My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1171

Vol 5 Chapter 1171: Am I Handsome

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Lin Chen's hand made everyone in the audience foolish! You say he is bragging and brazen, but everyone can see the situation of the scarlet fairy!

Simon Xue couldn't help but ask: "Fairy, what is this poem..."

The crimson fairy jade hand closed the jade jade, and there was a violent wave in his heart.

When Miaomu looked at Lin Chen again, she had a slightly different charm. She said seriously: "The poems of Master Lin Chen are truly ancient and unprecedented, and they should only exist in the sky! I dont know if I can cherish them carefully. Its a good taste."

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and grinned: "Naturally, it's okay. I don't care about you if you shrink in the bed."

Seeming to understand Lin Chen's meaning, the crimson fairy said softly: "Thank you son for your success."

He Gongzi was a little crazy, and hurriedly said: "Fairy, what kind of poem is this, can we also open our eyes!"

Crimson Fairy shook his head: "No, I won't regret it if I say it. I announced that this time, the son of Lin Chen passed and obtained the alternate order of the evil list. The remaining geniuses can also choose the love of this seat. The apprentice becomes a concubine."

Everyone's scalp is numb, completely stunned!

The announcement of the Scarlet Fairy even had a bit of a tough and determined taste, and it didn't even ask Han Yizhi!

It seems that Lin Chen was appointed to win!

Won? Did you win?

What is the situation? Without knowing anything, Lin Chen won this?

Ximenxue can no longer maintain his manners, scolding Lin Chen said: "Lin Chen, you have to hide any ancient poetry, why not let everyone appreciate it together!"

"The reason I said." Lin Chen shrugged, jokingly smiled: "You are not handsome enough, you can't understand this poem. That's why this handsome man is compelled to have this kind of value and the Holy World first sitting there. The beautiful boy is qualified."

The vast majority of people in the audience twitched slightly...

Han Yizhi covered his mouth and chuckled, and the big rock in his heart was completely put down.

"The squad leader is really amazing. What kind of poem is it that shocked the scarlet fairy..." Han Yizhi was curious.

Based on his knowledge of the squad leader, this might not be a poem?

Brush ~! Crimson Fairy Slim Slim Jade turned over, a token appeared in the palm of his hand, passed to Lin Chen across the air.

The geniuses looked enviously at the alternative order. People other than the top 100 in the genius list wanted to participate in the ten-year jihad, and only had three alternative orders.

And if you win in the holy war, you will be able to enter the alternate list, and have most of the rights equivalent to the evil list.

The feast of the Scarlet Fairy ended with the most unexpected result. Many geniuses were sighing and unwilling when they left.

"His sister, in the end, you can't see what poem Lin Chen's boy wrote, what is so mysterious."

"Even the Scarlet Fairy is impressed like this, I am afraid it is really a Van Gogh poem."

"It's normal for this kid to stand out, think about it, he is a person who dares to move even the tiger's buttocks of the Holy King, there is nothing he can't do..."

No one questioned Crimson Fairy's decision. Her status and prestige, and even the fact that she directly handed the alternate orders to Lin Chen, no one would dare to refute.

And He Gongzi and Xi Menxue each chose a concubine, envious of others, the unexpected is that Xi Xiaoxian did not choose, but left directly, which is not in line with one of his four harlots 'S name!

Ye Qingyun stared at Lin Chen resentfully and resentfully. He knew that he was facing his master's eyes, and his eyes were profound.

"It turns out that he came for the master, is my charm still weaker than the master..."

Ye Qingyun sighed quietly.

When leaving, some saints were surprised to find that the scarlet fairy even invited Lin Chen to board the ship!

Secret meeting? Or account for the entrusted matters?


Han Yizhi was arranged in another secret room in the ship.

Inside the crimson ship, in a boudoir. The enchantment of space is completely blocked, and by means of the crimson fairy, she cant even enter the Holy Realm under the premise of blocking the space!

In the harem, Lin Chen and the Scarlet Fairy sat opposite each other.

Lin Chen's jade jade was laid out on the table, and the jade jade was spread out. The content written on it was not a kind of ancient poetry at all!

Rather, four characters-you are not human

The four big characters you are not human are vigorous and chic, without any hesitation or stagnation, and all show the courage and confidence of the author!

That's right, this is the secret of the scarlet fairy controlled by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen has a habit, wherever he goes, as long as there is a saint, he will use the "sacred harbinger" to steal the attribute value as much as possible.

But when he first met the Scarlet Fairy, the Omen of the Thief failed to launch!

Crimson Fairy Cultivation is indeed extremely powerful, but it is not yet powerful enough that Lin Chen cannot steal attribute values. The system at the time gave only one answer [Cannot steal attribute values from Qi Yun Ling Zhi]!

Crimson fairy, not human!

She turned out to be a human form transformed into a luck! This secret even shocked Lin Chen when he first saw it!

Qi Yun Ling planted into human form? As far as Lin Chen has come into contact, there is no such possibility!

At least, it is impossible for Zhongpin Qiyun Lingzhi!

The six-pin family has a middle-class luck plant, and Lin Chen's record of this thing is not well understood, and there is no possibility of being transformed into a human form. It is even more impossible to transform into a human form, and it has the strength comparable to high-level holy land!

Qi Yun Ling Zhi and abnormal crystals are divided into: inferior, middle grade, top grade, best grade, and special grade!

Lin Chen has not been in contact with the top grade Ling Zhi. Such peerless wonders are at least controlled by the giant forces of the Seventh Grade and higher.

In other words, the Scarlet Fairy is at least above the top grade Ling Zhi!

A pair of crimson fairies gazed at Lin Chen, and the blue waves circulated, passing a faint killing intention in their eyes, more horror and doubt.

The secret of her ontological identity is few in the know, and she has even died of extinction. If she continues to hide, perhaps no one in this world will know her, how did this teenager find out?

What is the purpose of this teenager? Is it just for alternative orders? Why did he come here? To what extent did he know his secrets?

Where is his origin? What is the purpose of telling his secret this time? Does it prove that he is not afraid of himself?

Countless doubts lingered in the heart of the Scarlet Fairy. This was the first time she had a trace of panic in so many years!

She didn't know Lin Chen's origin, so she didn't move Lin Chen. She wants to kill Lin Chen but there are only a few breathing problems. The question is whether he passed his secret to a third party or more people!

This secret involves her life! Once exposed, it will cause wars in Cangyu and even more regions in an instant!

Suddenly, Lin Chen smiled. He smiled freely and even asked the Scarlet Fairy with a smile.

"Crimson fairy, am I handsome?"

The scarlet fairy froze!

At the next moment; she forced her composure and smiled with a smile, and she smiled with a lot of charming: "Naturally, the son is very handsome. The handsome slave family has a little panic."