My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1178

Vol 5 Chapter 1178: What Kind Of Moth Does He Want To Make?

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Within two days, Lin Chen consumed a large amount of silver holy yuan and Long Qingguo purchased 9 holy items from the holy beast of the Purple Charm City, all of them were decomposed, and then the essence of the suit was obtained.

The slim girl descended from the void and Yingying sighed: "Masters, my host has invited you to the banquet, and please move into the castle."

The holy beasts glanced at each other, Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng's eyes met, and they followed the girl and entered the palace in the Purple Charm City.


Along the way, a large number of powerful breaths came to this point, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. Among these breaths, there are many orc strongs comparable to the triple perfection of the Holy Realm!

"It seems that the specifications of this feast are huge..."

Lin Chen licked his tongue vigorously, and the greasy silver dragon mask looked evil.

The girl arranged the sacred beasts to the west palace. Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng chose the same room.


Jian Qingcheng uncovered her cloak. After covering up her true appearance, she looked like a beautiful woman in her thirties, with her graceful figure, full of charm.

Lin Chen snapped his fingers and said with a smile: "I will first create an opportunity to get close to the high level of the Magic Dream Charm Dragon, and then set off the chaos halfway, you will find a chance to kill, and if you have completed your goal, you will find a chance to leave. If you cant leave, Just go to my place and I will find a chance to take you along."

Jian Qingcheng frowned, "I acted so quickly, have you surveyed the route, can you do it?"

Lin Chen knocked on the desktop.

"No matter what you do!"


Late at night, in the White Jade Square in the center of the four palaces, Yingge Yanwu dances.

Thousands of beautiful ladies danced in dancing postures, singing and dancing, and feasting.

Two seats are lined up, hundreds of figures are sitting here, all of them are eighth-order sacred animals!

The delicacies at its banquets are nothing but dragon liver, liver and phoenix pulp, sacred wine, and extremely high specifications.

Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng were also among them, and the two of them pretended to taste delicacies, but actually secretly observed.

The six-headed sacred beast sitting in the front row is as powerful as the three-fold Sacred Realm.

The holy beast in the front row only arrived recently. Lin Chen looked around the room and first used the attribute of "The Omen of the Thief" without saying that he stole it all over again!

"You all came to participate in the birthday celebration of Aijia's family.

The lazy, numb voice caused the holy beasts to tremble, as the spirit was brushed by a soft sponge, and the heart was calm.

Invisible, a certain deterrent has also been formed. The holy beasts in the front row showed a fearful look, and everyone's eyes gathered on the first hall of the square.

The beautiful woman with purple hair moved gently, sitting slowly on the dragon chair. The lazy and soft body was like a snake lying prone on the dragon chair. The jade hand rested on the cheek, and the long legs were twisted like two white snakes.


The sound of someone swallowing.

As a woman, Jian Qingcheng couldn't help but feel hot, and this woman exuded a fatal temptation all over her. This temptation, except for the characteristics of her own blood, and her spiritual cultivation!

Lin Chen's pupil hidden under the silver dragon's mask trembles slightly, and this woman is the'plug woman'!

The ferocious woman who'stuck in' the fantasy dream charm heart stone!

There are a man and a woman standing beside her on the left and right. The man's handsome and evil, the woman's water hibiscus, and the charm between the eyebrows and the soul.

Jian Qingcheng's eyes were fixed on the handsome man next to him. This person was the target of her trip, the crown prince of the magical dragon!

His strength, at best, is comparable to that of the first stage of the Holy Realm, and soon became holy.

Lin Chen launched the harbinger of theft to the three.

[Stolen attribute value is successful, gain: 100,000 points of mental power, 50,000 points of rune energy, 500 million points of advanced blood.

At this time-

"Mrs. Suu Mengmeng is beautiful and unparalleled, and her true name is well-deserved. Today, Mrs. Jia's age is even worse, and the younger brother prepares a holy weapon to express his heart."

A holy beast in the front row turned into a human-like figure, long-sleeved in white, personable, palm spread out, suspended a string of thundering necklaces.

Yipin Holy ObjectRay Shadow Pendant!

The woman in the purple skirt next to Mrs. Illusion dreamed slightly, and nodded and smiled-"Thank you, King."

After she finished, she took the Leiying Pendant with her hands separated.

The tiger-faced man with his hands on his chest in the front row snorted with a smile-"Is it just as easy as you?"

"Huh?" Sacred Beast in White was a little displeased, and said with a smile: "Do you have a better one? Brother Tianhu, how about opening the horizon?"

The tiger-faced man picked up the three-tan big hip flask and grinned broadly: "Mrs. Fantasy Dream, this is a good gift from my brother and I bring to you, Meng Qing wants to drink."

As soon as this thing came out, everyone was shocked, and Meng Qing wanted to drink wine.

The holy beast in white snorted coldly and sat down with his teeth gritted.

For the first time, the languid lady Madame Huanmeng's eyes were slightly brighter for a first time, and she smiled charmingly: "Tianhu King has a heart. After a few days, the dragon pond will open, and then he will enjoy it together."

Hearing this, the tiger-faced man was full of surprise, his eyes showing a little excitement, clenching his fists-"Thank you Mrs!"

Seeing the favor of the'Tiger Tiger King', over a hundred sacred beasts began to offer gifts, some were eighth-order sacred objects, some were eighth-order celestial treasures, or precious rare treasures, and some presented handsome men. Beauty, Lin Chen was dazzled.

However, there are few people who really get the Longchi baptism quota.

And when it was Jian Qingcheng's turn, she presented a piece of Saint Pill, even the joy of Mrs. Mengmeng, and also received the quota to enter the Dragon Pool.

The preciousness of the holy pill is rarely even enjoyed by ordinary saints, let alone the holy beast. Any holy pill has a fatal temptation to the holy beast.

At the end, many holy beasts looked at him in unison, and he was the only one present who didn't offer gifts.

The holy beast, who was incarnate in white clothes, sneered with a sneer: "It seems that we have a ignorant guy here."

King Tianhu shook his head and smiled: "Looking at the mask on this guy's face, it seems that it came from the ancient times. I thought it was a nobleman. I didn't expect to be a poor ghost."

The first few big-name sacred beasts have only recently arrived. I dont know what Lin Chen bought in Zimei City.

Many holy beasts are very curious, why did this Yinlong Tiansheng not offer gifts? With his background, just taking a few things out is enough to calm the scene!

When Madam Illusion's eyebrows frowned, Lin Chen's voice resounded in the square with a slightly displeased expression.

"Hey, this lady, I have prepared a big gift for you next. Before giving the gift, I want to ask my wife a question."

The holy beasts were stunned, and the gift still brought questions?

Madame Huanmeng raised her eyebrows and nodded, "Well, this friend talks about it."

Lin Chen smiled and said: "I don't know if my wife has heard of it, the name of the human black horse club Lin Chen."

As soon as this statement came out, the faces of the holy beasts were very exciting!

Some doubts, some stunned, some horrified.

The charming woman next to Mrs. Illusion replied first: "I know that I know, is it the human genius of the Southern Territory, I heard that he also used some external force to kill a few holy realms."

Some holy beasts who heard Lin Chen's name for the first time couldn't help moving!

Kill the fourfold of the Holy Land? This is equivalent to the existence of some eighth-level intermediate ancient beasts!

Jian Qingcheng was frightened by him a few times.

What is this guy trying to do? Have you reported your real name?