My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1168

Vol 5 Chapter 1168: Change Assessment

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"In the future you will be a complete life. You can practice and leave here. With your strength, ordinary saints can't hurt you, just like that, I'm gone."

Lin Chenchong waved the long-haired woman and swept towards the direction of the Nether Lei Chi. The beautiful and smart eyes of the lady stared at the back of his departure.

"Thank you, I will remember you..."

People keep the teenager's back and face in their hearts forever.

Inside the Rift Tunnel, Lin laughed all the way like a 250-kilogram fat man, and his heart was full of joy!

"This time the harvest is huge. I really want to thank the man of Xi Xiaoxian. The meat shell refining breakthrough is so terrifying! In the future, using the God of War armor can also try to mobilize more powerful pure power, although the consumption of the essence of the suit will be faster... If I stand out, there are no six holy realms triple, dont even want to eat your ass!"

In Lin Chen's heart, his confidence became thicker and thicker!

Although Lin Chen has the armament of the God of War, that is the last resort, and you cant use it for a while if you dont have the essence supplement. It is the last killer with the "Death and Death" talent.

"I want to pay close attention to get more enhancement points and orange-level exercises. There are two orange-level talents at hand. Even if my attack level is improved a little, it will be a qualitative transformation!"

After returning to the appraisal space plane, Lin Chen didn't leave in a hurry, he chased behind the geniuses in the space, did nothing, and picked up the attributes!

Every attributed light ball dropped will be accepted correctly! These geniuses do not have a big gap with themselves. Although they will not drop any lightballs in battle, they may be injured.

After squatting for two days, Lin Chen picked up a hundred high-quality attribute light balls, and mobilized avatars to attack the holy beast, the body was far away.

The death of the holy beast is very different. The holy beast here is far more than the holy beast in the tomb of the holy king. They have the wisdom and sufficient combat skills and powerful blood power. The two holy beasts with 3 billion dragon power can easily crush the holy king. Dozens of holy beasts without wisdom in the Tomb Mansion!

Just like the second level of the Holy Realm, it can easily crush the first level of the Holy Realm. The two sides are not at the same level. Even Lin Chen has to be careful of their Jedi counterattack.

At the cost of an avatar of death, Lin Chen killed three holy beasts and harvested a large amount of advanced qi and blood attributes and a large number of element attribute values!

Lin Chen did not waste anything, let the Holy Dragon swallow the body of the three-headed Holy Beast, and refine it together with the fierce beast core!

"The next time the Holy Dragon goes out, the dragon veins should be able to break through more than 100 million yuan. I dont know if the dragon power can reach my body level. However, the maximum growth limit of the blood veins of the Wanzai Xuanqing Dragon is eighth-level primary. After strengthening, it will increase more than four times. That means about 40 billion dragons..."

Lin Chen fell into contemplation. The growth limit of the Holy Dragon is based on the highest bloodline. The Holy Dragon has the bloodline of Hongyan True Phoenix. The growth limit is far more than 40 billion dragon power, but the bloodline supernatural power is not the case.

For example, if the Holy Dragon is in control of 100 billion dragon power, then the power it exerts using 10,000 years of blue light will only have about 40 billion dragon power. If you use Hongyan Prison, you can perfectly play the lethality of hundreds of billions of dragons!

Bloodline supernatural power is limited by the limits of bloodline, unless Lin Chen later abandons the magical power of Qinglong and Yinglong.

"It seems that to find an opportunity, I have to go to the dragon tribe. According to the records of Tuosheng, there are 10,000 kinds of side branches of the Holy Realm Dragon Clan. There is always an ancestor of the Qinglong and Yinglong. Open the Dragon God Blood Jade..."

While Lin Chen was still sloshing, brushing, he was teleported out of the secret realm and returned to the Red Moon Platform.

"Well, what's the matter? Didn't you say that there was a half-month evaluation?" Lin Chen was stunned, but found a pair of eyes with strange eyes staring at himself.

"Squad leader..." Han Yizhi secretly voiced. "You attracted all the holy beasts' attention to other geniuses, they didn't have a chance to find Crimson Moon Jade and were eliminated..."

"Huh?" Lin Chenle was amused, and he still lost his feelings?

"It's all your bastards, what tricks did you make our three brothers defeated! Otherwise they will never be eliminated, our three brothers are the strongest!"

A girl in blue outside the Red Platform pointed at Lin Chen and scolded.

Lin Chen's indifferent eyes stared at the girl in blue, a fatal sense of crisis immediately shrank her pupils, shivering, lowering her head and daring to look at Lin Chen again.

"I'm too lazy to take care of your brother's affairs, and I have not violated the regulations. If you are not convinced, you can come to Lin Chen at any time."

Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulder, freehand.

This woman is nothing but the Five Tribulation Warlords. Although she is a genius list, she has no qualification to speak in front of Lin Chen!

After becoming a saint, the level of life and the war emperor are different from the cloud mud. The saint can suppress the war emperor with one look! What happens when you kill an ordinary war emperor completely, let alone Lin Chen!

"Um..." The Scarlet Fairy spoke. "In this assessment, some unexpected conditions did occur, but no one violated the regulations. At present, only four people have received the tokens, so it is not easy to hold the second pass assessment..."

A holy genius like Wushuang could only shake his head and smile when he heard it, shit, who made them so unlucky, and spread the wonderful flower of Lin Chen! This guy has never done things according to rules and common sense!

"My Moon Palace has always liked music and poems, and I have not returned to my hometown for many years..."

The crimson fairy sighed quietly, and there was a bit of sadness between the eyebrows of the beautiful cheeks. Many men saw the pitifulness at first sight, and their hearts shook. The fairy had something to worry about...

"Well, the second pass assessment is cancelled. The four of you who passed the assessment will write a poem. Who will perform better, and who will make the alternate order, Han Yizhi thinks?"

The crimson fairy turned around and looked at Han Yizhi.

Everyone was shocked!

Writing poetry? Who would have thought that the scarlet fairy had such a hand!

Scramble for an alternate list of demon list, to decide by writing poetry? This is too unexpected!

In fact, it is not that Crimson Fairy does not want to be evaluated, but because of Lin Chen's existence, no better assessment content can be found temporarily!

Comparing strength, means, background, Lin Chen is clearly superior to everyone! Regardless of any assessment, he can hardly stop him. If an assessment is given temporarily, it will be unfair to other geniuses.

Xi Xiaoxian and the two geniuses seemed to know the intention of the scarlet fairy, and their eyes lit up! He didn't wait for Han Yizhi to express his opinion before answering.

"My son is in favor of writing poetry for the final round of evaluation. Well, what good is it to fight, kill, and kill. Those of us who have strength should be supremely good and avoid harm. If there is nothing wrong, do good."

"He Gongzi and Ben Shao heroes see the same thing, haha, Ben Shao also thinks this topic is good!"

The holy geniuses eliminated in the first pass scoffed at the two.

Really, dont you just admonish Lin Chen, saying that beautiful words are better than one.