My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1177

Vol 5 Chapter 1177: Stuffed In?

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The holy beasts glanced at each other, and everyone did not want to miss this opportunity!

There is a dragon pool in the Magic Dream Charm Dragon, which is held once a year for foreign guests. There are a few places, and the entrants can refresh their mental strength.

Most of the beasts, the spiritual realm is a short board. Except for the dragon family of natural spirits like Phantom Dream Charm Dragon, for them, if they can get their appreciation to enter the bubble, it is a great opportunity!

Jian Qingcheng was appeased by Lin Chen, but he made it mysterious and would not disclose it. Let the beautiful woman bite her silver teeth, and hope to rip him open to read his secret.

Lin Chen handed over part of Long Qingguo, Dragon Blood Saliva, and Wanxian Needle to Jian Qingcheng, letting her continue to hold the booth and buy the Eight Tier Treasure Mine for him, and he himself joined the team that merged cultivation memories.

"Little shadow, go."

Lin Chen released a ray of spiritual thoughts, attached to the little shadow, and after eating and drinking, the little guy ran out of the Qingxue planting capsule and dived into the depths of the purple charm city.

In the center of Zimei City, a mountain range undulates, with four palaces in southeast, northwest, and a white jade square in the middle.

Lin Chen dived all the way into the depths. Behind the four palaces, all the dense space fuss was disillusioned, and all the space was bound!

The small shadow was hidden in the void of the void, showing a hesitant look, and the purple electricity cracked and exploded a few words-what to do.

"A lot of space enchantments are heavily guarded. The small shadows of these space enchantments can pass through completely, but the energetic mental power above the enchantment is not necessarily. One careless, if it causes mental ripples, it will alarm here. 'S owner..."

A large number of space enchantments here are attached to spiritual power. If the enchantment is penetrated, it is impossible not to disturb the spiritual power attached to space.

Obviously, the other party is guarded against the existence of the natural talent of shuttle to the void like the little shadow. There are similar dragons among the dragons of the great wasteland, and their space talents are very different!

Unless several levels of strength are high, it is possible to sneak in without knowing it.

Lin Chens spiritual thoughts looked around, "Where are so many enchantments, where is the position of the Dragon Pond and the Magic Stone of Magic Dream..."

Suddenly, Lin Chen found a prescription place, the edge of which shone with unprecedented brilliance of spiritual attributes!

"Huh? Little one, go and see there!"

After taking Lin Chen around, Xiaoying went to a valley to the south. Although there was a space barrier, Lin Chen could still clearly see only this valley, and the attributes of spiritual power were shining brightly. !

"There are so many spiritual power attributes here, it is most likely that the position of the dragon pond, and then there will be the fantasy dream charm stone..."

Lin Chen let Xiao Yingying dive into the many rooms in the palace one by one with his spiritual ideas.

Some of these rooms are practice chambers, some are treasure chests, etc. Lin Chen discovered the eighth-order "Magic Dream Charm Dragon" with more than ten heads along the way!

Their spiritual realm is very strong, and all of them are at least half-stepping into the spiritual power of the Holy Realm. After advancing to the eighth level, many fierce beasts only have the spiritual power to complete the Heavenly Realm. There is a long distance from the half-stepping into the Holy Realm.

Lin Chen searched through the four palaces, but he still did not find the location of the "Phantom Heartstone"...

Finally, after nearly half a day, Lin Chen was ready to return without success.

Little Shadow took Lin Chen's ideas to a sweet soup room on the edge of the southern palace.

Dreams are like dreams, and blushing mists like butterflies dancing spread outside the room.

Lin Chen was curious, let the small shadow continue to approach...

The fragrance in the room is hazy and psychedelic, with a light and fragrant rose fragrance reverberating, with a fatal dazzling beauty and temptation, and even a small shadow hidden in the void has a urge to get lost!

Lin Chen's mental thoughts hurriedly gave the little guy a wandering fruit, which only improved a little.

"It's a terrible spiritual temptation, almost even a little shadow is trapped in it. What the **** is this demon..."

Lin Chen made the little shadow slightly closer to the outside of the room, urging the ``Zi Jin Tong''!

Lin Chens eye awakening has gained amazing insights in addition to the Spring Heart Rippling Eyes, and unless there is more than five powers in the Holy Land to block the space, there are not many ways to hinder his prying.

Through the door, Lin Chen saw a large bath, jade cut and cast, fragrant lingering, water mist and mist, vaguely revealing a graceful beauty.

That Qianying's waist and limbs were as thin as a beautiful snake, lying lazily in the fragrant soup.

The man has purple hair, his face is charming, all over him

Lin Chen noticed a hidden spiritual storm on this woman! It was like a drizzle on that day, but it was more terrible than the latter!

"It can suppress my spiritual power, at least in the middle of the Holy Realm. This woman may be a high-level figure of the Magic Dream Charm Dragon family... look again, maybe you can find any clues."

Lin Chen continued to wait and see.

After watching for almost half an hour, I found no clue except adult content.

Lin Chen was anxious, and even the little shadow could not withstand that mental force, the woman finally got up!

The snow waves flew and the cherry red dotted it.

It's so fierce! The loss of Lin Chen is a spiritual idea, or else he will have a nosebleed.

Suddenly, Lin Chen witnessed a pendant worn by the woman to the snow neck. The crystal jade in the center was like an exquisite jade in eight colors. Lin Chen's heart set off a storm!

It was on her! Magic Dream Charm Stone!

Lin Chen hadn't had time to be shocked yet. The woman with purple hair like a waterfall lifted a strand of hair, took off the pendant, and then stopped...

The woman's eyes flicked up, her worries relaxed.

Lin Chen dumbfounded!

Little Shadow also looked dumbfounded!

Someone Lin, who has experienced great winds and waves, is so blank that his brain has fallen into a blank space!

What a joke!

"She... she actually put the Illusion Stone there! What's the situation? What's the situation?"

Lin Chen has a rare taste of helplessness!

Crammed in?

Destroy the magic stone of fantasy dream?

This also destroys a yarn!

"Did I let Lin Chen take a gun and really do it, until the magic dream is broken? Want me to be a dragon?"

Lin Chen shivered all over!

This is much harder than grabbing things in front of the Holy Realm!

"Small Shadow can't hold it anymore, I can only think of other ways. Grandma's, the Dragon Clan is really not blowing, and I can play!"

Lin Chen let the small shadow retreat first.

After Lin Chen left, Zifaren's eyes were like electricity, and he looked back suddenly, his brows closed.

"Why is there a feeling of being snooped by, even the dragon king can't quietly peep at the king..."

The purple hair man's robes flashed, and the delicate and snow-white lotus feet stepped on the top of the attic, looking around, and the space did not change at all.

"Is it an illusion..."


Jian Qingcheng looked at Lin Chen who suddenly opened his eyes and frowned, asking curiously-"What's wrong, did you find anything?"

Lin Chen propped up his chin, and said seriously: "I wonder if the mother dragon here will like the back or the front."

Jian Qingcheng: "...What's in your head all day long to evening?"