My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1169

Vol 5 Chapter 1169: Pen And Ink Waiting

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"Squad leader, are you sure..." Han Yizhi was a little worried. He only recommended Lin Chen until he knew the content of the assessment in advance. Thinking of Lin Chen's strength to pass the assessment completely, he didn't expect the content to change.

Lin Chen had no voice, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly. Han Yizhi met, and nodded with the scarlet fairy: "The fairy's determination has been decided, and Yi Zhi has no objection."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and finally no longer had to face the monster Lin Chen.

"Then let the son come first."

He Gongzi with a long hair shawl walked out slowly, smiled slightly in the dimple, smiled exquisitely, Jianmei was flying, his face looked like a pile of snow and jade trees, he was tall and slender, gentle and elegant, personable, and fell in love with a lot of women.

He is ranked 433 in the list of geniuses. He is rare in talents. He is also a six-line sect. He is also a native of the Cangyu. He has long admired the scarlet fairy, and his comprehensive strength is stronger than other geniuses in the first level.

"The fairy just missed the hometown, so let's start with the question of acacia."

He Gongzi's clear face, his eyes rejuvenated, seemed to be a little bit worried and worried about the young boy who was worried about his first love.

"It's quite quick to get into the play. If he goes to the show, the film pay should start at 200 million yuan." Lin Chen said wonderingly.

He stared at the scarlet fairy, his eyes full of admiration and love, and he spoke leisurely.

"When the flowers are blooming on the full moon, I still see Hongxiansi's old moon. When there is a limit in the horizon, there is only endless love."

Everyone sighed in detail, Miaozai!

Crimson Fairy nodded slightly, and it was Ximenxue's turn next to him. He had a handsome face and a gigantic appearance. There was an arrogance of an elegant noble son in his bones, and there was no heroism between his eyes.

Some genius girls with little experience saw him, and their hearts were full of joy, as if they saw a noble son in armor on the battlefield.

Simon Snow was ranked 477 on the list of geniuses, and was born in a six-pin family. His family is the force behind the union of several major chambers of commerce, including the super genius born with the golden key!

He was very graceful and bent down slightly towards the Scarlet Fairy. "When I see the Fairy, I know what is the best in the world below, and the topic of Acacia is below."

"Wan Jin longitudinally buys the same as the Fu, who will complain about this feeling. Life has been loved since ancient times, don't have empty hate wind and moon."

Xi Menxue's voice was clear and calm, with a firm and decisive charm. His sentence Wan Jin Longitudinal Buys the Same as Fu, so many people were moved!

Everyone knows that he was born in a wealthy family, not even a lot of genius, and he didn't think he had such a belief for a ray of lovesickness, which made many people look at it!

"This Ximenxue is equivalent to picking out the scarlet fairy. He is really a man, and he is not ambiguous at all!"

"On determination, Ximen Xue is a little more manly. On the whole, He Gongzi is superior, and neither is a waiter."

"The winner may be born from the two of them. What is the way of Xi Xiaoxian and Lin Chen, and one is a silver thief, who focuses on women's flower-picking generation."

"Although Lin Chen is a terrified man, he can experience young and immature, and it is the mainstream in the martial arts of the Holy Realm. The poetry is only an accessory. I dont think that the two of them can stand out here..."

The saints glanced at each other and set a high sentence in their hearts.

Crimson Fairy faced Ximen Xue's confession without expression, but cast an admiring glance at his performance.

When it was Xi Xiaoxian's turn, this person still had the smile that was owed to others and was spurned by many women as soon as he appeared.

"What ink can a thief have, Xi Xiaoxian, don't be embarrassing!"

"You might as well go home and think about your thirty-six tricks in the cave? If you publish a book, I will definitely subscribe."

The geniuses eliminated in the first pass sneered at Xi Xiaoxian.

"Humph! A group of guys with low eyes!"

Xi Xiaoxian proudly raised his chest and sorted out his collar, but instead looked serious.

Everyone was curious, could it be that this thief really did not succeed in ink?

Xi Xiaoxian's expression showed some affection and memories, and said loudly.

"A bright moon is born at sea, and there is a whole world at this time. Lovers blame away at night, and they begin to lovesickness at night.

When the words fell, the Red Moon Terrace was full of silence...

Many people's mouths are slightly opened, this guy is still a bad relationship?

Xi Xiaoxian stared at the scarlet fairy, revealing her memories: "That year, I was eighteen, she was eighteen eighty, I met the thirst of her at the fiercest age, that night, I was behind, she was Front. That day, I was on the sea, and she was in the sea. She taught me writing books and philosophies of yin and yang. Seeing the face of a fairy today, I cant help but recall the night of the moon on the sea..."

Everyone's mouth twitched, and sure enough, he was the Xi Xiaoxian...

"Poof!" Lin Chen laughed outrageously! This Xi Xiaoxian is really a personal talent!

The scarlet fairy commented: "Good people."

Finally, after sighing that Xi Xiaoxian was also a talent, everyone looked at Lin Chen.

The top three perform very well, and the mood is close. How will Lin Chen behave?

If he barely made a song, I am afraid it will be difficult to win!

The geniuses saw that Lin Chen seemed to be suppressed, and his heart was dark, and the one who told you to dominate the first pass just now. You are so angry now, why can't you complain?


Suddenly, Lin Chen laughed.

"Lick the dog to the end, everything is there." Lin Chen glanced at the three geniuses just now.

He Gongzi smiled and said: "Oh? Our Lin Datian genius is desperately angry, did he break the pot?"

Ximenxue smiled and said: "How can Brother He say this, how can the Brothers Chen Chen break the pot? In my opinion, the Brothers Chen Chen must have thought of the ancient sentences, the ancient poetry, and have a strong pressure on the audience. Hold on, you're right, Brother Lin, I can't wait to take a look."

Anyone with a discerning eye can hear what this "Ximeng Xue" means "can't wait", can't wait to be ugly!

Han Yizhi was a little nervous. Although he knew that the squad leader had always been able to turn the tide, but he had never performed research or outstanding performance in poetry, and the sharpening of guns did not work for these geniuses!

"Ximen Xue really has a vision, this let you know! This handsome man really has a fairy poem, and he has the confidence to win this alternate list of evildoers! This victory belongs to me."

Lin Chen smiled, more and more people do not understand, bragging not to draft?

"Come here, serve with pen and ink!"

Lin Chen's domineering waved his lips and raised his mouth frantically, and his utter calmness and absolute confidence in controlling everything made everyone puzzled!

This kid, where is his confidence? Could it be that he has such a perverted talent in martial arts, and at the same time he has a very high attainment in poetry?