My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1179

Vol 5 Chapter 1179: Is There Such An Operation?

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Lin Chen smiled at the purple skirt woman with a thumbs up-"This little princess said very much, and this person is also an eighth-order apothecary, and his skills are not unusual."

Then, Yinlong Tiansheng laughed.

"Moreover, the human race of Lin Chen is very talented, so handsome, so lascivious but not immoral, and the waves are not swaying, and the bed skill is also a fetish of the Optimus Dragon Gun. Throughout the history of the human race, it can also be called as unprecedentedly handsome, and the Holy World first."

Jian Qingcheng's mouth twitched...

You say this, but it's not ashamed at all?

Many holy beasts became more and more mysterious, and their faces were puzzled.

What is the relationship between the genius of the human race and the eighth-order pharmacist? What are you useless for doing this?

Madame Huanmeng gave Lin Chen a deep look, and her mouth slightly raised: "Yinlong Tiansheng, what do you mean by that?"

"Silver Dragon Heavenly Saint" shrugged-"The meaning is very simple. What I want to give to my wife today is a gift you like the most."

After finishing, Lin Chen waved with one hand!

Brush ~! The cage emerged, the shackles were locked tightly, the space junctions were densely arranged, and hundreds of space symbols disappeared.

The holy beasts looked closely, and a handsome silver robe boy was tortured in the cage?

On the teenager, there were ten dimly-lit hexagonal star bursts all over his body, his expression sad and sad, and despair and powerlessness between his brows.

Purple Skirt covered her red lips with her hands!

Madam Phantom Dream stood up suddenly, bright eyes!

Many holy beasts were dumbfounded and their scalp numb!

Jian Qingcheng's red lips opened slightly...

The prison in this cage is Lin Chen!

Jian Qingcheng's eyes stared at Lin Chen in shock, and he blinked at the beautiful lady.

Then, "Silver Dragon Heavenly Saint" smiled slightly-"This is the gift I gave to my wife, the limited version of the film emperor of the Black Horse Club of the Human Race, Lin Chen."

Jian Qingcheng is just dumbfounded!

I send myself? Is there such an operation?

"Mother, it's him! I've seen his portraits, the peculiar genius of the human race, Lin Chen! The breath is exactly the same, in line with the rumored characteristics!"

The woman in the purple skirt licked her red lips as if the wolf had seen her prey.

Madam Illusion couldn't help sniffing, intoxicated, and dreamingly said: "You can't be wrong, this is pure breath of the host of the Optimus Dragon King Gun, if the jade juice is poured, then the Dragon King will appear, better than the strong!"

Countless holy beasts looked at the ``Silver Dragon Heavenly Saint'' with a monster-like look. The fierce silver dragon mask seemed to be a shaman and penetrated into the hearts of the holy beasts!

The previously ridiculous King Tianhu and the son in white immediately shrank their heads, daring not to say a word.

"Damn, this kid pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger! He was almost pitted by him! Worthy of being a noble Taikoo, the skinny camel is bigger than a horse!"

"This human race genius is said to have four cards to slaughter the Holy Realm. This Silver Dragon Heavenly Saint can capture him alive, wouldn't it have the strength to surpass the fourfold of the Holy Realm? It's terrifying, hiding the real **** deep!"

In the world of fierce beasts, strength is king. The background of "Yinlong Tiansheng" suddenly shocked all the holy beasts!

Strongly holding back the inner ecstasy, Mrs. Illusion said, "Is it true that you want to send him to Aijia? What are the conditions and purpose?"

That's right, the value of this child can't be determined by a dragon pool's refining quota. The holy level of refining medicine and the name of the caster are enough to determine his terror value!

In some strong archaic dragon clan, there are even strong men who are in captivity to serve the eighth-order alchemist of the human race, but obviously, the magic dream charm heart dragon does not have such a background. If you get this son, the background of the fantasy dream charm heart dragon family will multiply!

"Oh, the lady is happy to talk. It is rumored that the noble's fantasy dream charm heart stone can make the Holy Spirit break the devil in the heart, and sublimate the spiritual realm to a higher level. , In exchange for the aristocratic phantom dream charm stone, is it not excessive?"

Lin Chen laughed, if he used himself as a bargaining chip, he might be able to exchange that thing directly.

"This..." Mrs. Fantasy Dream frowned, and Magic Dream Charm Stone was only a singular thing that had a chance to be born when the dragon clan of its eighth and higher ranks had children.

Now the strongest of their clan is no more than eighth-order intermediate, and it is no more than the mid-fifth stage of the holy realm. This thing is the last reservation of their clan. If it is permanently lost, it will not be able to remove the demon for future generations and impact the eighth-order holy beast realm.

"There is not much left in my family for Phantom Dream Charm Stone, and they cannot be exchanged directly. Please also ask you to change a chip."

After thinking twice, Madam Illusion refused.

Lin Chen sneered in his heart, as expected.

He went on to say, "That's not as good as that. I only borrow the noble dream stone for the dream. Use this ten thousand years of time to borrow the magic stone for the dream once, but is it not too much? Now his power of life and death is in his hands In my hands, if I want to kill him, it's just a matter of thought."

Mrs. Illusion is silent again...

After a moment, she smiled and said: "If it is only borrowed once, it's naturally alright, but you have to give this to Ai Jia first, and Long Chi opens, Ai Jia needs to be activated with Charm Stone, to pass the Long Chi held After days, the mourning house can be used by you, how?

Lin Chen frowned.

"Give her the avatar first, and the avatar will act better next to her, just, **** her!"

Lin Chen clapped his hands and pushed the cage to the past, and said boldly: "Alright, that's how it's decided!"

Madam Illusion waved her hand, held the cage, and licked her red lips lightly.

"Mom~~" said the woman in the purple skirt, holding the wife of Fantasy Dream coquettishly.

She smiled and said, "You can't let you eat it first, otherwise this kid will become a human being, and the mother still counts on him to make medicine for us."

"Just once~~"


The banquet continued, and Madam Illusion even summoned a group of handsome men and beauties to accompany many holy beasts.

Some holy beasts have already made great beasts, and the real swords and real guns are set up.

Prince Long left with his concubine.

And Madam Phantom Dream set off with many holy beast guests, and after calling the elders of Sacred Realm of Phantom Dragon, they could not wait to pull the cage holding Lin Chens avatar away.

In Baiyu Square, some unsightly scenes are extremely obscene. The orcs are extremely strong, and so are their desires.

At this time, it has become a flurry of meat feasts, both male and female. The wine they taste is brewed for the holy product, and even the spirit has the paralysis and chaos effect, and the saints and holy beasts can also be enchanted.

Lin Chen and Jian Qingcheng have already returned to their original positions, pretending to gobble up, and while gently rejecting that special service, Jian Qingcheng tasting wine and asking Lin Chen while tasting.

"You and I have scattered goals, when to act."

The silver dragon mask opened, and Lin Chen bit a few pieces of Jiaolong meat, grinning.

"Action now, you do yours, I do mys."

Jian Qingcheng rolled his eyes.

I'm going to kill people, you're going people?