercises are completely two concepts, and they are completely incomparable!

15 million 50 is less than 1 billion!

In other words, even if the "Mirror Moon" God of "Mirror Bright Moon" is fifty times stronger, it can't beat the +13 "Tear of Tears"! Not to mention that Lin Chen can now reach the highest level of "Tear of Tears". Pure power, spiritual power, and holy power can all be broken together, and the value is far more than 1 billion!

Under this increase, the power of abnormal crystals is urged, and the abnormal orange level talent of instant light splitting is blessed. The power is so powerful that it can directly cross the destructive power of the triple realm of the Holy Realm!

Lei Qilin was broken, and the naked Lei Ling woman finally showed a trace of instinctive fear, mobilizing Sheng Lei to protect herself and attempted to evacuate.

However, the infinite jade-like fragments of magnificent jade are like the most terrifying storm in the world. The speed is extremely fast. After the destruction of Lei Qilin, I have the utmost ability to carry the momentum of destroying everything and slam into the Thunder Girl!

boom! boom! boom!

The Thunder Ling woman was bombarded with defenses by dozens of blade gas fragments, and the energy of the Holy Thunder passed through quickly!

It was shocked and lost its desire, mobilizing the energy of Lei Chi to make up for it, and when he wanted to fill the wound, he was even more shocked to find that his wound could not heal!

This caused its power to pass quickly, but it could not be restored!

This is the split effect of the orange rank talent Extinct Split!

Brush ~! Holy Phoenix Wing beat, Lin Chen appeared in front of Thunder Spirit like a ghost, stretched out his hand and grabbed it!

"Boom!" Lei Ling made a frightened bang, but Lin Chen quickly transmitted the sound.

"Listen to me if you don't want to die, otherwise I will let you disappear between heaven and earth!"

Lin Chen grabbed her hard, threatening fiercely, Lei Ling seemed to understand, and the chicken nodded like a rice.

Lin Chen opened his lips with a thunderous thunder, and fed him a wandering fruit and a dragon fruit, which the Red Moon platform had never found.

Once the wandering fruit and Long Qingguo entered the body, two Xuanqi energies started to work.

[The host received 2 million points, 2.39 million points, 1.3 million points...]

Lei Ling's wound around his waist has been falling out of the special attribute bubbles in his body. While its power is reduced, Lin Chen's special attribute value has been surging all the way!

Finally, after more than half of Thunder's energy has passed, its power has been reduced by 70%, and Lin Chen canceled the effect of "Extinction Crack". The application of this talent can be controlled by the host to close the time.

At this time, the thunder light no longer appeared, a beautiful and fresh woman reborn, she has blood and flesh, her skin is white, she has a dress and a skirt, long hair and waist, is a living person!

Lin Chen said seriously: "It is difficult for a powerful force to transform you into a real life. This is also the path that has been hindering you from going forward. How can you give up the power to me and become a real life, right? "

Everyone on the Red Moon Platform was amazed. This Lin Chen's method was really amazing every time...

But... you just talk, just take your dog paw away from the upper body of other girls!

The lady said shyly: "Thank you, son, not losing is not losing... is the son, can your hands be removed from others..."

Lin Chen recovered, and then scratched his head, mockingly said: "Then, I'm sorry, get used to it, I'm not losing money."