My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1173

Vol 5 Chapter 1173: Two Evildoers

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"I heard the name of Crimson Fairy for a long time, and it was as beautiful as a fairy when I saw it today. The distinguished guest behind us indicated that to ask for the life of this kid, you have to find your own way."

The old man with crutches standing in the dark mist laughed, and the scarlet fairy was not surprised. "Less nonsense, I will protect this child today, and none of you can move him!"

"Then teach the fairy tricks!"

"Friends over there, our goal is the same, let's calm this woman first, then grab Lin Chen!"

The three killer captains passed on the voice, and the dark giants condensed into a black robe man, with a cold face, like a eagle owl.

He simply ignored the three captains and grabbed him towards Lin Chen!

Five fingers swept through the void, smashing the whole sky into pieces. The strength of the team even surprised the three captains!

"Dirty demon, come on." Crimson sleeve robe waved, the moon was like a wave, and the shadow of the void was cut off from the sky!

[Successfully launched the stolen omens, consumed 8,993 talent points, and stolen attribute values: 30,000 advanced dark energy, 50,000 celestial power points, 50,000 rune energy, and 30,000 merits.

Lin Chen just launched the'Obsteal of Thief', and the Scarlet Fairy grabbed him by the shoulder. When she left, the lady sent a voice to Lin Chen-"Don't forget our cooperation, and block the enemy for you today. "

The flash of jade finger silver light, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi suddenly disappeared!

"I'd like to see what you guys have here to catch people!"

The crimson fairy squeezed his hands up, and the exquisite red light enveloped Zhou Tian.

"This girl's terrifying power... exceeded our expectations..."

A worldly war broke out!


South boundary, Qinghai. Tens of thousands of miles away from the Red Moon Terrace, Lin Chen and Han Yizhi were sent here.

Lin Chen's eyes were slightly dignified: "The killer of the Nine Shadows Organization should have been sent by Yin Tianzi. What is that dark black thing, kind of like the Shadow Family..."

"Be careful!"

Han Yizhi's five fingers swept through the void, and his palm was in the sky!

Sigh~! Bang!

The two imprints of the spirit collided from the void, and the sea was tossing and the hurricane waves were rolling.

"The scarlet fairy really sent you out, after all, you still have to let the son deal with you."

The void cracked, and Long Yijing slowly stepped into the air, smiling lightly.

He hasn't left yet!

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow: "It turns out that you spread the news."

Although Lin Chen performed earth-shattering performances in the Sacred Mountain Range and exposed a lot of secrets, the Holy World is as vast as the cosmic sky, and it is not so easy to spread the news to the ears of some real Xeon, let alone hurry up so quickly As far as the southern boundary is concerned, some of the most powerful people have contributed.

"Lin Chen, I know you are a hard bone. My son does not intend to die with you. If you know me, give me the armguards you used when burying the holy mountain. The son can let you take a horse, otherwise you will be in the future. There will be more troubles, as long as I want to use the power of the demon list to stare at you, there will be countless powerful people to come to the door."

Long Yijing talked and laughed, and seemed to pinch Lin Chen's key points.

Suddenly, Lin Chen was bland like water.

"Long Yijing, you touched my bottom line. I didn't want to worry about you, but now I change my mind, your dog's life, I'll take it!"


The blue moon was born, Lin Chen had a knife in his hand, and hegemony!

"Joke! Just because you want the life of your son, toast and not eat dogs that punish you with fines." As Long Yijing sneered, the space behind him fluctuated, and one more person appeared!

"I already said, this kid is a guy who doesn't know the current affairs, it's right to crush him, what nonsense with him."

The person who came came with a sword, his eyes were sharp and sharp, his face was handsome, and he was as handsome as a handsome young man, but there was strong murderousness in the eyebrows!

Han Yizhi's eyes changed slightly!

Demon List, Xiao Jing!

Today, there are two peerless list of peerless evildoers? Just for Lin Chen, a genius list, this kind of battle is rare for thousands of years!

"Han Yizhi handed it to me, you concentrate on Lin Chen."

Xiao Jing smiled indifferently, suddenly pulled his sword, sword roared like a pan dragon shaking the sky, breathing through the sky!

The four are against each other, Han Yizhi sent a message to Lin Chen-"Squad leader, you can concentrate on breaking through, I have my own way to get out, I will delay one. Then create opportunities for you, less than seven months before the ten-year jihad, as long as After you participate in the holy war, squad leader, you have become a candidate for the enchantment list, and they will have no choice.

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, Han Yizhi's bright starry eyes glowed with powerful spiritual power, and he raised his cultivation height to a new height, and swept it, pointing to the light!

Xiao Jingji waved a three-foot green front, and the sacred sword glorified like a moon wheel, cutting off Han Yizhi's spiritual power!

The battle between the two was on the verge of being on the side of the list of geniuses and the top of the list of geniuses. In addition, Han Yizhi completely crushed the top of the previous list of geniuses. Even if Xiao Jing shot, he could not win or lose in a short time.

"System, nirvana!"

[Launch the blue-level advanced nirvana: Purgatory to burn skyfire, target: 2 people.

The cloud of fire was rolling, and the red fire was like a storm, sweeping from above the two of them!

Long Yijing and Xiao Jing had to urge the defense of the Holy Qi, and Han Yizhi's fighting pressure was slightly reduced.

"Eightfold change, the ultimate moment."

The sacred phoenix wings spread, Lin Chen entered the state, all the holy sacred sacred hui, long and deep, full of breath, seven crystals flashing all over the body, made Long Yijing's heart condensed!

"In just a few days, the holy energy of this kid's holy cave not only completely filled up, but also refined an extra crystal, what is the speed of growth of the evil!"

The sage battle is simply to burn resources. After the last battle, even his current status is only 90%, and it has not reached the full state.

brush! brush! brush!

Five streams of light emerged, Lin Chen came out together!

"Quick battle and quick decision, don't give him a chance!" Long Yijing shook his shoulders, seven thunder crystals exploded into the thunder of the world, such as the thunder of Wanlong Leigang gathered in the right arm!

"Lei Yin kills claws!"

A tremendous amount of lightning shadow giant claws shattered the sky dome and shook Lin Chen directly!

This blow, with 80% of the power of Long Yijing, is no longer weakened by the avatar as usual!

"Ordinary tricks can't be stopped, since it is so, break me!"

The radiance of the gleaming crystal is so great that Lin Chen drew his sword and cut it!

A sharply rotating aurora blade gas flashed out from the blade of the blue moon, divided into five!

Sigh~! boom!

The knife gas exploded, exploding the sky-like rain-like blade gas fragments, with the energetic destructive force of pure power and the spirit wave of cracking like a saw, and slammed into the thunder claw!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

The endless explosion shattered the lightning claws, but the remaining strength of the lightning claws still penetrated and tried to attack Lin Chen!

The doppelganger was already prepared, and the sword was cut into Sword Fury Qingtian and it was divided into five sword rainbow bursts!

There were also avatars slamming the bow, Jiguang film feathers drifting with a faint horror, the shadows of the four consecutive flashes cut through the void, and a dragon-shaped gun merged into one shot, commanding all the attacks, slamming the thunder claws. Crushed into nothingness!

"What?" Long Yijing lost his voice.

How can this kid progress so fast!