My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1174

Vol 5 Chapter 1174: Exposed

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"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen played a slow rune with 10,000 points of rune energy, exploded from the top of Long Yijing's head, and Void Ning stagnation blocked him!

At the moment when he was caught, Lin Chen flapped the holy phoenix wings, pedaled the dragon flash to quickly break through, and used the innate shadow tactic to eliminate the breath and tear the void!

"Want to run? Space cited!"

Long Yijing smashed a space symbol, and the void of a thousand miles was suddenly blocked by the space enchantment.

This is a space guide for the elders of the Taishang elders in his family. Without the four-fold cultivation of the Holy Realm, he cannot break through!

Lin Chen took out a silver sword and suddenly blasted into the direction of the enchantment!

Sigh~! boom!

The moment the enchantment shattered, Long Yijing's face slightly changed: "This kid has a space sword? It's not that easy to let you go!"

He broke through the shackles of slow runes and flew to Lin Chen.

Brush ~!

The four avatars blocked Long Yijing in the sky, all of which launched the instant light splitting talents, Peerless Flying Sword, Jiguang Film Feather, True Dragon Flurry, Sword Fury, and many stunts have been comparable to the "Blink Light Instant" blessing. The power of the triple and early stages of the Holy Land!

Long Yijing's offensive enveloped Long Yijing!

"YintianLei Po!"

Thunder and thunder rolls, Long Yijing raises his sword, and when Lei Jian comes out of the sheath, hundreds of feet of Lei Sheng phantom emerges above his head, making a sword-swinging action, one sword is cut out, and the thunder light bursts!

laugh! laugh! laugh! boom!

Long Yijing's sword broke all the attacks of the avatars. Not only that, Lei Ying was monstrous, and the qi was endless, and he directly cut the four avatars into three!

This sword is equivalent to breaking the attack at the front, but also directly slaughtered the three holy realm triple early stage!

Long Yijing fully showed his real strength to chase Lin Chen!

His sword blade Saint Lei emerged, wanting another sword to cut Lin Chen's body!

Brush ~! The fifth avatar ghost messenger appeared on the top of his head, the nine-color starlight in the palm slowly rotated, and was suddenly thrown out by the avatar, attacking his heavenly cover position!

Long Yijing was shocked, his parents always fell under these nine-color stars, it seems that Lin Chen's killer, the power far exceeds the strength of the day, comparable to the previous peerless sword!

"Thunder silence!"

Long Yijing again waved a sword, splitting a flake-like thunder sword gas, rotating like a roulette, and slashing to five stars of nine colors!

Brush ~! Rumble~~!

Five beams of nine-color light beams were cut open, the breath of destruction returned to silence, and swallowed by thunder light.

"Did Lin Chen grow up to this point, even Long Yijing had to use this trick." Xiao Jing's eyes Yu Guang saw this scene with a surprised and heavy heart.

"Part of the strength is affected by the nirvana, and I can use a sword to break my nine robbery stars, and ensure that there is no injury. Is this the original strength of the demon list..."

Lin Chen is preparing to adjust the momentum, and is preparing to slash a knife of Gods Tears again, and the vision in Taoyuans capsules grows suddenly!

Bang ~!

The demon qi is monstrous, and the shadow appears!

The infinite magic shadow merges into Lin Chen's body through Taoyuan planting capsules, his phoenix wings turn into dark magic wings, the silver robe becomes a dark curtain in the night, and two dragon horns are spawned from the top of his head!

Lin Chen at this moment is like a demonic king! Not at all like a human race!

"This... this is the breath of the little shadow! Is this little guy finally out of the game!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

The magic wings flicked for a moment, and Lin Chen escaped into the void, flashing thousands of miles in a blink of an eye, as if the star pill jumped, and the star flew!


Seeing Lin Chen skyrocketing countless times, even Long Yijing couldn't keep up with his back, stunned!

At this moment; within the southern boundary tens of thousands of miles away.

The cold man in black robe instantly looked horrified!

"Here, this breath is, the Lord has come?"

But he soon realized that the goal was far away from him!

"No, it's not right! This breath is too weak, it's not the Lord. But there is no doubt that it is definitely a creature that has the same vein as the Lord. How can there be a second Lord's inverse in this world? The existence of heaven!"

"Did you say...there is a second ultimate shadow in this world?"

The man in black robe wanted to break through the battle forcibly. When he dived into the void, he was photographed by the crimson fairy!

"Damn, what the **** is this woman, it's better than my Shadow Clan to understand that the space shuttle won't work!"

The black robe man is angry!

The fairy smiled indifferently: "I want to chase people in front of me, I'm too small to look at me."


Outside the Holy World, there are many planes, stars are like sand, and some cracks in the universe may hide danger, opportunity, or a new and unknown world, or a race that lurks and converges. .

In the plane of a void, several old ideas exchanged.

"This day, I didn't expect it to come so soon..."

"Yeah, it is close to the day when His Majesty accepts the inheritance of the last ancestor!"

"Your Majesty is the hope of my demon clan. He has a gift for his deeds. He inherited the grand rule at the age of 16 and gained the memory and inheritance of countless ancestors. He became the only king and the only emperor of the devil clan. The female emperor will become the strongest in this world!"

"Gaga! Pull down the gods of the human race, the only flaw is that the star of hope has not been found and killed."

"My family's fortune teller must have a shocking son born in the human race. The strong fate can even affect the general trend of my devil race. His majesty's dove into the human race for many years has not been successful. Perhaps this prediction is not accurate."

"No matter what, your majesty has done a great job, more than doubled the time expected, and can fully attack the human race before the star of the human race's prophecy!"

In the dark void, a beautiful and exquisite posture sat cross-legged, her eyes closed tightly.

"Once the memory of the ancestor is passed on, the power of the emperor will rush to the realm reached by the ancients before the demon clan, but it is very likely that the memory will be lost... Lin Chen, will I forget you..."

The beautiful lady sighed quietly, turning back and forth.

Seven days after the war in the southern boundary--

In a gloomy hall, the handsome, cold, horned young man stood with his hands up. He danced with his hair, wearing stars and wearing moons, and his eyes were as dark as the abyss, covering the entire space plane with aura.

Brush ~!

A shadow came down from the void like ink!

The young man's eyes narrowed, and he slowly turned around to see the man in black robe returning. When his hands were empty, the murderousness between the eyebrows skyrocketed!

When the man in black robe wanted to speak, the young man with horns grabbed his fingers. A strange and extreme suction twisted the whole space into a vortex. A flash of light pinched the neck and neck of the man in black palms!

"You should be clear, what mission did I give you last time? What do you mean by returning like this. Looking for death?"

The man in black robe enough to fight the scarlet fairy, like a chicken without resistance at this time, was generally put in the air!

"Go back...back to the messenger, I will come back this time...Yes, urgent report..."

The black-robed man spoke hard, his face pale gradually, as if his vitality had been taken away.

The young man frowned and let go of his palm. The man in black robe coughed violently and knelt on one knee.

Then, the man in black robe briefly explained what happened to him.

When talking about Lin Chen's escape, the horned youth's complexion changed!

"The second ultimate shadow?"