My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1176

Vol 5 Chapter 1176: Big And Big Gifts

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Lin Chen's red robe woman whistled frivolously, jokingly: "Beauty, alone, not afraid of loneliness."

The red robe and the lady had a meal, staring coldly at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen shrugged his hands and shrugged: "Dont look at me so fiercely, havent you heard of a song? Its just-I want to stand on the sea, catch a big moon, and hang it in the crotch. ~"

The holy beast next to him was shocked. Is this brother's brain sick? You have a better way to pick up girls!

I don't know, the woman in the red robe shook her body like a thunder, and looked at Lin Chen in shock.

Lin Chen wore a silver mask, held out her hand, and smiled: "I wish us a happy cooperation in advance."

The woman looked at him deeply through the cloak and shook hands with a smile: "Okay, handsome. With your protection, I have more control."

The holy beasts looked at the dumbfounded dumbfounded, what is this code? Hanging on the crotch?

That's right, what Lin Chen recites is the song humming when the Haotian Saint King Grave Head Jumping Di, who can hear it, only those who have experienced the Saint Kings Tomb House that day!

This girl is the sword allure from Jianyu!

After witnessing Lin Chen's holy war on that day, she returned to the sword domain to adjust her state and exploded her cavities with all her strength. Eventually, she burst seven cavities, and finally hit the eighth holy cavity with only a few centimetres of accumulation.

Its peerless talent is comparable to that of the demon queen of Zixia Wanggu!

After becoming a true "Jiansheng", Jian Qingcheng, the first task she took was to sneak into the Purple Charm City and kill the dragon prince in the phantom dream charm heart dragon family.

Unconsciousness attacked and killed the sisters and sisters in the gate of Jianqing City. Many elders in the Supreme Court were furious. Jianqing City asked for help and sneaked in to kill Prince Long.

On this trip, she gained the Holy Pill that Zongnei was able to refine her to eliminate the human race, but she did not expect to meet Lin Chen here!

"Your seven holy caves have the courage to sneak in here, and they are not guts."

Lin Chen smiled, Jian Qingcheng concealed the truth, and she indifferently smiled: "You are not the same, it is not a good thing to laugh a hundred steps in fifty steps."

Lin Chen said: "What is your goal?"

Jian Qingcheng said: "At the banquet, use the gift to kill the prince. How about you?"

Lin Chen smiled and said, "Same, when offering gifts, take the opportunity to destroy the magical heart stone of the magical dragon."

Jian Qingcheng said: "Your courage is really big. I heard that this thing is the last inheritance of this family. It must be hidden in the most strictly guarded position of Charm Dragon. Are you confident?"

Lin Chen said: "Life and death are bearish.

Jian Qingcheng said: "It's really fierce."

Lin Chen smiled: "The bed is fiercer."

Jian Qingcheng: "...have your skin become thicker after the sanctification?"

Lin Chen took out the mirror, touched his chin, and looked at his hideous silver mask: "Are there any, how do I feel handsome again."

Talking and laughing, Lin Chen looked around the street.

[Consumes 12,350 intermediate talent points, activates stolen omens, and steals attribute values: 2.5 billion advanced qi blood, 1 billion advanced fighting spirit essence, 100,000 advanced rune energy, 5.8 million enhancement points, 250,000 heavenly value , 5000 points advanced fire department......]

There are dozens of holy beasts, and there are no shortage of the eighth-level junior peak powerhouses. This time Lin Chen steals the attribute value again and it is a wave of attribute skyrocketing!

In a flash, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Sacred Realm Completed (10 Sacred Caves)-Advanced Essence: 55.4 billion points

Ultimate strength: 2.1 billion dragon power (carnal shell awakening +50%)-advanced qi and blood: 60.7 billion points

Advanced spirit: 5.98 million points (peak at the beginning of entering the Holy Land)

Advanced skill essence: 1.88 million points-advanced rune energy: 1.17 million points-intermediate sky value: 390,000 points.

Intermediate talent points: 840,000 points-suit essence: 0 points

Blank attributes: 0 points-enhanced points: 9.7 million points

Advanced elemental energy: 940,000 points in fire system, 650,000 points in soil system, 560,000 points in wood system, 670,000 points in gold system, 880,000 points in water system, 850,000 points in thunder system, 540,000 points in wind system, and 720,000 points in light system 890,000 points

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Life Awakening Bar (whether it is open)

Passive talent bar: Double Cultivation Acacia, Strike, Rip, (quasi-orange level) super chaos, (orange level) Extreme Divine possession fragment (3/4)

Active Talent Bar: Omen of Thief, Fatal Bloodthirst, Super Dimensional Teleport, Ultimate Moment, Ultimate Return, King's Land, (Quasi Orange Level) Fatal Life and Death, (Orange Level) Instant Light Split, (Orange Level) Extinction Crack Create.

Nirvana bar (whether open)-characteristic rune bar (whether open)-talent combination skills (whether open)

Possessed Treasures: 134 kinds of half-orange-level exercises...]

After the Rainbow Island, the burial of the Holy Mountain, the sacred skeleton, the battle of the Holy Kings Tomb, and Lin Chen obtained a total of

"System, what is the probability that I will merge the orange-order power method now."

[The host starts the fusion function, and it is estimated to consume 25,992 points of heavenly value, fuse 134 kinds of half-orange power exercises, and the probability of fusing the orange power is 97.64%. The probability of fusion of orange order heart method is: 53.22%, the probability of fusion of orange order body method is: 56.71%]

"The probability difference between mental and physical methods is so large, you can only choose attack-style combat skills!"

Lin Chen clicked [Fusion].

Then, all the half-orange exercises in his Nahuan disappeared!


With a clear sound, the new orange-level exercises are born!

[Orange-level low-level exercises, spiritual combat skills, "Eight Dragon Burning Sounds".

Lin Chen gasped slightly!


It turned out to be the most rare spiritual orange-level attack combat skill, earning a lot of money!

["Eight Divisions Burning Dragon Sounds", the minimum skill required to practice this practice is to enter the holy realm, the spiritualization of Heavenly Dragon Burning Sounds, one dragon sound wave breaking mountains, four dragon sound waves burning sky, eight parts burning dragon sky sound burning world...

Lin Chen read, and his heart shook. This fine and mysterious cultivates the spiritual power into a "burning dragon" shape. The burning dragon is angry, and the sound waves are extinct.

If the spiritual power is cultivated to the point of "four-headed dragon burning", the released spiritual sound wave can also be accompanied by the effect of "burning" the enemy's spiritual power, which greatly reduces the opponent's combat power!

If it is "Eight Heads Burning Dragons", I am afraid that it is really a spiritual thought that can destroy many creatures in the Holy Land!

"It's another super orange-level exercise, hahaha, my luck is all about picking, system, and practicing "Eight Dragon Burning Sounds!"

[Consumed 230,000 points of advanced exercises and spirits, and began to merge memory practice.

The five avatars wage earners immediately absorbed all the cultivation memories in the Qingxue planting capsule.

At this time, a soft and delicate voice came from the center of the Purple Charm City.

"Friends from afar have worked hard. If you VIPs are free, you can come to the palace. Four days later, there will be a small banquet in the seat. You will also hope that your friends will enjoy their faces..."

It is an invitation of the phantom dream charm dragon family!

Jian Qingcheng suddenly curiously said: "Yes, what celebration did you prepare for the magic dream dragon?"

Other men, Jian Qingcheng is difficult to raise interest, but Lin Chen alone, he is like an infinite surprise box, no one can guess his next step.

Lin Chen smiled: "It must be a big, rough gift!"