My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1172

Vol 5 Chapter 1172: Come To The Door?

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Crimson Fairy's strength, Lin Chen estimated that the God of War armor is not an opponent.

He was also touching the stones to cross the river, and he did nothing for the purpose of making orders for the demon list.

"Son, can you tell me how much you know about my secrets." Crimson fairy sounded hazy, trying to charm Lin Chen.

Lin Chen's avatar swallowed two wandering fruits in Qingxue's capsules, making Lin Chen's spirit highly awake and unaffected.

He smiled: "No more, no more, you can put away your murder intention, as long as I am fine, your secret is absolutely safe."

The Scarlet Fairy saw his eyes clear and rock-solid. He looked at Lin Chen a bit higher in his heart, put away all the pretentious attitudes, and asked seriously: "What is your purpose, how do you know my secret."

Lin Chen put his fingers on the tip of his nose, his eyes deep, and said indifferently: "Don't try to detect my means, you can't imagine it. I came here just for the purpose of making orders for the demon list."

Crimson Fairy said: "How do I believe you."

Lin Chen pointed at her: "Tell me about your purpose. If someone knows that I don't pay for meat alone, there will naturally be doubts, and I just want to cooperate."

The Scarlet Fairy was surprised and suspicious: "Do you still want to cooperate with me?"

Lin Chen shrugged: "It's enough not to ensure it can be completed."

The Crimson Fairy gave him a deep look, and according to the agreement, the person who had obtained the alternate order of the demon list really did one thing for her.

This matter is the reason why she has been preparing for so long.

"I want you to pretend to be a slave to the Holy Realm, and then enter the barbaric realm, mix into the realm of the fantasy dream charm heart as a slave, and wait for the opportunity to help me destroy something."

The Scarlet Fairy took out a drawing on which was carved an octahedral crystal.

"This object is a fantasy dream charm heart stone. Even if you already know my secret, its okay to tell you. It is the last item in the Holy World that I currently know that will expose me, as long as I am close to a certain distance, The breath of the body will be exposed."

Lin Chen suddenly said: "Now you, shouldn't it be the body?"

The Scarlet Fairy smiled undeniably. If she stepped back 10,000 steps, if Lin Chen exposed her secrets, she could also become another person. The real threat is still this phantom dream heart stone.

She went on to say: "The fantasy dream charm dragon has long since fallen. This thing is the last one inherited from their clan. This dragon tribe likes the handsome men and beauties of the human race, so it should not be difficult to blend in with your ability. The fragments of the stone come back, I can give you a medium-grade Qi Yunling planting seeds, how?"

Ever since Lin Chen knew her secret, the Scarlet Fairy was ready to change her identity.

"The seeds of Zhongpin Qiyunlingzhi?"

Lin Chen shined! The value of this thing is not inferior to the complete orange-level exercises!

"It's a word."

The two hit it off, the paper is about, and the blood is the contract.

Then, Lin Chen suddenly asked.

"By the way, what is Qiyun Lingzhi? Or, what is Qiyun? Why do I check many ancient books and ancient mysteries that there is no record that clearly states that Qiyun Lingzhi absorbs Qiyun and produces silver? The principle of Shengyuan coins and a lot of cultivation resources."

Lin Chen looked directly at the scarlet fairy. He has explored many recorded antiquities and has never really touched this secret.

The history of the Holy World is vast and vast, but it can completely block this secret, which is very strange!

It seems that the secret of why Qi Yun Ling Zhi produces cultivation resources is deliberately covered up by certain existences!

This question may be best answered by a crimson fairy as a physiognomy.

The Scarlet Fairy heard the problem, and the beautiful eyes and blue waves circulated. After the light flashed in his eyes several times, he said solemnly.

"Fortune, mortals can't touch it, so it is considered to be nothing. It may be any luck that affects the life of any creature!"

"Fortune is not illusory, it is real. To be more precise, fortune is a limited resource. It exists in this world and keeps the world running."

The scarlet fairy spoke amazingly, which made Lin Chen stunned. Fortunately, it turned out to be a resource?

"Holy world, no matter the realm. If the luck of man reaches the end, this life will be difficult to advance. The same is true of the sage. When the luck is exhausted, the sage will also die under time, and eventually the sage or the sage After the beast falls, the luck they get from the sky and earth will be returned to the world, and the luck will become a new resource, which will be transformed into other cultivation resources through luck or other means."

Speaking of this, the crimson fairy's delicate body trembles, and an inexplicable fear emerges from the beautiful eyes, and the heart is palpable.

"Fortune is more like the creation of certain masters to balance or control the resources of a world. When the resources of this world have always been in a controlled state, there will be no unexpected existence. ..."

Lin Chen is silent!

His mind flashed for many years!

"I got that stick from the Haotian Saint King to produce the seeds of luck and planting seeds. This is definitely related to the secret of luck! At least from the perspective of the energy that the saint can fall to fill it, it is very consistent with what the red fairy said After the saint's death, the luck they have received will be returned to the world..."

Lin Chen did not dare to take out that stick to study the Scarlet Fairy. Lin Chen did not have enough strength to protect himself.

Bang ~~!

With a loud noise, the crimson ship shook violently!

The space barrier that protected the giant ship shattered in an instant, and the eyes of the two were fixed!

"Hand over Lin Chen, otherwise the ship will be destroyed!"

The Scarlet Fairy looked at Lin Chen, and he shrugged: "Maybe it is my enemy?"

Han Yizhi rushed into the boudoir, her small face dignified-"Squad leader, the situation is serious, there are two waves of people, all strong!"

"Fairy, next I happen to be going to the Dragon Race, these troubles..." Lin Chen raised an eyebrow, and the scarlet fairy nodded.

"Why, if there is an enemy, I will block it for you."


Outside the giant ship, clear skies, the saints in the southern boundary were frightened!

This time came four strong breaths, at least the five levels of the Holy Realm!

The three Lin Chen appeared, and the crimson fairy long skirt was flamboyant and the skirt fluttered like a cloud, standing proudly on the bow.

Directly in front of the giant ship are three black shadows, icy and energetic, so intense that even ordinary saints dare not look straight at them!

Lin Chen was even more surprised when he looked up, and a huge shadow giant hand of hundreds of acres was stretched out from the rear of the ship, and he suddenly captured the space ship of the Scarlet Fairy!

"The three captains of the Nine Shadows Killer?" Crimson Fairy eyes squinted. "On the basis of your five holy realms, you still want to grab people from your seat. You can't do anything!"

The scarlet fairy was shocked, the entire space ship returned to stability, and everyone in the ship showed the look of the rest of the life.

The shadow of the fairy's eyes swept toward the shadow giant behind him, the breath of the creature was the weirdest!