My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1175

Vol 5 Chapter 1175: Into The Wilderness Meet Acquaintances?

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"Are you sure? This is not a trivial matter. If a half-point error occurs, it would be kind to kill you."

The horned youth sneered.

The man in black robe shuddered and clenched his fists"The Lord of this world is a unique existence. I dare to guarantee my life, and I have the same breath as the Lord. I will never admit it."


The youth stared into the distance, thinking deeply: "Can it be that the Tuosheng really left behind? If not, could someone else get the Tuosheng inheritance and cultivate the second ultimate shadow? This is no small matter, you have to wait After the master goes out, report immediately!"

He witnessed Lengmang and told the black-robed man to say: "You go to find the whereabouts of Lin Chen again. If you can't bring people back, you should also bring back the innate shadows around him as much as possible!"

The black robe man clenched his fists: "Yes!"


The wild area is not Zhoushan.

Lin Chen landed, and the little shadow transformed into a black dragon with a rising spirit. The appearance of the little guy's breath this time has already begun to have the characteristics of Shadow Clan, Demon Clan, and Dragon Clan!

"This little guy is afraid that even Sacred Realm's double perfection can break his wrists. The talent of the ultimate shadow is really horrible! This guy was born with nothing but the power of the Five Tribulation Warlords."

Lin Chen can already feel that as long as he is given enough resources, his growth rate will not be lower than himself!

"Behind Zhoushan is a great wasteland. Entering the great wasteland will be the territory of the beast, where even the saints dare not rush into it. Exactly, I have a perfect cover!"

Lin Chen's thoughts moved, Holy Dragon possessed!

Swallowing three holy beast cores, the dragon veins in the holy dragon body amount to 240 million! Pure power is 2.4 billion dragon power!

Lin Chen wore a silver mask. This is the relic of the Taikoo Dragons he obtained on Rainbow Island. There is a fierce breath of the Taikoo Dragons.

"Hey, Lin Chen is off at halftime. The coach is now titled Silver Dragon Heavenly Saint. This trip investigates the news of Taixi Gulong. In addition to destroying the fantasy dream charm heart stone, these seven months have accumulated enough power to return to the list. , Call them all back! Xiao Jing and Long Yijing, right..."

Lin Chen was wearing a silver mask, and he smiled a bit with evil spirits, and escaped like an archaic dragon clan like a fierce god!

The little shadow tore through the void and Lin Chen disappeared!

[The host consumes 20,000 points of Sky Dao value, 36 million points of Sky Dao Thunder Gang attribute, making the top-ranked Blue Order nirvana: Tian Gang Thunder Thunder. Applicable targets: 3.

In the process of rushing to the road, Lin Chen continued to take the wandering fruit and the dragon blood to refining the body to forge the god, the realm soared!

Three days later, Great Desolation, Purple Charm City.

A giant city of purple light made of six-stage ore.

This place is one of the domains controlled by Magic Dream Charm Dragon. Orcs of millions of miles will gather here to trade and exchange resources.

After arriving here, Lin Chen put the small shadow into Qingxue's capsule.

Lin Chen flew into the Purple Charm City in a high-profile manner, attracting the attention of countless beasts that have become humanoid and semi-humanoid!

"It's an Lord Dragon..."

"It's a very domineering breath. He released it directly. Could it be that he came to the rally?"

"Look at his mask, it looks like a treasure from an ancient nobleman..."


There are unwritten rules in the world of fierce beasts. To enter the territory controlled by certain races, the sacred beast must enter on foot. Only the sacred beast is eligible to fly.

In some territories with larger specifications, the eighth-order sacred beasts are also not eligible to fly. Only the eighth-order sacred beasts comparable to the four levels of the Holy Land are eligible to fly in.

Lin Chen swaggered into the city only to comply with the rules, if he walked in, he would bet the suspicion.

Although the prosperity and beauty of the Purple Charm City is not as good as the human world, it is rich in resources, because in the wilderness, there are massive training resources!

Lin Chen flew to the center of Zimei City, a vast street, with only dozens of figures stalling here.

"Oh? These dozens of people are all holy beasts. They came here to exchange cultivation resources, holy-level treasure mines, eight-level medicinal materials, a lot of them, interesting!"

Lin Chen licked his lips and landed on the street wearing a mask.

Dozens of sacred beasts turned into human figures, and they fixed their eyes on him, and looked at him all over his body. Individual sacred beasts stared greedily at his mask.

These holy beasts come from different races, unlike the holy beasts of the outside world.

Lin Chen walked calmly on the street, staring at the stalls of the Sacred Beasts, and walked in front of an old grey robe, grabbed two 10,000-year-old snow bone ginseng, and said boldly, "How to sell this."

The old man raised his hand and said: "Three hundred thousand silver holy yuan coins."

Lin Chen threw a thing directly, turned his head away, and the old man was about to get angry, only to find that Lin Chen was actually left with two drops of dragon's blood, and immediately put it away ecstatically!

The other holy beasts immediately lit up! This is the treasure of holy beast cultivation!

Lin Chen also set up a booth and shouted: "One Long Qing Guo, two Wan Xian needles or two drops of dragon blood salivation, a large number of acquisitions of all ethnic skills in your hands, as long as half orange level!"

Lin Chen shouted, the holy beasts were stunned!

What kind of human race do you want from a dragon?

A clever holy beast immediately stepped forward and laughed with Lin Chen, saying: "Your Excellency is a human race? It's hard to say, there are two half-oranges in the old man..."

He took out two new scrolls.

Lin Chen waved his hand, and three kinds of holy treasures were placed in front of him: "I want it. Dragon blood saliva and Wanxian needle, Long Qingguo, pick one yourself."

The man was ecstatic, and chose Dragon Blood and Long Qingguo!

Dozens of holy beasts saw this scene and were immediately shocked!

Is this really a fool willing to use this sacred treasure to change the human race?

"Hey, this friend, the old man also has two exercises..."

"Look at Lao Tzu first! The three volumes of Lao Tzu are still the latest!"

A group of holy beasts swarmed up and surrounded Lin Chen, fearing that his three treasures would be replaced!

The structures of the beasts are different, and it is impossible to cultivate the skills and combat skills of the human race.

These sacred beasts are not a few strong human clans who have been killed in the past.

They are in the Great Desolation, and if they want to sell these exercises, they must leave the Great Desolation, cross the barbaric territory, and have to take risks to sell them within the human forces of their territory, which is very cost-effective for the Holy Beast.

Therefore, these are all cheaper Lin Chen! He used only one Long Qingguo or two drops of Dragon's Blood to get a half-orange-level exercise, earning blood!

In just one quarter of an hour, Lin Chen bought a full set of 77 half-orange exercises, and it was a great harvest!

In addition to the half-orange-level exercises accumulated before, Lin Chen can merge an orange-level exercise!

When Lin Chen was about to start the fusion, a glorious light roared, the red robe was bright, the woman was wearing a cloak, she could not see the true appearance, and she was slender.

When Lin Chen saw this woman, she was slightly surprised!

This woman, like him, is also a human girl disguised as an orc!

And, Lin Chen knows her!